June 2019
400 Maxwell Lane, Newport News, VA 23606
www.wycc.co (757) 930-0561
Board of Directors
Commodore - Stewart Brenegar
Vice Commodore - Dominic Velardi
Rear Commodore - Neil Martin
Secretary - Melissa Nehrbass
Treasurer - Lisa Candella
Board Members
Robert Brumback
Michael Hatchett
Raynald Morris
Norman Pulliam
Cynthia Watson
Rick Means
The next Board Meeting is scheduled for June 25th at 6 pm. Any members are welcome. Please notify the secretary at least 48 hours in advance with any request to address the Board.
Operations News
Leadership changes:
Pool Manager - Steven Griffin
Pub Manager - Brooke Mitchel
We are very excited and looking forward to a great summer season kick-off! I would like to thank Stewart Brenegar, Dominic Velardi, Stephen Griffin, Neil Rawles, Brian Nehrbass, Norman Pulliam and Neil Martin for outstanding contribution to this Club in preparations for Pub and Pool opening. Things happen, and they sure did unexpectedly for us in the past couple of weeks. Just to share with you, here are some major issues we were able to address in a timely fashion: pool pump, AC on both floors at the Club on two separate occasions, Pub and Pool preparedness for the Health Department Inspection, sewer lines, staffing issues. Thank you all for your help and time!
As some of you know, we now have a patio that we are able to use for special events. The House Committee is in process of coming up with the plan for the outside furniture.
We would also like to specially thank First Mates group for contributing to our Kitchen equipment needs. We are now expecting a new grill! First Mates have always had our backs in times of need.
To ensure we are all enjoying this Summer we ask that everyone refers to the Members Handbook, which has been recently updated, for changes in Rules and Regulations. New membership cards can be printed upon request, the ones you have now are good till the end of May.
We will be opened full time at the Pub as soon as the school lets out. Please keep an eye out for further announcements and reminders on Pool and Pub Hours of operation.
WYCC Car stickers are now available!
WYCC Burgee Flags are for sale
(request yours from Valerie)
Be ready to sign your check at a shift change!

In order for us to properly monitor daily sales we ask that you close out when first shift ends around 3 pm. We are happy to reopen your tab with the next shift crew for you.
Our servers are trained to ask for a credit card from non-members to keep their tab opened. Make sure your guests are aware of that! You will be responsible for any charges your guests make if the credit card was not provided.
Your member account will also be charged if you don't leave your credit card with staff to apply charges.
Swim Team News
Our Sea Turtle Swim Team has started their practices, and our first Home Swim Meet is scheduled on Thursday, June 20th. The pool will close at 4:30 and the swim meet starts at 6 PM. We would love for everyone to join us to support our kiddos as they face the "Marlbank" team that evening.

Attention Boaters! We do not suggest launching your boats on that day between the hours we are hosting the meet. Limited parking space will hinder you from navigating trailers by the docks. As a warning to everyone else, home swim meets are always some of the busiest days of the summer for us, so we would appreciate your understanding and patience.

We will try to send out email reminders for all Swim Meets.
Always know where your children are. Remind them to stay in sight and don't walk on the pier alone. Adult supervision is a must if 12 years old and under.
Buffets of the Month
Fried Chicken $15.95
Wednesday, June 5th
5 pm- 8 pm
Prime Rib Buffet $22.95
Wednesday, June 19th
5 pm - 8 pm
Events of the Month
Join us for the
Annual First MatesDock Party!
First Mates will be hosting and providing beer, wine and the traditional rum punch
Bring your own chair and an appetizer to share
Please remember this is an Adults only event!
Something extra for fun
The Boston Beer Company Tasting
Featuring Truly Spiked Seltzer and
Angry Orchard Unfiltered

June 14th from 5 - 7 pm
(at no cost to you)
Live Music
Dear husbands and dads,
One day is not enough to honor how special of fathers you truly are
Join us Sunday, June 16th at the Pub
Beer and food specials
Pool opened from 11 am till 8 pm