We're closed Saturday, Sunday, & Monday
for the Memorial Day 3-day weekend
** except for Satya's class on Saturday
from 9:00 - 10:30am **

"Our vision is to be a recognizable symbol of health and peace inspiring positive transformation in oneself and in our community."
 - Jean Marie & Katrina, Anasa Yoga Vision Statement, 2011

Sometimes you get it right the first time! I'm so grateful for our community, and of the transformative work that we witness each week at Anasa.  It's exactly what we envisioned 8 summers ago when Katrina, Crystal, and I sat down to plan what the studio would eventually become.

We continue to grow and change each year as we listen & learn from the Student's needs and the Teacher's needs as well.  And, starting July 1, there will be a few more changes on the days, times, and classes, but the same community space we've grown to love.  Stay tuned for details next month.
Check out our announcements and offerings below. Please pre-register for weekend events at to take advantage of EARLY BIRD PRICING and help us plan in advance for our amazing line-up of holistic workshops and events!
Blessings to All,
Jean Marie

Studio Announcements

2-Weeks of Unlimited Classes
for New Students*

Try as many classes as you wish, meet our teachers, and discover how consistent yoga, Nia, Feldenkrais, and dance practices can support your health and well-being.

*New and returning students who've not previously purchased a class package or membership are eligible for this intro offer!

For Unlimited Classes each month
For students coming 4X a month

Save money per class, receive Special Benefits including Guest Passes and discounts, PLUS support your community yoga studio. Choose between two convenient Automatic-Payment Plans to fit your budget & your schedule with a recurring fee of $64 or $120 per month!  Easy freeze policies and no  set-up fees.

We're looking for good help

We invite students with limited budgets for self care to support the studio while we support your practice. The Work Exchange Program requires a 3-month commitment to assist in operating and maintaining the studio, or assisting in marketing and social media in exchange for a Class Package.

There are many different ways to help us keep things flowing smoothly! 

Upcoming Anasa Events

Mom + Baby Yoga
with Elika Aird

A Four-Week Series on
Wednesday afternoons:
5/29, 6/5, 6/19, and 6/26
(No class meeting 06/12) 
2:00 - 3:15 pm

Enjoy connecting with baby and other moms while experiencing the benefits of yoga in a fun & supportive environment. Early crawling babies and baby-free moms are also welcomed!

The Art of Sacred Listening on Summer Solstice:
Restorative Yoga and Crystal Grid Meditation 
with Rachel Satterfield &
Sima Kavary

Saturday, June 22
7:00 - 9:00pm

Cultivate a state of deep listening and embodiment with restorative yoga poses, breath-work focused on balancing the nervous system, and a magical healing crystal grid meditation. 

Upside Down You're Turning Me
with Satya de la Paz August

Sunday, June 23
2:00 - 4:15pm

Learn how to move safely in and of inversions and how to apply these principles to shoulderstand, headstand, or handstand.

Therapeutic Yoga for Aging Gracefully
with Sierra Wagner

6-Week Series Monday afternoons
June 24, July 1, July 8
(July 15 - no class)
July 22, July 29, Aug 5
3:30 - 5:00pm

Learn essential yoga poses, breathing practices and meditations to assist in the prevention of, and aid in healing, for issues affecting older adults and seniors. Specific topics areas include: balance, flexibility, strength and improving energy levels.

Summer Detox Flow Yoga
with Annabelle Teleki

Saturday, June 29
4:00 - 6:00pm

Experience a deep, cleansing and rigorous yoga practice with Annabelle that will support you in the release of toxins, waste, tension, and stress as we move into Summer!

Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation
with Sensei Derek Fletcher

Saturday, July 13
4:00 - 5:15pm

Relax and unwind to the vibrations of 108 melodic gongs as you sit or lay down during a 30-minute candlelit meditation followed by options to share feelings and thoughts that arose during the stillness. Enjoy readings and remarks by Sensei with complimentary tea before you leave!

Discover the Soulfulness & the Sublime in Surya Namaskar - Refine your Sun Salutations
with Katrina Lashea

7/20 Surya Namaskar A
8/17 Surya Namaskar C
9/21 Surya Namaskar B  

2:00 - 4:00pm

Join Anasa Yoga co-founder Katrina Lashea to discover the soulfulness and the sublime in sun salutations through alignment and refinement. This series of three 2-hour workshops will focus on warm-ups, actions and the alignment principles needed to open up our bodies slowly, safely, and with intention for this quintessential moving meditation.

Stress Management for the Overbooked
with Brandi Jackson

Saturday, July 27
2:00 - 4:00pm

Brandi, an LCSW and advocate for holistic health treatments, will review five key areas related to stress including: our environment; commute; nutrition; easy practices for stress reduction and wellness; and simple fitness routines. Perfect for busy professionals, entrepreneurs, and folks who identify as "overbooked".

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