Important Update From Your Union

As you know, we’ve been fighting for our members to receive the recognition and protections you need as frontline workers. We have reached an agreement with the Commonwealth to address the conditions you are working under and are pleased to share a victory during this very difficult time.

As state health and human service workers, if you work in an EOHHS 24-hour facility (state hospital, group home, etc), or you work for DCF and have to respond in-person for a case, you will now receive the hazard pay that you deserve for your work during this unprecedented crisis.

The agreement provides additional compensation for our members and details the following:

  • All members working at an EOHHS facility will receive a $5.00/hour differential in pay. Those who are required to maintain a license for their work will receive a $10.00/hour differential.
  • Overtime pay calculations will include these differential rates
  • A $500 recognition bonus will be provided to members who have not missed a shift from March 10, 2020 to April 12, 2020.
  • DCF employees who have to do any of the following are included in the agreement (and will receive a $10/hour differential for the time participating in these activities): in person consumer contact with children, families, foster and adoptive families, and at group care facilities, etc; including face-to-face visits and in emergency and non-emergency responses.

This will be effective until at least May 30, and may be extended until the Executive Office of Health and Human Services determines that the COVID-19 crisis has abated. 

We are grateful for your commitment to the health and well-being of the people you serve. As your union, we know that you deserve that same commitment from the state and have advocated tirelessly for it. When we fight, we win! 

We will continue to push for all of our members to receive the financial recognition and safety measures that they deserve.

Thank you for all of your work. We will continue to provide updates and answer any questions.

In Solidarity,

Peter MacKinnon
President, SEIU Local 509
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If you have any questions or concerns about changes at your worksite , contact your steward, a union representative , or call the Member Action Resource Center at 1-800-632-8079.
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