July 9, 2020
Dear Sponsors and Supporters,

With all the uncertainty in the world, it is comforting to know that King Jesus is still in control and still on the move. I hope you are still pressing on. I would like to provide you with more updates concerning the status in Uganda in the face of COVID-19.   The government is slowly easing restrictions, but many remain the same. For all of Uganda, churches, international borders and the airports are closed and public gatherings are prohibited. Public transportation is at 50% capacity but people cannot travel from some border districts that have high number of COVID-19 cases.

We are thankful the COVID numbers in Uganda remain low and that there are no JAM families or children who have the virus. However, schools, colleges and universities continue to be closed. The JAM teachers are able to prepare weekly learning materials for candidate classes which include Primary 7, Senior 4 and Senior 6. These lessons will enable students to be better prepared for the national testing when the schools do open.

Many of you contributed critical funds to help weather the storm as this lockdown continues for an extended time. These funds are assisting with food shortages for many JAM families. In the last couple of weeks, the ministry provided 15 kgs of maize flour to 558 households in KIshanje, Kagadi, Rubanda and Joy Center. In addition, 10 kgs of beans and 25 kgs of maize flour have been provided to 100 of the most vulnerable families in Kampala and Mbarara.

The HEAL Medical Center in Rubanda continues to see a demand for the invaluable work of providing ambulance transports. However, the economic effects of the lockdown are evident as patients are not able to pay for the services and many come in need of critical care.

Letters from your sponsored children will be mailed later this month to the board in the U.S. and then sent to you. Instructions on writing to your sponsored child will be included in the letter.

We ask that you pray for the children in Uganda; they are beginning to be anxious. T hey don’t know what to expect, they are worried that going back to school may not happen again and aren’t sure of what the future holds for them. Our staff is in touch with families and caregivers of our children and have been responding to emergencies such as lack of food and health care, and to provide social support.

We thank you for your continued prayers and contributions. May God bless you abundantly.

Herbert Ainamani, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
My name is Brenda* (*name has been changed), and I am 7 years old and in primary school in Kampala. I stay with my mother and my other 4 siblings. In total we are a family of 6. We are in lockdown as a country and as a family it has been hard for us to survive, especially getting our daily meals. My mother used to wash clothes for people and get money to buy food for us; but now people wash for themselves because they are also not working. She would clean some people’s offices but they are now closed so she doesn’t earn money. 
Juna Amagara brought food for us and it’s what we are eating up to now. If it wasn’t for Juna Amagara giving us food, maybe we were going to die of hunger because many times we would not eat. For me when I would feel very hungry, I would drink water and sleep so that I don’t feel it so much. But I would still feel it.
Since we don’t know when our country will be corona free so that mom goes back to work and gets her own money to buy food, Juna Amagara has become our big savior.
Thank you, Juna Amagara, for helping us with food to save our lives. May God bless you so much and our sponsors. May God protect you from corona virus because we hear over the radio that it’s too much there.
Wash your hands and keep social distance to stay safe. God bless you.