An open letter to Nevadans-- 

"If you turn a deaf ear or a blind eye to corruption, you are just as guilty as the perpetrators committing the injustice."
Most of you know who I am.  What you may not know-is that Nevada is ranked the fifth most corrupt state in the Union. 

 I have been exposing corruption in this State since 1998, starting with former Clark County Commissioner Erin Kenny.  In 2004, I joined the "Veterans In Politics," becoming President in 2005 and changing the name to "Veterans In Politics International ('VIPI')," after the creation of Chapters in several states and Canada.  I have been fighting corruption since 1998, and in so doing-became a target of the corrupt.

 I have been offered financial "benefits," received death threats against myself and my family, faced fact-absent, baseless gossip and rumors proffered as attempts to discredit me, attempts to undermine my organization through the establishment of other groups using nearly identical names and infringing upon the good-will and rapport VIPI has earned, and exposed high-profile, unethical abuses of campaign/election laws used as "currency" for organizational endorsements. 

 I have faced corruption, and exposed corrupters, because of my endless love for this Country, State, and our Community.  My civil service is my commitment to protecting our citizenry at Home, must like I served to protect our citizenry abroad-when I served six years in the United States Marine Corps, six years in the United States Army, and during my deployment in the first Gulf War.  The enemy of the people is not always a combatant; it is sometimes our trusted electorate (or those serving below them).  I continue to commit my life to serving you by offering protection against deceit, unfairness, and misappropriation of trust and money.  Where I cannot protect with prevention, I seek to protect by exposure. 

 I have championed for Veterans' rights tirelessly and endlessly, despite facing attacks upon my integrity by persons aggrieved by exposure for their false promises, unethical behavior, and attempts to mislead their constituents.  I have testified and lobbied before our Legislature for the creation of a Veterans Court, to protect Service Connected Disabilities Benefits, sought placement of a Veteran "designation" on the Nevada driver's license in an effort to deescalate potential situations during detainments by law enforcement, and lobbied for a mandatory Critical Incident Training for police officers. 

 I served as a two-term, board member appointed by Governor Jim Gibbons, for the Southern Nevada Veteran Cemetery Advisory Board.  I am the third person in the State to receive Governor Brian Sandoval's appointment as Nevada's Veteran of the Month.  I have lobbied in Washington, D.C. for the creation of a Veterans Insurance Plan to afford veterans the ability to seek treatment from private healthcare providers due to the lack of a VA Hospital in Southern Nevada.  I lobbied the Clark County Commission for a USO or military hospitality lounge at McCarran airport.  I created the first ever Proclamation to the United States Marine Corps with the Las Vegas City Council.  I lobbied the Las Vegas City Council for awareness and to end discrimination against the Marine Riders, and the Clark County Board of School Trustees to change their bylaws and name a school after a fallen Nevada Veteran.  

My list continues and is too large to list each and every act I have done to support Nevada Veterans, and the community as a whole-this is because I have dedicated my life to this service.

 I have helped educate voters on candidates by organizing videotaped interviews (open to the public), and by hosting live radio show programs.  I have hosted the Veterans In Politics talk show for the past eleven (11) years, motivated by the opportunity to educate the public on candidates and encouraging the listeners to be involved in the political landscape. 

My involvement with Veterans In Politics International is my honor, and I serve without pay.  I take seriously my duties, making friends and enemies.  I have been the first to admit and rectify mistakes that have been made when candidates have won the support of Veterans In Politics' endorsement through misrepresenting themselves and their commitment to this Community.  After learning that an individual has used our organization to misrepresent themselves to the public, we have humbly shared our error with the public and given the individual an opportunity to explain themselves.  As you may guess, we are not often taken up on this opportunity because these individuals hoped their behavior would have gone undiscovered.  My loyalty is to justice, fairness, and truth-not people who disrespect these fundamental values at the expense of our Community.

I have a very lengthy track record of community involvement.  Some candidates only get involve in the community when they need your vote.  They make no time outside of this, tending to their personal lives and ignoring the concerns and needs of the Community until they stand to gain from listening.  Some incumbents lose the true meaning of a "Public Servant," becoming self-involved, and corrupt with their newly found power and money.  They lie to the face of their voters, going directly against your will, feeding you with rhetoric aimed to confuse you.  Can you imagine what is done behind your back? 
I have been consistently involved since 2003, believing I can bring about change to make a better Community for all.  I could not have done this without the help and dedication of many Nevadans who share a similar commitment to restoring honor and faith in those serving in public offices.  I hope you will join me as I continue this crusade in the Assembly, working together for a better Nevada.

While my candidacy is for Nevada State Assembly District 13, I will be one of 42 votes that will affect everyone in this Great State.  My commitment to leadership and transparency will continue and I pledge to open the minds and ears of the other 41 voting assembly members so that your voices can be heard. 

 I am asking for your support.  We cannot continue the same path, with the same people, and the same poor decisions and expect a different result.  I have proven my ability to bring together a diverse community, and have earned credibility for my dedication to fairness.  My dissenters may categorize me as aggressive and harsh when exposing immorality-however, that is the type of representative you need to make sure your concerns are being heard.  I will fight for you, I already have been-you just may not have known until now.  I welcome an opportunity to meet and speak with you at any time.  I am confident that I will earn your support.  Thank you.

Click below for AD13 map: (In the Northwest)

North of Ann Road South and South of Kyle Canyon Road
East of the 95 Freeway and West of North Decatur Blvd.

To learn more about my candidacy and spread the word please go to my website at
Steve Sanson
PO Box 28211
Las Vegas, NV 89126
702 283 8088 
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