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September 2017

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We are pleased to announce that we have released the 2016 Contraceptive Social Marketing Statistics, available here.
This newsletter also features highlights from our work marketing Sayana Press, a subcutaneous injectable contraceptive.
Since launching in Nigeria in 2015, we have expanded usage of Sayana Press into the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, and Tanzania. Sayana Press is a revolutionary product because it's self-injectable, and it offers three months of protection from pregnancy - all for one quick injection under the skin. Success with this product puts us one step closer to reaching our FP2020 goals.
Read on to learn more about how our field offices are making the most of this new product, and catering to young people through music, social media, and television.  

Christopher Purdy

2016 Contraceptive Social Marketing Statistics Released 

In 2016, a total of 80 contraceptive social marketing programs generated 76 million Couple Years of Protection (CYPs), an increase of some 8 million CYPs over 2015. This included sales of over 1.6 billion condoms, 44 million injectables, 19 million implants, 12 million Emergency Contraception (EC) pills, and 4 million IUDs. You can read more from this report  here .
Creating partnerships to reach youth: DRC's Red One festival

Some of the Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) biggest hip hop and rap artists performed in Kinshasa for DKT's Red One Festival on July 29th. As a co-sponsor of the event that drew a crowd of over 4,000, DKT promoted the festival's message, "
Batela Lobi Na Yo" (Lingala for "protect your future"), by encouraging young people to create and protect their future by using contraception.

During the Batela Lobi Na Yo (BLNY) festival, DKT DRC raised awareness about contraceptives, sold reproductive and sexual health products, and educated the crowds on available methods. Guests could buy OK Condoms from a vintage limo, which also doubled as a mobile clinic in which a DKT-trained nurse counseled women about the benefits of Sayana Press - generating 20 injections of Sayana Press on the spot. 

This vintage limo served as an interim 'clinic' where injections and condom sales took place.
A scene from the Josh New World ad, featuring Mathira.

New opportunities with Josh: Pakistan's new ad  

DKT Pakistan launched a new TV ad for Josh Condoms in August, depicting the world of possibilities available to those who purchase condoms from the Josh New World line of products. The ad features Mathira, a model, dancer, singer, and actress who is widely-known in Pakistan.
Using social media as an educational platform: success stories from Nigeria
A Tweet from Honey & Banana, promoting Sayana Press.

DKT Nigeria's "Honey & Banana" brand has amassed over 7,000 Twitter followers in less than a year. Their success on social media platforms is the result of fun advertising, engaging with users, and integrating radio shows and TV specials.
Honey & Banana's campaigns have spurred some of DKT's most recent successes in Nigeria, including the introduction of Sayana Press and the TV premiere of "Contraceptive Chat with DKT Nurses." After just five weeks on air, the show already generated 150 calls from viewers with questions of contraceptive methods and myths. 
Mozambique's mobile clinics increase access to contraceptives and reproductive health services

The fixed and mobile clinics established throughout Mozambique have been very successful. From January 2017 to July 2017, the clinics have served nearly 35,000 clients. Mobile units and trailers have increased underserved and rural populations' access to sexual and reproductive health services and products. Almost 4,000 of the visitors to mobile clinics were first-time users. Sayana Press is making quick progress in the Mozambique market. DKT has already administered nearly 500 applications of the injection since launching in July. 
An ad for emergency contraception brand Contraplan II.

What does social media mean for contraception? Look to Egypt for answers

Social media campaigns for condoms, emergency contraception, and IUDs have been well-received in Egypt. One video 
advertisement for DKT Egypt's line of emergency contraception, Contraplan II, was viewed more than 430,000 times. But social media is about more than just views; social media has become a significant channel through which companies and organizations can spread messages about contraception and family planning. The Aman Campaign Facebook page provides a popular yet private way for consumers to have their contraceptive questions and concerns addressed. 


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Family planning promoted on Facebook pages, forums in Egypt
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