October 2018 Newsletter: 
Oracle OpenWorld Reception Party  Pics, Thanks and Special Offers!
Dear Friends,

We had a blast with you at the Analytics and Data Summit / BIWA User Community Oracle OpenWorld reception at Oola.  Party pics and a special offer are included below.

Speaker applications and registration for the Analytics and Data Summit 2019, March 12-14, 2019, at the Oracle Conference Center are now open!  Please make sure to apply to speak by January 7, 2019.

Don't hesitate to reply to this email if you have questions, additional suggestions, or want to sponsor or volunteer.

The Analytics and Data Summit Conference Committee
OpenWorld Analytics and Data Summit / 
BIWA User Community Reception:
Special Offer
As a "thank you" to those of you who registered  or attended, 
we're offering a $75 discount 
by December 1, 2018 using code:


OpenWorld Analytics and Data Summit / 
BIWA User Community Reception: 
Sponsor Thanks!!!
Thank you to our party sponsors and long-time volunteers:

OpenWorld Analytics and Data Summit / 
BIWA User Community Reception:
Party Photos
We had a blast with those of you who were able to attend our OpenWorld reception. 

Here's a few of our favorite photos of the event...

Our loyal volunteers setting up for the party

Welcoming friends at the door

Seeing long-time colleagues and meeting new friends

The crowd at Oola as the party started to fill up...
that's the Major League Baseball World Series 
projected on the wall

Some of our speakers gear up to discuss all of the great Oracle Analytics, BI and Big Data news and happenings,  but our microphone didn't cooperate

Which was kind of funny...

So we just drank...

And gossiped...

And ate...

And made new friends...

And reminisced with long-time pals and colleagues!
Did You Miss Our Sessions at OpenWorld!?!
Our team was very involved in presenting at OpenWorld this year!  Here's a representative list of sessions that we presented.  If you want a copy of the slides for any of these, email us at biwasummits@gmail.com and we'll send them along:
  • Autonomous Data Warehousing in the Real World: A Case Study [CAS3677]
  • Developing Predictive Applications with Oracle's Machine Learning [DEV5758]
  • How to Build an Analytics (EPM/BI) Business Case When the Future Is Cloudy [CAS2709] 
  • Introduction to Graph Analytics and Oracle Graph Cloud Service [TRN4048]
  • ML 101: Oracle Data Miner/Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud Machine Learning Notebook - BYOL [HOL5759]
  • Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud: Learn How to Build Interactive Notebooks [PRO4049]
  • University of Pittsburgh's BI and Analytics Journey to the Cloud [CAS1302]
How to Volunteer
We are actively seeking volunteers in the following areas:
  • Education and learning (webinars, newsletter articles, etc.)
  • Conference recruitment and registration (recruiting speakers and attendees)
  • Communications
  • Membership
  • Conference logistics
Want to get involved?  Send us a note and a member of the conference committee will get in touch to discuss next steps.
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