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March 22, 2024

Anchored in Surprises:

Unveiling DPHP's Dry Storage Price Hikes

Hi Boater,

Hold on to your lifelines. Your DPBA continues investigating an issue affecting all boaters, access, and excessive price increases.


The Dana Point Harbor Partners have notified many Dry Storage boaters that they must leave, allegedly because of the construction of the parking garage. The Partners have arranged to get these boaters new spaces at Dana Point RV & Boat Storage at a much higher monthly rate, which they intend to start charging all dry storage boaters, including those remaining in the Harbor. We have discovered that Dana Point RV & Boat Storage is a DBA of Stonehill Storage Partners, LLC. Stonehill (established in 2019), and the managing member is Burnham Ward Properties. (One of the partners of DPHP).


What makes this information important to boaters?


1. Lack of Transparency: Failure to disclose to the boaters in the notice that Stonehill is owned by Burnham Ward Properties, making it sound like the Partners had no choice in raising the prices for dry storage tenants in the Harbor.


Fact: The county requested that the Partners submit accurate data demonstrating the new storage rates reflect current market conditions, excluding the rates at their Stonehill location. The county anticipates receiving the requested market rate data from DPHP. The Partners Dry Stack Lease Agreement requires market rates.


Issue: Did DPHP plan to monopolize the boat storage market in anticipation of the revitalization and raise prices according to their idea of market rate?

2. Loss of County revenue: Is the county being compensated for the percentage loss of income from the boaters who move to Stonehill?


Fact: The county was previously aware that Dana Point Harbor Partners (DPHP) had identified an off-site storage location for use during construction within the Harbor. The lease grants DPHP the authority to adjust rates with a 30-day notice to tenants only, not the county.


Issue: Do ethics influence the operation of public/private partnerships? How does relocating boaters from a county-owned facility to a privately owned facility, with price increases of 40% to 50%, benefit the public?

Boater, if you are affected by this latest price increase, look around. Please write to Supervisor Foley here if you share our concerns about DPHP's lack of transparency and unjustified dry storage rate increase.

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May 2024 - DPBA Ice Cream Social at the OC Sailing & Event Center. Fun and refreshments for the whole family. Day TBA.

September 7, 2024 - DPBA 2nd Annual Poker Run and reception at the OC Sailing & Event Center.

More information will be forthcoming on these fun events for Dana Point boaters.

"Let our commitment to ethics, transparency, and justice ignite a fire within us. We're all in this together!"

Happy Spring.



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