April 3, 2020
Dear Sponsors and Supporters,

Since our last communication, the response to the pandemic has drastically changed in Uganda. The government quickly shut down schools and universities and now measures have become more stringent – ranging from closing borders, compulsory quarantine, banning public transportation and private vehicles, to restrictions on the sale of non-food items at open markets and on gatherings of all types.

The restrictions in place are similar to those around the world. However, it is especially challenging in Ugandan communities to practice social distancing, to adequately care for the elderly and ill, and to get much-needed financial assistance. Making things even more difficult are the lack of resources in the healthcare system.

The United Nations has already warned of the devastating economic impact on African countries. More than 21% of Ugandans live in poverty. With the shutdown of the country, those who live on a subsistence livelihood and those who can get food only when they go to daily work are at an alarmingly increased risk. The President of Uganda has promised that these families will be provided with food for relief.

However, we are filling the gap as we wait for the government integration, but we anticipate more and more needs.

I want to assure you that our ministry will stay the course to meet the needs of the 971 students in our care. In order to safeguard them, a structure is in place at each of our six centers. At each center there is a staff social worker and a community chairperson. The chairperson keeps in regular contact with each of the student’s caregivers to communicate updates to the social worker about the well-being of each student. When families need food or other essential items, the staff at each center will purchase them. Caregivers walk to our nearby staff office where they will receive prayer and encouragement when they pick up the items requested.

We praise God that none of our sponsored children have the virus. We deeply covet your prayers for God to shield our country from this deadly virus. We ask that you pray daily for the protection of your sponsored child(ren) and their caregivers and for our staff. We also pray for you for God’s protection during this difficult season. We ask that you continue to partner with us as we navigate these challenging times of suffering.

I want to end with these comforting words from Paul in Romans 8:37-38, that “in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us… and that nothing can separate us from His love.”

Herbert Ainamani (PhD)
Chief Executive Officer
This mother pictured above sells cooked cow hooves by the roadside every evening. She cooks them for food and also sells them to earn a living. Currently because of the mandatory nationwide lock down, she is unable to work. She has three children, two of which are sponsored through the ministry. Sadly, an accident she and her husband were involved in took his life and the life of one of her unborn twin children. After two days of not being able to work, the mother contacted the ministry in need of help with food. She asked for 1 Kg of maize flour. We were able to provide her with 25 Kgs.