Word from Operations Manager
The WYCC Staff and I would like to express our gratitude to all club members that have been super supportive of us and everything we do. We have received multiple compliments this past week, and we greatly appreciate your kind words. This makes us strive to be better each and every day we work.

On the bright side of things with COVID there is some exciting news! We anticipate opening the Pool and Pub on Friday, June 5th full time! The Pool Rules/Regulations will be going out as a separate e-mail to members.

The Pub Bar and Food Menus will be posted below. Both are subject to change as we move forward.

You are welcome to place your order with the Bartender at the Pub. Limited seating will be available due to restrictions. Pub servers will do their best in trying to serve you on the Patio as well.

We are working on a plan of reopening the dining room.

Curbside Menu for this week is still in effect. Please note that as of this Friday, June 5th we will no longer offer $8 Lunch.

Next week's new and updated Curbside menu will be posted Monday. Please note that we will only run Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays Specials until further notice.

We are hoping to have a great start of the summer season, and we again ask you to be patient with us as we adapt to new ways of serving you. Remember that the SAFETY of our members and staff is our number one goal. Everything will go back to normal sooner or later. We can get through this together!

Thank you all!
Hours of Operation - Pool & Pub
Subject to change
Pub Updates
The Pub will start operating Friday, June 5th at 12 pm. Savanna Hubler is our Pub Manager this year. We are limited on certified cooks and, therefore, had to customize the menu in order to have some servers pick up kitchen responsibilities.

There will be two shifts each day of the week with an exception of Sunday. You will be asked to close your tab at shift change at 3 pm. We ask that you please be patient with us as freshly hired servers learn the new menu and the new point of sale system.

Signs will be posted on each point of entry signifying which way is IN and OUT ONLY. That rule does not apply to bathroom use. We encourage you to use caution and social distancing in the areas such as hallways, doorways, gates, and small spaces to limit contact with other people.

The Water station will not be available until further notice from the Health Department. Reuse of cups and refills of drinks are also not allowed. You will be served in a new cup each time. Reminder: outside food (with an exception of baby food/formula or special needs food) and alcoholic beverages are not allowed. Help us keep our license by complying to the ABC rules. The yearly inspection is due within next couple of weeks.
Restrooms Updates
A professional company has been hired to tend to the Pub's restrooms this season. The initial cleaning and sanitizing services have already been performed. Both bathrooms have been hot steamed pressure washed top to bottom. Multiple soap dispensers have been placed next to sinks along with sanitizing stations. Feminine hygiene units, urinal screens and air fresheners have been a great addition as well. Professional cleaning of bathrooms will be performed on a weekly basis. Lifeguards will be responsible for touch up cleaning at the end of each hour during pool hours of operation. We would appreciate if you could be more attentive to your personal items being left behind, as we will not have the "lost and found" basket available.
Something Fun!
We are super excited to finally be able to celebrate the opening of boating season! Please join us the day of the traditional flag raising ceremony to share the fun! Food and drinks specials will be offered. Stay tuned for updates on this special event.
Pub Menu
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