Dear friends and family of Light Up The World (LUTW),
We don’t need to tell you about the strange world we have entered and are currently living in. Like many of you, we have been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 virus and the economic shut down that has resulted. In the early stages of the pandemic it became apparent we would not be able to proceed with volunteer-driven projects for the remainder of 2020. Consequently we needed to make some important decisions about how to move forward and have been taking measures to execute a cost reduction program, restructure and re tool so that we could adapt to this new world. This is the part where you are thinking, "They are going to ask for money..." Well, yes but... we have something to give you as well! Please read on.
While we are not able to implement any volunteer projects for the rest of this year, the needs of rural Peruvians have not diminished. In fact, Peru is being hit extremely hard by the pandemic and shutdown. Our staff in Peru are still in lockdown but are working through the details of how to return to bringing solar energy to more families in remote areas and expanding our training and institutional capacity building. And we need your help to get this done. 
We’re seeking your support t o accelerate the work of LUTW in Peru during this difficult time.   LUTW’s Board of Directors, Committees and staff have committed to match up to $15,000 for donations received between now and June 15, 2020. This means every dollar  YOU  give has twice the impact. Hopefully you will become monthly donor   and  contribute $25, $50 or $100 a month or make a  one-time donation  – all donations are greatly appreciated in this critical time in Peru. 
Last but not least, we also want to give back to YOU for supporting us so faithfully. For all monthly donations over $25 and one-time donations over $100 we will send you a  FREE  HELIO light .   HELIO is a solar powered  flashlight, lantern, and power bank all-in-one.
These are challenging times in North America and doubly so in Peru. Your donation will help ensure that the impact of LUTW expands into the future. We wish you all good health and look forward to thanking you all in person once this situation is over.
Thank you for your generosity and support!
P.S: For those of you in Alberta looking to make a one-time contribution, please consider donating to LUTW through  ATB Cares   as your donation will receive an additional 15% match from ATB.
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