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Pastor Fred O. Pitts
The Pitts Stop
The Sermon on the Mount

We just completed the DiscipleLIFE series, and I am grateful for the many positive comments about the 40 Days of Prayer as well as the self-evaluation we undertook this past Sunday. It's hard to gauge how doing something "different" during the sermon time will be received; based on your comments, many found it very helpful. We are compiling the anonymous results to help us plan for growth opportunities in the future! If you missed Sunday and would like to assess yourself, please come by the church office to get a copy of the profile or access the sermon from our website. [CLICK HERE!] You can download the profile from this same webpage if you desire. Listening to the message may help with instructions in completing the profile. 

This coming Sunday, March 4, I will begin an expository message series of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. Ever since college, this section of Scripture (Matthew 5, 6, and 7) has been one that has captured my heart and my attention. In this message, Jesus helps us understand true righteousness. In fact, that is arguably the prime purpose for the message. We often view this sermon as Jesus touching on several important topics of life--and he does. What we may miss is that Jesus gives us a principle for understanding the heart of God through the Law toward the beginning of the message, and much of the rest of the message consists of examples to help us understand what he is talking about! If we catch it, he gives us the key to understanding Scripture from the heart of God, and we can use this key to help us understand all of the Bible, but particularly the Old Testament. We will look at each passage of this message week by week, and I think we will see afresh why Matthew wrote at the end of it: "When Jesus had finished these words, the crowds were amazed at his teaching; for he was teaching them as one having authority, and not as their scribes." 

I hope that you will not miss the first message in the series this Sunday, March 4. A special guest will give us a special introduction that will likely impact you more than any of my subsequent messages in the series! Please be present--and invite a guest to be with you!

Passion Week
From Triumphal Entry to the Resurrection

The 40 Days of Prayer have been inspiring our people and we now we look forward with much anticipation to these future opportunities:

Palm Sunday

The Sanctuary Choir is preparing to lead our church in an inspiring worship experience which will begin on Palm Sunday when they will present the cantata, Amazing Love. Jesus' extraordinary love for others characterized His life and ministry. Yet, as He approached the end of His life, many were skeptical of His message. Amazing Love will walk us down the road to the cross, recounting the final hours of Christ's life. This musical by Lloyd Larson and Joel Raney uniquely blends original and familiar melodies in dramatic and compelling ways. We believe that all who attend will respond in a very positive way to the powerful claims of Christ that flow from the impassioned music and scripturally based narration. "Were the whole realm of nature mine, that were a present far too small; love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all!"  Jessica Clark will again provide the narration and the choir will be accompanied by a stringed quintet and a flutist.

Good Friday

On Good Friday, March 30, we will gather for worship at 7 p.m. This unique service will remind us of the events of Holy Week from Palm Sunday through Good Friday through the eyes of one of the disciples with a special emphasis on the sacrificial death of our Lord. Good Friday Worship will also feature special music that will touch our hearts as well as the taking of the Lord's Supper. This service will especially prepare us for the celebration of Resurrection Sunday.

Resurrection Sunday - Easter

Of all the teachings of the Bible, there is none more important than the bodily resurrection of Christ from the dead. The Apostle Paul declared, "If Christ has not been raised (from the dead) our preaching is useless and so is your are still in your sins."   (1 Cor. 15:14, 17   Our celebration of Jesus' resurrection is a victory celebration. It represents the victory of God over Satan, of life over death, and of hope over despair.

Our Easter service will feature a victorious message by Pastor Fred Pitts and our congregational singing will be enhanced by the sounds of a trumpet trio to signal the victory we celebrate. Don't miss this very moving service!  (11 am, April 1)
Adult Bible Fellowship
Spring Quarter Begins This Sunday

The New Hope Bible Study Group is taking a leap of faith, getting out of their comfort zone and expanding their horizon. They are a group of ladies who have been meeting together for about 20 years. Their current active membership is 26 and in addition to that, they have 9 on their watch-care roll. Last week they had 24 present which was  more than a room downstairs will comfortably seat. 

Therefore, Marion Donato will begin to lead a second group on March 4th and they will meet in the church library/conference room. Marion is a faithful Christian, well rooted in the Bible and with teaching experience. New Hope ladies  are invited to become a part of this "mission class" at least for awhile until it is well established.  Adult Bible Fellowship and Sunday School for children meet every Sunday at 9:40 am. 

No Perfect Church

Our spring quarter studies in the Bible will be based on First and Second Corinthians in the New Testament.  No church has ever been perfect, and we will be able to identify with the challenges faced by the early church and benefit from the Holy Spirit inspired counsel of the Apostle Paul who penned the words. 

Some of the challenges faced include unity in the church, upholding God's design for marriage, helping rather than hindering the name of Christ by our lifestyle, and having assurance of security in a turbulent world environment. Everyone is encourage to take advantage of the Bible Reading Plan in the front of their personal study guides along with the glossary of key terms which are defined and phonetically  spelled.  There is also a suggested memory verse to learn on the pages of each lesson.  A full color map is always on the inside of the back cover for convenient reference. 
Academy News

On Thursday,  February 14th , the Academy children celebrated Valentine's day with a nice party. Valentines were passed-out and delicious cookies and fruit were enjoyed. 

On February 20, Jakie from Vision is Priceless, examined the eyes of all 3, 4, and 5 year olds.
Heart 2Heart
Women's Ministry
"The Art of the Heart"
Guest Speaker Rebecca Fussell

Join us in the Fellowship Hall

Friday, March 23, 7:00 pm
for an " appetizer"
Saturday, March 24, 9:00 am
for the "meat and potatoes"

(Refreshments on  Friday; Lunch on Saturday)

Please reserve your spot for this  free  event

F o r more information, contact
Rosemary (904.703.7358) or Mavis (904.614.5615)
Nursery Schedule

March 04
Sandra Caraway
Louise Meade
Cindy Athanaseas
Loise Trivette
March 11
Janette Booth
Ashley Booth
Jeanette Booth
Joanie Steele
March 18
Brad Burnsworth
Linda Crosby
Polly Burnsworth
Linda Parrish
March 25
Dot Barnes
Betty Lee
Ruth Mull
Mary Perry



Eunice Muzzy
Marion Porter

March  04
Bob Booth
Paul Thoreck
March 11
Tom Walsh
Joe Blewett
March 18
Mark Hall
Brad Steele
March 25
Larry Sheaffer
Jimmy Meade

Vol. 5 No. 7 

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