Shenandoah Update August 28, 2017
Here's pictures of what you have missed if you have stayed at home!
Good afternoon, Shenandoah!
This morning has started off with some drier skies for us and we appreciate even the smallest of breaks from the rainfall. We are expecting to receive more rain before the week ends, but predictions are optimistic that Harvey is moving away from our area into East Texas and Louisiana. Our prayers need to follow that storm.

Things to know:

The Emergency Management Team has been monitoring the situation since Friday and has met with the State Emergency Management officials daily. City Administrator Kathie Reyer has been in contact with city employees throughout this hurricane, ensuring the safety of not only the city's residents but also city staff. Essential personnel reported for duty today as we work toward semblances of normalcy as Harvey's starts moving away from the area. The Police Department has been on their normal shifts and have been instrumental in keeping city leaders and Council informed on road conditions and flooding. We continue to monitor creek, rivers and lake information for impact of city residents.

City Hall is not open for regular business right now nor is the CVB. City Hall is being manned by essential personnel who are taking care of hurricane-related situations as well as must-do's. If you need assistance, call 281-367-8952.

Trash/recycling will not run tomorrow due to the inclement weather and flooding that is affecting Republic's trucks and landfill. Republic will contact us when it is rescheduled. Streetsweeping by the city will continue during lulls in rain fall.

Roads around the city are being monitored throughout the police department shifts. Adjustments are being made when the water rises and when it recedes. If you encounter barricades, do not move them to proceed; they are there for a warning of high and possibly dangerous conditions. Please turn around, don't drown.

Businesses have varied opening/closing times at this point. Many are having problems getting staff and supplies due to flooding in other areas. Before making a trip to any store, you might want to call and double check to see if they are open. An early morning trip to assess roads this morning did not see any fast food places opened before 8 am. Many of the grocery stores in the area were also dark during the visit. Save yourself a trip and check first. (Update: contacted by Outback, Katz's and Walgreens that they would be open today, but check hours.)

Support for neighbors by neighbors has been outstanding. We had many take advantage of sandbagging Friday with neighbors helping each other. That is one of the things that makes Shenandoah such a special place --- neighbors caring about neighbors. A comment from the Houston news on Sunday ---"we may be split on a national basis but Texas is united in Harvey." What a great concept for every day! Thanks for helping each other through this historical... and sometimes hysterical ... weather event.

Power outage this morning due to a fallen tree has caused 211 homes to be out of power. Entergy is on the way.

Some apps and websites you might find interesting.
  • ReadyMCTX (app) keeps you updated on current alerts, evacuation routes, shelters, and helps you make emergency plans
  • (website) gives you all kinds of Montgomery County information including real-time travel and accident information and notify county officials of things like property damages, debris in roads
  • (website) official website of the county
  • (website) district website for school information
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