Dear Members and Friends of MCNJ,

While we are still in the midst of the Covid pandemic as well as all the unrest in the world, we have noticed a shift that is taking place. Have you felt it? Yes, the days are getting longer, and Spring is upon us, but there is also a lightening of energy that seems to be happening. 
Those of us on the Board of MCNJ are very aware of this quickening despite what we hear in the news. We felt it was time to emerge from our self-imposed “hibernation” and reach out to you.

Like a program that runs in the background on your computer, the Board of the Metaphysical Center has been meeting weekly for over a year, via Zoom, sharing a meditation in support of the work the Universe has charged us to do. We feel that it is time to emerge from this solitary venture and include all of you. 

Although we are still not able to meet comfortably in person, we would like to invite you to join us in spirit. If you feel inclined to participate, set aside 20 minutes each Monday at 6:30PM for a brief meditation on your own. The energy that will go forth from this collective will magnify the work that we have been doing. If you are unable at that time, please include MCNJ in your own meditation whenever you do it.

Because of this re-energizing shift taking place, we are beginning to make plans and will be sharing them with you as soon as we have more information.

With our very best wishes for health and peace for each of you individually and for everyone on our beautiful Mother Earth.

The MCNJ Board of Directors

The Metaphysical Center of New Jersey
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