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October 2017

Dear Friend of DKT,

We decided it was time for a website update. To keep pace with DKT's sister websites like Honey & Banana (who have proven that our young market loves fun advertising and engaging campaigns), we redesigned the DKT  website to highlight some of our favorite advertisements, our engagement with brands and partners, and our regional expansion into new areas in Central and South America.

That's also what this newsletter is all about. DKT is increasing its family planning scope in multiple ways, like improving our social media presence, entering new markets with unmet contraceptive need, and making products more accessible through lower pricing.

Read on to learn about some of our most recent developments in the field. Be sure to visit our new website and let us know what you think. 

Christopher Purdy
DKT website gets an update

DKT staff and a team of developers recently completed a website redesign project. Visit the new DKT International website here.

DKT Nigeria employee selected as BMGIPRH "120 under 40"

Omolara 'Lara' Aluko of DKT Nigeria was recently recognized as one of the "120 under 40" top family planning leaders by the Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health.

Omolara 'Lara' Aluko was recently announced as one of BMGIPRH 120 under 40 grant recipients.

Lara was selected among nominees as one of the 120 most influential leaders in family planning under the age of 40. She is DKT Nigeria's Media & Communications Manager, and she spearheads DKT's weekly radio and TV programs. Lara highlights different family planning methods, debunks contraceptive myths, and welcomes audience feedback and call-ins. 

Lara will use her grant to develop informational materials about contraceptives to be distributed in schools. The pamphlets will be aimed at young people and will offer general information about methods, their benefits, and their potential side effects, and will also connect to resources such as DKT Nigeria's counseling lines for confidential and non-judgmental support.

Read her profile on the 120 under 40 website here. Also be sure to check out the youth-oriented educational material on the Honey & Banana  website. 

DKT Mexico expands sales into Venezuela

In spite of current crises and protests in Venezuela, DKT Mexico has helped the country make strides in at least one way: access to family planning products. Despite political mobilizations disrupting commercial ventures, DKT Mexico has been successful in providing condoms, oral contraceptive pills (OCPs), and IUDs. 

In August alone, DKT sold 21,000 IUDs in Venezuela - modest numbers, but an optimistic starting point for a country in crisis. 

Political demonstrations and protests aren't enough to stop DKT Mexico's family planning efforts.

Sales representatives have expanded DKT Mexico's reach into other Central and South American countries, including Costa Rica, Guatemala, and El Salvador.    

Explore our regional offices and see DKT's geographic growth here.

DKT Myanmar lowers IUD prices to increase product's accessibility

In August, DKT Myanmar lowered the price of Lydia IUDs in an attempt to increase consumers' access to safe, registered products. This decision came in response to an expansion of unregistered and sub-standard IUDs on the market. 

This was a strategy that had positive results for DKT sales, making August 2017 the best IUD sales month yet, with 3,494 units sold. But this wasn't just a market-share decision; the price-reduction highlights DKT's commitment to making a positive health impact and ensuring that quality products are available to buyers at competitive prices.

An advertisement for Lydia IUDs, featured on Lydia Myanmar's Facebook page.

Indonesian breastfeeding campaign offers promotional opportunity for LARCs

Andalan, one of DKT Indonesia's most popular contraceptive brands, launched a campaign during International Breastfeeding Week to spread awareness about post-partum contraceptive use, particularly while breastfeeding. 

Women were encouraged to share videos or stories of their experience breastfeeding while using an IUD, implant, injection, or the Laktasi Pill (an OCP for breastfeeding mothers), using the hashtag #SahabatMenyusuiAndalan.

Andalan's social media sites accumulated 426 photo submissions, almost 600 new Facebook fans, and over 1,000 new Instagram followers. To view submissions and posts, visit the Andalan Page.

#SahabatMenyusuiAndalan posts promoted contraceptive protection during breastfeeding. This picture's text ensures that Andalan contraceptives do not interfere with the production and quality of breast milk.

Mozambique introduces new mobile unit

As a part of DKT Mozambique's efforts to increase availability of modern contraceptive methods, including subcutaneous injectables with three months of pregnancy protection, DKT introduced a new mobile unit (MU) in Gaza province in August. 

The governor of the Gaza province (in green) attended the unveiling of the new mobile unit in Gaza.

Currently, DKT Mozambique dispenses subcutaneous injectables for free from the MUs. The MU teams have already delivered injections to more than 1,000 women.
DKT Pakistan celebrates Independence Day with Josh Condoms campaign

Continuing the momentum from the publicity generated by Josh Condoms on World Population Day (July 11), DKT Pakistan and Josh Condoms used the country's Independence Day celebration to promote family planning.

Pakistan's independence is celebrated on August 14, and this year, Josh joined in on the festivities with a photography competition. DKT Pakistan's campaign "Mera Pakistan - Josh Photography Competition" accumulated more than 450 submissions from across the country, primarily from young people and adolescents. Users submitted photos that showcased the country's beauty, and daily winners were selected, as well as three grand prize winners.

Although the campaign honored the country's history, it also was meant to increase brand exposure and to promote Josh as a family planning brand. The posts reached nearly 300,000 people and generated almost 700 new fans.


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New DKT website launched

DKT Nigeria employee recognized as leader in family planning

Sales expand throughout Latin America

Myanmar lowers IUD prices to increase access

Indonesia encourages Andalan fans to share stories of breastfeeding while using contraception

Mozambique reveals new mobile unit

DKT Pakistan celebrates Independence Day with condoms

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