ANCHOR LINES - February 2018
400 Maxwell Lane, Newport News, VA 23606
Board of Directors
Commodore - Stewart Brenegar
Vice Commodore - Dominic Velardi
Rear Commodore - Neil Martin
Secretary - Melissa Nehrbass
Treasurer - Lisa Candella
Board Members
Heather Ford
Robert Brumback
Bruce Breeger
Michael Hatchett
Raynald Morris
Norman Pulliam
What is Happening at Our Club...
  • The Banquet Book is currently under review, menus, services, and pricing, and will be updated on the website soon.
  • Sales in the dining room for December are up compared to last year at this time, indicating that the special events make a positive difference.
  • CPR classes have been scheduled for all servers.
  • The Club would like more exposure as a great venue, and is looking to advertise via social media. Anyone with experience in the area or that have suggestions, please give the office a call.
  • Constant Contact is a new platform the club is using to advertise events and distribute news. This newsletter has also been created using Constant Contact.
Projects in Progress:

  1. We are repairing and tinting the windows in the dining room.
  2. We are fixing the gas line to the fireplace in the dining room.
  3. We are replacing a broken projector screen topside.
  • Plans are being formulated for a deep cleaning day for the kitchen and waitstaff areas/stations in the back of the house to include floor replacement.
Club members should always check our website, facebook group page, and Anchor Lines newsletter for additional details on planned events.
Often events are planned and advertised without specific details, therefore, we wanted to ensure everyone knows where to look to get the details as they are made available.

There Has Been a Change.....
Our Food and Beverage Manager, Valerie Donski, has changed her email address. Please use the following when contacting her : .