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Vision Team Report May 20

Vision Teams are interesting. As a pastor, you have a general idea of what you might accomplish, but the process sometimes moves you in directions that are very important but that you had not anticipated. And that has been the case with this Vision Team. During the last visioning process of ACBC back in 2012, some wonderful and exciting initiatives were recommended and implemented. I have been truly impressed looking at the work and report from that last effort. 

While we also have some initiatives to share, God has led us on a different kind of journey, one that is more foundational in nature. God has led us to focus more on the way we approach the vision and mission of the church for now and the future. The vision we sense God calling us to embark upon is truly exciting to us, emphasizing more the philosophy of ministry mobilization our church will undertake rather than the list of projects to accomplish that will be included. 

It begins with a Vision and Mission Statement that has captured our hearts and imaginations. Our Vision Team has been meeting an average of twice a month in 2018, and we have spent much time--individually, together, and in subgroups--thinking, praying, and discussing the task given to us by the church. We will present to you our report on the evening of Sunday, May 20 at 6 p.m. We will serve a meal (as we did at the Vision Banquet), and you will not need to bring any food. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to attend. 

It is an amazing experience working with this group of people that make up the Vision Team. We have a great deal of excitement for the church, and I hope that you will be able to catch the excitement of months of meeting together in a relatively short report time. Be prepared with an open heart to hear our hearts as we share what we believe we hear God saying to us. See you on May 20 for our Vision Team Report!
Plans for our 2018 DiscipleLIFE Kids Camp are coming into focus. We will be offering this camp for children ages 5-12 during the week of June 25-29 from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. each day. (PLEASE NOTE: we had tentatively planned the camp to be one day each week in June, but we have made this change.) While the camp will offer an evangelistic emphasis, our focus will be on helping our children learn more about what LIFE IN CHRIST is all about. Simply put, we will remind them that disciples learn, disciples love (both God and others), disciples serve, and disciples share the good news of Jesus with others. Students will learn through Bible study, hands-on activities, games, fellowship, and take-home pages how a believer in Jesus is to use his or her head, heart, hands, and feet to grow as a follower of Jesus. Each day will be based on one of the areas of growth of a follower of Jesus, and our final day will bring it all together!

We need dedicated workers for this effort! To learn more about the DisipleLIFE KIds Camp to see if it is a ministry you can assist with this summer, please attend a Potential Worker Orientation on Sunday, May 6, immediately after Morning Worship in the Fellowship Hall. A light lunch will be provided. Thanks for your prayers and your help in this ministry. Registration will begin soon.
Fifth Sunday Fellowship Lunch

This Sunday
April 29
Immediately following
worship service

Everyone's invited. Chicken provided. Bring a dish to share.    
Hearing Loop Installed
Ancient City Baptist--First Church in St. Augustine

With the help of several members as well as a grant from a Jacksonville benefactor for whom we are very thankful, we are pleased to offer this helpful  accommodation.

Although a tried and true technology, hearing loops are relatively new to the US. Over the past few years the popularity of hearing loops has begun to dramatically increase. Although popular in Europe and even required by some countries in public places, in the US its use started in Michigan and spread from there in the north and then to California. Now the remainder of the country has come on board with the concept and Florida is beginning to see hearing loops  installed  in places of worship, theaters, and auditoriums.

Most people don't realize how common hearing loss is among Americans. The numbers are staggering to say the least... 11.8 million  Americans using wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and crutches. However, there are about  36 million  Americans with hearing loss! This means that hearing loss is  3 times more common than ambulatory disabilities! Hearing loss has acquired the nickname of the "invisible disability." Many people don't realize how difficult it can be to have a hearing loss and go through their everyday lives without assistance other than with hearing aids. Surely, we want to assure that this disability doesn't prevent anyone from hearing God's Word, the Bible, and entering into the joyful fellowship of our church.

We are prepared to make adjustments, just as with any new electronic equipment, but are thrilled at the prospect of offering an even better place to hear the Gospel than ever before. Spread the word and invite your friends who may take advantage. Most hearing aids make use of a T-coil, which works with our hearing loop. If you need assistance in activating the T-coil in your device, please contact the source of your hearing aid purchase.

April Remembered
Rod and Pat Foerch, Tom Walsh, Vivian Conner and Dottie Conners visited the Holy Land
Men enjoyed the Jim Lee Dinner thanks to Nick Athanaseas and the deacons.
Feed My Sheep
Begins June 7

Each year The Webster School gives us a list of those families who need help in providing food for their children. This year they have given us the names of 30 families who have a total of 90 children. What a blessing and opportunity for our church to be the hands and feet of Jesus to these children!

You can help by:
  • Decorating paper grocery bags with bright, cheerful pictures and Bible verses
  • Bringing food items to fill the bags (last year we distributed 240 bags of food.) The food items needed: spaghetti o's, ravioli, mac 'n cheese, fruit cups, peanut butter, jelly, graham crackers, granola/cereal bars. (Canned items need to have pop top lids.)
  • Give a monetary donation to Feed My Sheep and we will shop for you!
  • Volunteer to pack the bags. (Usually done on Monday or Tuesday morning in the Fellowship Hall.)
  • Volunteer to take the food to the school. This is done on Thursday afternoons.
We want to thank the New Hope Sunday School Class for decorating more than 100 bags already!. Our first distribution is June 7 and distributions will continue for 8 weeks. We are ready to receive food items this Sunday. You may drop these items into the baskets near the main entrance to the sanctuary.

Top picture is of Nancy Pacha, the one just above is of Yo Gentry, Judy Davis and Linda Crosby. Just a few of the ladies preparing the bags for food distribution. 

Academy News

Stretch and Grow with Minnie is a n exciting and healthy possibility in the fall for ACCA!  These 40 minute workouts may become a part of our program without any extra charge to families.  Re-enrollment is now underway and graduation is just around the corner for VPK.  If you know of anyone who might be interested in a very successful program, please encourage them to contact Peggy at ACCA (904-824-4256). 

The children have been very excited with the hatching of butterflies.

    Church Tours

Preparations are underway to begin offering tours of our church this summer. Our goal is to use the tours to share not only our history but our faith. If you are interested in this outreach ministry please plan to attend a very short informational meeting to be held on May 20 immediately after worship in the sanctuary. Questions? Speak with Larry DuBose.
Nursery Schedule for May

10:40 - 12:15
May 06
Cindy Athanaseas
Joanie Steele
May 13
Jeanette Booth
Linda Crosby
May 20
Polly Burnsworth
Brad Burnsworth
May 27
Ruth Mull
Dot Barnes


Dee Healy
Linda Parrish

May 06
Bob Booth
Paul Thoreck
May 13
Tom Walsh
Joe Blewett
May 20
Mark Hall
Brad Steele
May 27
Jimmy Meade
Larry Sheaffer

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