LaAmistad Preparing for
Online Summer Academy
In 2011, LaAmistad's Anímate Summer Academy was established with a pair of important goals in mind. The first was to stem the 'summer slide' that disproportionately affects students qualifying for free and reduced-cost lunch. The second, to provide a memorable summer camp experience to students that are normally economically unable to participate.

This year, these goals feel more distant than ever. With partner schools shuttered and beloved student activities now inaccessible, LaAmistad is once again relying on the ingenuity of its staff, families, and community to help ensure that students receive the same academic and social benefits from Anímate that they ordinarily would.  

Much like Virtual Afterschool, participating Anímate students will log on each day throughout June for live instruction, concept reinforcement, and daily reading. Physical activities and games will also remain an important part of the summer curriculum, aiming to replicate as closely as possible the feelings of community and belonging that are the hallmark of LaAmistad's summer programming. 

It's an ambitious undertaking, but we feel that we must safely continue to provide this critical resource to our students regardless of the circumstances. We would like to thank all of the dedicated, selfless community members working to make Anímate Online an unforgettable experience. If you are able, please consider making a gift in support of Anímate Online! 
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