How Do Yours Stack Up?

Your total compensation impacts recruiting, retention and engagement, as well as your overall reputation!

Alternative HR can help you analyze your comp and benefits by:

  • Identifying your comp philosophy and objectives;

  • Reviewing your current positions, job descriptions, responsibilities, qualifications, and reporting structures;

  • Examining comparable value and internal equity;

  • Reviewing your total compensation outlay;

  • Comparing marketplace comp and benefit data that impacts your organization;

  • Recommending wage ranges for each position;

  • Providing guidelines for implementing, managing, and updating the system going forward.

Why Alternative HR?

  • We help you recruit!
  • We help you retain!
  • We help you engage your people!
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Did You Know?

Studies show that a staggering 70% of employees would be willing to leave their current job to work for an organization known for investing in employee development and learning.

Could your current business model survive after losing 70% of your team to one of your competitors?

If not, it's time you re-evaluated your existing plan for employee development - and quickly. 

Contact ALTERNATIVE HR to learn how you can boost and maintain the engagement of your employees!

If your compensation is not attracting quality applicants or not keeping productive employees, give us a call at 605.335.8198.

We’d be happy to work with you to discuss your comp and benefit needs, identify options and consider solutions!

Client Testimonial

"Our Consultant has shared her expertise and provided her support in a number of Human Resources tasks to our small business. A couple examples would be engaging Alternative HR in assisting with reviewing our company handbook, offering updated suggestions to policies, and providing compensation evaluations for positions. We have used Alternative HR as our "go to" resource for all of our HR related inquiries because we value the knowledge and skills that they have within their company. We are grateful for the confidentiality, professionalism and care we receive from Alternative HR."


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