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The Circuit Development Process
There's a deep sense of satisfaction that results from developing, building, testing, and ultimately using a circuit of your own design. It's the creative process, after all, that attracts most electronics enthusiasts.

Sonic Sensor
Detecting Sounds With the Sonic Sensor

If your pastimes include fiddling with microcontrollers, then you've probably already experimented with sensing light, temperature, humidity, infrared, touch capacitance, and so forth. Have you ever considered brewing up a circuit that will respond to sound?

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Op-Amp Cookbook
Op-Amp Cookbook - Part 3
Op-Amp Basics: Oscillators and Switching Circuits

Let's look at some practical ways of using op-amps in various oscillator and switching applications.

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Sphero SPRK Edition
Sphero SPRK Edition
For tomorrow's inventors and innovators.
There's no rule that says learning shouldn't be fun, or that playing can't be valuable. If there is, we created SPRK Edition to break it. Teach your robot by using visual blocks that represent our C-based language, OVAL. SPRK is simple enough for beginners, yet sophisticated enough for seasoned programmers.
Resistors - Types and Applications
Resistors: Types And Applications

An ohm is an ohm, right? Not so fast - there are many different types of resistors. To insure that your circuit works and stays working, use the right type of resistor. Learn about the common types of resistors and their special characteristics.

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Smiley's Workshop 24
AVR Memory - Part 2

An ideal computer as imagined by John von Neumann would have a single memory that holds the program and data. In the real world, however, memory speed and cost play a role, and few real computers are entirely von Neumann in their architecture. 
Help A Brother (or Sister) Out?
Why not stop by our Tech Forum and lend your expertise to help solve someone else's tech problem, or maybe lend your problem to help someone else exercise their expertise? Either way, it's a Win Win!

Super Capacitor Comparison
I need some help in understanding what's going on inside a super capacitor. I did some experiments using regular capacitors as a backup power supply to a real time clock chip. Mathematically, the amount of time an electrolytic capacitor (1500, 2200, and 4700 µF) would power the chip became predictable once I came up with a formula. However, when I connected a super capacitor, the math broke down.

Controller Quandary
I'm stuck with the limitations of my controller which has eight analog inputs each which can sense 0.5V changes between 0-10V. I need to measure temperature between 50-160°F within one or two degrees.
Electronics From The Ground Up 
Book Pick Of The Week
From the Nuts & Volts Webstore
Electronics From The Ground Up  
Learn By Hacking, Designing & Inventing
Here's another 500+ pages of learn by doing that any electronics experimenter would benefit from. This one's got a wide range of topics and lots of experiments and projects to keep you off the streets and out of trouble for quite some time. (Well, off the streets anyways!)

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Do-it-yourself experiments cover:
  • Batteries, lamps, and flashlights
  • Light emitters and receivers
  • Diodes, rectifiers, and associated circuits
  • Transistors, FETs, and vacuum tubes
  • Amplifiers and feedback
  • Audio signals and circuits
  • Oscillators
  • AM and FM signals and circuits
  • Video basics, including video signals
  • Video circuits and systems
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