Board of Directors
Commodore - Stewart Brenegar
Vice Commodore - Dominic Velardi
Rear Commodore - Neil Martin
Secretary - Melissa Nehrbass
Treasurer - Lisa Candella

Board Members
Heather Ford
Robert Brumback
Bruce Breeger
Michael Hatchett
Raynald Morris
Norman Pulliam

  • Diana Rogers
  • Eric and Beth Thompson
  • Frank and Wendy Lash
  • Richard Spivak

Summer Memberships are available for sign up from May 1 through May 31, and good for Memorial Day to Labor Day. Summer memberships are available to a new member only once. If interested, the application and more information is located on our website wycc.co.
from our Food & Beverage Manager, Valerie Donski
  • Nonfunctional and dated equipment & furniture have been removed from the dining room and pub with replacements anticipated by May 12th.
  • A new POS system will be on-line starting May 19th.
  • We have three new hires: Savanna (bartender / server), Donna (bartender / server), and Paul (set-up / banquet server).  
  • We are still looking for two experienced bartenders.
  • Additional phones are being installed in the dining room and pub.
  • An updated Directory will be made available by summer.
  • New uniforms have been purchased for servers at the Pub and for lifeguards.
  • Members may order WYCC clothing on-line via the following link:
http://printing wright.com/wycc.html . Additional items will be added in the future.
  • The Banquet Space Agreement has been updated and is in place to secure monetary transactions between WYCC and Lessees. 
  • A new floor was installed in the back of the dining room.
  • Burgees are available for purchase in two sizes ($25 / $28).
  • There is a Lost & Found in my office.
  •  WYCC now has two Facebook groups. One (Warwick Yacht and Country Club) is Private and is to be used by only members. The other (Newport News Warwick Yacht Club) is open to the Public to be used for promotion of the club and to make announcements that are directed to the public.

  • Reservations need to be made through the office BEFORE the cut-off date for any given event.
  • Please be sure to sign your check and include your member number upon dining at the club.
  • Please sign-in guests, and adhere to the 6 times a year rule.
Point of Sale (POS) System
In preparation for the installment of our new POS System, I am doing an audit on all membership files, and I am finding some of them completely empty. In the near future I will be asking some members to fill out new applications to put in their files. The application form can be found on our website wycc.co .   Also, if you have moved in the last 2 years, changed your email address, or if your telephone numbers have changed and the office was not notified, please do so at your earliest convenience. 
And lastly, please put your member number on all checks coming into the office, even if the checks are coming straight from your bank. 

As always, thanks so much for your time & help. I do appreciate it.

Swim Team Practice Begins
May 29th
Please refer to the swim team website for the practice schedule and all other pertinent information.

Docks Committee
A Resounding and Hearty Standing Ovation to our Membership
The Docks, Piers & Slips Committee is overwhelmingly grateful to our membership for their generous support of our 1st Annual Spring Dock Building Party. Through donations, T-Shirt sponsors, and T-Shirt sales, we were able to raise 132% more than we were budgeted for this project. That is a testament to what we can accomplish together. 
Our next priority will be procuring safety ladders, throw-able life rings, and fire extinguishers for the docks.

We are also aware that there are many maintenance needs in the sheds, which will be remedied as time and budget allows.

Feel free to reach out to  Dockmaster@wycc.co  with any dockside concerns .

If you have a boat, trailer, kayak, canoe, SUP, dinghy on club property, you must return the 2018 Boaters Form by April 30th. Email them to  Dockmaster@wycc.co   Any property at the club that is not listed on a Boaters Form, will be considered abandoned. We will make every reasonable effort to ascertain ownership, and contact that owner. If we cannot ascertain ownership, the items will be sold or auctioned off.
Upcoming Events....
Last Wine Tasting for the Season
Saturday 12th @ 6 pm Wine Tasting

"Into the summer"
This will be the last tasting for the season. Wine Club will resume in August.

We will have a Sparkler Social half hour (30 min) and then a blind tasting of 5 kinds of Pinot Noir from different countries,

$20 per person before taxes and gratuity
Mother's Day Brunch
Sunday, May 13th 10 am - 2 pm
Adults $24.95 / under 12 $12.95

There will be staggered reservations, so make them earlier! The dining room will be open for use as a waiting area and cocktails only.

A Basket of goodies will be raffled.
$5 / ticket (cash only)
Join us for the annual raising of the flags, blessing of the fleet, and occasional burning of the socks.

Starts Friday May 18th at 6pm Sharp

We ask that you don't wear jeans and no hats.

A Prime Rib Buffet will be set-up in the dining room for $20.95/person. Topside will be available for extra seating and cocktails. There will be staggered reservations, so please call ahead for available times.
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