A Chance To Breathe...
An Open Letter to COVID-19 Kids...

I wrote the following piece for my social media yesterday, it just seemed timely...

Dear Kids,
We don’t know what we’re doing.
Seriously, we are flying blind here. In all honesty, in the best of times parenting is a figure it out as you go type situation. Reality check time, we often make things up and act like we knew it all along. But, up until last week, we had a secret weapon, that one thing we could always lean on to help us through those parenting black holes.
Our childhood.
My family, circa 1968. That's me, in my Mother's lap

This is a tough time for all of us as the unknown can be scary and intimidating. But I’m here to say we should have faith in ourselves, and I feel that we will come out of this pandemic emotionally stronger with a better understanding of both life and each other. Remember, connections can still happen, as can communication, love, laughter and joy.

Here’s What Parents Dealing With Coronavirus Isolation Want You To Know
Everything that was once simple feels difficult, and everything that was already difficult feels impossible.

“Hank, do you want to come look at my poop?” That’s what my friend’s 2-year-old yelled at his 6-year-old brother the other morning — loudly enough that it could definitely be picked up on the conference call his father was taking in the next room over. My friend texted me that story over our big group chat, which is how so many of us are communicating these days: just keeping the threads going, whether with family members, neighbors, or coworkers, to try to weave some sort of safety net for each other .

Will COVID-19 Make Teletherapy the Rule, Not the Exception?

COVID-19 is changing the world. Will it change the way therapy is delivered?

The question, "Have you seen your therapist lately?" is becoming as outdated as the handshake or the high-five.
Fortunately, for those in need of psychological services during this time of crisis, other options are available. It is becoming normal, for instance, for patients to phone, text, and video chat with therapists.
In fact, the shift from in-person to online or phone  therapy was in full swing before COVID-19 even entered the equation. And more therapists are taking to Instagram and other social media platforms to grow their online therapy and coaching businesses. It is not uncommon to find therapists with over 50,000 Instagram followers.

Feeling overwhelmed by it all? Perhaps you need some interaction or support? Please go to the links below to find on-line support and connection.
Loeta Consulting Group has no professional or personal relationship with any of the programs at the above links, links should not be considered an endorsement of the programs,
Time for a laugh!
Laughter is so important for all of us. Sure these are serious times, but that doesn't mean we can't share a good chuckle. Laughter is healthy and needed by all of us. So on that note, see any good memes lately? Share them with everyone; because who doesn't love a good laugh!!!
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