Dear Fellow Lab Parents,

I never imagined our current circumstances. Within a matter of days, life as we knew it was changed in countless ways. As the parent of children who require LOTS of consistency and routine, the challenge has been great as we adapt to our new normal. Each day is an endless circle of adapting, making mistakes, learning, addressing fears and concerns, and moving forward. I’m incredibly grateful that we are together and healthy.  

Your fellow Lab parents are here for you and your family. PALS will continue to support our parent community and Lab’s resourceful and creative faculty and staff.  


We are excited to see so many parents on the new PALS Listserv ! If you have not already done so, consider joining NOW:
Parents are benefiting from sharing resources and experiences.  Please make special note under the conditions section that your email should match the email you currently use for myLab, and that your full name must be used as your display name .

Many of us are trying new things or sharing new experiences as a family. If you’d like to share, please upload photos of what you’re doing:
Your photo may be shared internally or via social media (child's name will not appear in any social media posts).  


Another way that you can connect with other Lab families is through the Community of Caring initiative:
When you sign up, you join with other families in working towards our community’s 100 Acts of Kindness. Learn about the ways you can be of service to others during this challenging time by receiving the monthly newsletter.  


We are working on ways to continue our PALS activities. Lab’s Spring Fair will be moving online. Our creative co-chairs, Regan Ruiz and Stella Sohier, are developing a virtual experience for our families. Our Community Outreach chair, Stefanie Scott, will continue matching new families through the Buddy Program, as well as helping to support online meet-ups.  Rachel Lerman, our Appreciation chair, will be rolling out ways to show your appreciation to our faculty and staff. We’ll be working to support Lab’s plans to provide social-emotional support to students during this time of uncertainty.  

Please be patient as we find new ways of working. If you have any ideas or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.   

Staying home for you and your family,

Katrina Holliday, PALS President