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Monthly E-Newsletter | December 2022
Your Gift Makes 5X the Impact
Thank you for helping make possible Anawim Housing's 35 years of service to our community. We are so proud to have served thousands of households by providing affordable homes and supportive housing for our community's most vulnerable neighbors. As you know, the need for affordable housing is greater than ever. The best way for you to have an impact is through a gift to Anawim Housing because your gift will have a 5X effect.

Anawim Housing is directing 100% of all gifts to our supportive services. By doing so, every $1 given will be matched by an additional $4, thanks to our supportive housing funding. This means a gift of $100 becomes $500. What an amazing opportunity and what a great way to have an impact on families needing an affordable place to call home with services to ensure they can be successful.

Permanent housing is the solution our community needs to address both our unsheltered population as well as those families in need of a home that allows them to be financially stable.

Your gift today allows Anawim to provide the solution so many need. Please join us in this vital work. Make your secure online donation or learn other ways to donate by clicking below.

THE PEOPLE WE SERVE: The Heart and Soul of Anawim

Witness the inspiring project Anawim Housing partnered on with Iowa-based lifestyle photographer Joe Crimmings - titled "Project Des Moines".

A video of the project features twelve individuals who are connected to Anawim Housing in various ways - some having had experienced homelessness, and some who have been fortunate to have not. But all have a unique visual story to share about what home means to them.

Crimmings captures their stories in this beautiful and powerful photography exhibit titled "Project Des Moines" which aims to challenge biases of what homelessnes looks like in Des Moines, and lead us to rethink how we view our neighbors.

Learn More about this important body of work by clicking below. Our intent is to continue to publicly display the exhibit in locations across our community for all to see. If you would like to connect with us on helping display the exhibit, please reach out to Kate at
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
from all of us at Anawim Housing!
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