Board of Directors
Commodore - Neil Martin
Vice Commodore - Rick Means
Rear Commodore - Stewart Brenegar
Secretary - Melissa Nehrbass
Treasurer - Lisa Candella
Board Members
Robert Brumback
Danny Dangerfield
Mary Harrington
Michael Hatchett
Cynthia Watson
Dominic Velardi
Any members are welcome. Please notify the secretary at least 48 hours in advance with any request to address the Board.
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Our 2020 New Members:

Michael & Rebecca Carpenter
Robert & Jamie Coleman
Bryant DeLapp
Robert & Courtney Enzor
Stephen & Diane Jobe
Jasen & Tracy Jacobsen
Christopher & Holly Jones
Jeffrey & Peggy LaMan
Art & Megan Link
Brian & Jennifer Lenczewski
James & Amanda McKercher
Joseph & Coleen Monk
Patrick & Katherine Murphrey
Dan & Katie O'Brien
Olivia Quinn
Leonard & Tammy Rossi
Kelli Smith
Robert Saunders
Jake Sturtz
Nick Velardi & Violet Hahn
Sarah Vreeland

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Commodore's Corner
So here we are mired in the heat and humidity of summer while also mired in a lingering pandemic. We will all be relieved when the concerns of Covid-19 and it's impact on WYCC life are a distant memory. It's easy to forget about the health crisis when you're sitting on the patio under the tent watching the boats maneuver around the docks while munching on one of Chun's pizzas. As you sip a cocktail and listen to the sounds of splashing amid the voices of kids playing everything seems so normal.

But, then reality slips into the serenity of an evening at the Club - the servers are wearing masks so you can't tell if they smile at you when you greet them and their voices are muffled. There are no menus - only this wierd looking sticker on the table that requires a smart phone to use. The new Covid-19 reality.

Unfortunately for our region, there has been a increase in the spread of Covid-19 leading to a tightening of restrictions again. Although the tightening will have little impact on how we operate it should serve as a reminder that we have been fortunate to avoid having the pandemic touch our Club. The rules that apply to the Club are as follows:

While inside the Clubhouse everyone is mandated to wear a mask except when eating or drinking. Please do not put our staff in the position of having to ask for compliance with this mandate. This is for the safety of the staff as well as the members.

Social Distancing guidelines require that families and groups in dining areas and at events be separated by at least 6 feet. We are fortunate that our facilities have adequate space to comply with this mandate.

If anyone is not well, has been in close contact with someone who has Covid-19 or has a fever they should avoid using the Club. Anyone who has tested positive should be under the mandatory 14 day quarantine.

The danger of non-compliance with these rules will have two possible results. The first result is that we have an outbreak of Covid-19 among the staff. These folks are in close proximity daily and put themselves at risk just by doing their job. Losing multiple staffers would force a huge reduction in Club services if not a complete shutdown. The second possible result is that the Health Department does a spot inspection and finds the members not following the rules so they revoke our permits. Both the pool and our food service operations are permitted by the Health Department so they have the power to shut us down.

The new reality is that we have rules mandating the best practices for everyone's safety. Regardless of whether we agree with the politicians who made the rules or the legality of enforcement; no matter that compliance is inconvenient, we still have a duty to each other to assure that the Club remains a safe haven for the enjoyment of all the members and following the rules will achieve that. No one wants to be the rule breaking jerk that got the pool closed or the kitchens shuttered. Let's everyone do the right thing for the good of us all.

Neil Martin
The Pool Committee and WYCC staff have worked hard to keep our pool safe this season. Other pools in the area have already been subjected to random Health Department inspections so help us keep our pool open by limiting the number of people on the pool deck and in each group as well as maintaining the 10' Social Distancing rules as we move into the last weeks of summer. Please don't hesitate to reach out to Dominic Velardi if any concerns rise at (757) 880-6515
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 Due to limited capacity we ask that you please make reservations for dinner ahead of time.
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Two donations have been made (by Tidewater Pest Service Company and a member who prefers to stay anonymous) towards a purchase of tent sidewalls for the colder weather season. We appreciate your contribution very much! And we look forward to enjoying the outdoor patio later in the season.
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