We don't let a little etymology bug us, but the vaqueros or "buckeroos" depicted on this collection look to have met some form of dermestid disturbance. Picked clean as they are, these caballeros are all wanted for crimes wide ranging.

Vaccines, from the same root word for 'cow' -- vacca -- traceable to the cow pox the original warded off are quite in fashion now. It appears that masks are making a come back this season, too. It's probably just a matter of time before bell bottoms are back.

(It turns out that Edward Jenner's vaccine may have been preventing horse pox, but there's probably no chance we're going to start calling them equusines.)

We aren't and don't want to be "mask marshal", or even the mask deputy (more like Barney Fife) but we will tell you that a bandanna or better does wonders to protect your lungs.

Western Swing being a Fusion of Big Band and Cowboy songs, we want to feature these new arrivals. Muted prairie colors from sky to chapparal, the Fusion collection is available in 108s at a scale that's, shall we say, Texas-sized.

(Bob Wills is still the king...)

The point is ...
You'll find a big selection of new and restocked cactus prints -- many to choose from and not a chance of a puncture wound because they're all soft quilting cottons.

Ride 'em in,
cut 'em out ...
Poke a hole in your spacesuit, you'll be a "Ghost Rider in the Sky."

The Space Cowboys on the International Space Station use scissors by Kai, re-honed and rounded off by Wolff to prevent spacesuit punctures. We've got scissors by both Kai and Wolff. Come see why these scissor makers are out of this world!

The Kimberbell brand ...

If you're sewing for your little doggie, or just for fun, your Kimberbell supplies are at Hip Stitch.

Quilt kits, fabric, machine embroidery and more -- we've got the largest herd with the Kimberbell brand in all of New Mexico.

Classes - we're keeping 'em small for now, as we feel this is best.
Learn to crochet, knit, hand quilt, garment sew and more!
Six Shot Cottons Plus Two
We've got Pepper Cory's shot cottons, no Colt involved in shooting them. That's reference to the weaving through the warp.

As a piecemaker, this cross-woven fabric of contrasting threads might hit the bullseye for your next project. This is a repeater order of the most popular colors - a six shooter plus two, eight bolts in all.

Ginny used Kaffe Fassett fabrics to make this dazzling version of a 3 yard quilt. Based on the Corner Play pattern, we'll kit it for you. See it in store now.

Catherine used Alison Glass fabrics for this variation of Flying Geese called "Lazy Goose". Kits available now!

A subtle palette ...
... and a fine hand.

You owe it to yourself to discover Painter's Palette Solids, a selection of superb quilting cottons. Combine them with the Peppered Cottons for an impactful color statement.
In-store NOW!
Hot Air Balloon
New from Elizabeth's Studios, this photo-realistic depiction of hot air balloons will make up a quick quilt. Shown here against the Weave by Running Doe quilt of Alison Glass fabrics.

What you hear
is not a test
Originally for embroidery designs for Kimberbell classes, we bought a big batch to bring the price down. If you youngsters need a place to store your infernal bippity boppity music, this will work.

The original "Bippity Boppity" music was from Cinderella. Whether Hip Hop resembles that is up to the listener. The song that purports to give Hip Hop its name is Rapper's Delight by Sugar Hill Gang. (A snip here done by the great Ellen Albertini Dow).

Botanicals is in, featuring birds and plants and more. A muted palette that will lend itself to a project for a nature lover or gardener.

A pressing matter, a hot item
The much-loved felt pressing pads are back in stock. They help speed your pressing. A couple of sizes to choose from. Because of the wool's insulating properties, it's almost like ironing both sides at once.

Fabrics for Pre-order
It's beginning to look
a lot like Halloween ...

Get in the spirit

(Shipping now - finally!)
From Jeremi's Workshop:
For Featherweights and others, too

Jeremi has sourced a handy horizontal spool holder. It works great for a Featherweight, but it's a universal fit so it'll work on whatever machine you're running.

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The sale starts at 8 a.m. and continues until the item is sold out!

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