To the Seneca alumni community:
In a rare moment of total global solidarity, literally all of us are going through these extraordinary and difficult times together. The unprecedented changes in our daily routines are disruptive but, as you know well, they are absolutely necessary to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.
I wanted to take a moment to let you know that here at Seneca, we are all thinking of you. I know many of you are doing extraordinary work to help keep our communities safe in Canada and globally. 
Whether it is working on the front lines in healthcare, responding to emergencies, innovatively repositioning your business or supporting our most vulnerable citizens, you are making Seneca proud with your contributions. For that we are all grateful and extend our deepest appreciation.
I also know that the health and economic impacts of the virus have hit our alumni community, and this is a difficult time for many of you and your families. Our thoughts are with you.
I’m proud of the contributions our students and employees are making to help keep us safe. Our nursing, animal health and applied sciences programs sent much-needed safety equipment such as masks and gowns along with two life-saving ventilators to nearby hospitals. The Seneca Student Federation has provided funding to offer all students access to online health and wellness counselling 24/7. We are working with governments should they need our spaces, our labs or our technologies to join the fight.
We are doing everything possible to keep our students and employees safe and bring our winter semester to a successful close. Our physical campuses are now closed, but we have moved Seneca online. In the true tradition of Seneca innovation and agility, we retooled all of our programs and services to students in a week and this Monday reopened, virtually.

For more information on the steps we’re taking to ensure safety and academic continuity, please visit our COVID-19 site .

We welcome your stories about the role you are playing in response to COVID-19. If there is any way we can support you during this time, please let the Seneca Alumni team know.

Thanks again for representing Seneca so admirably. Please look for more updates in the coming weeks. We will get through this.

Stay well.

David Agnew