April 2017
Ancient City Baptist Church

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Don't Miss It...
The Passover Seder

Ancient City Baptist Church invites all to participate in a  Model Seder  event led by Jews for Jesus on Good Friday, April 14th at 6:30 pm. Jews for Jesus is an agency that proclaims that Jesus is the Messiah of Israel and Savior of the world. The late Moishe Rosen, a Jew who came to faith in Jesus, founded the organization. Dr. Rosen was quick to point out   that he did not really start Jews for Jesus. He said that Jews for Jesus actually got its start 2,000 years ago when Jesus' first disciples, who were Jewish, followed Him. 

Christians who observe communion or the Lord's Supper in their worship will benefit from learning about its very interesting Jewish history. Two of the most important Jewish feasts were Passover and Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement).  In Old Testament days these feasts were six months apart, but once in history they were uniquely celebrated only one day apart. That was when Jesus observed Passover at what we refer to the Last Supper and the next day he became the sacrificial lamb that provided the Atonement for our sin.

The Model Seder is not a meal that will satisfy your physical hunger so enjoy your evening meal before coming. H owever, t he model seder will satisfy your soul with rich Biblical truths that will strengthen your spiritual life.  Call (904) 829-3476 or email Larry@ancientcitybaptist.org if you plan to come so that we may prepare adequately. There will be no admission charge.

Each of these items will be served and their meaning explained

Jesus said, "I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer...this cup is the new covenant in my blood which is poured out for you." (Mark 22:15, 20)

                             Nursery Schedule for April 2017

April  02
Jeanette Booth
Sandra Caraway
Linda Parrish
Cindy Athanaseas
April 09
Dottie Rice
Louise Meade
Terri Wampler
Holly Wampler
April 16
Linda Crosby
Lois Trivette
Mary Perry
Joanie Steele
April 23
Brad Burnsworth
Dot Barnes
Polly Burnsworth
Ruth Mull
April 30
Betty Lee
Sandra Caraway
Jeanette Booth
Linda Parrish


  Greeters for April 2017

Carolyn Blake

Carolyn Calhoun

Sandy Merryman

April 02
Joe Blewett
Brad Burnsworth
April 09
Rod Hampton
Mike Doyle
April 16
Larry Sheaffer
Nick Athanaseas
          April 23
Ken Green
Bob Blake
          April 30
Mark Hall
Brad Steele

Cantata: Lenten Sketches 
Sunday, April 9, 11:00 am

Our cantata this year is based on sacred art. Each of the "Lenten Sketches" will feature an important scene in the last days of Christ's life.  Words and music will build a frame to cradle God's Masterpiece of grace. The great mystery of God's grace is so vast that no canvas can capture it and no song can fully express its beauty and emotion.  As we gather to reflect and pray, may our art be redeemed by divine purpose and our music motivated by the spirit of worship. Invite a friend to witness this beautiful and inspiring experience of worship.

VBS 2017
VBS at Ancient City Baptist
June 12 - 16     9 am - noon
Children ages 3 - 11

The setting for our Vacation Bible School this year is the Arctic and there's a flurry of folks gearing up for a real cool time.
God has given us the awesome privilege to invest in the young lives in our community.  VBS is an outreach that has proven itself to be an effective evangelistic and teaching opportunity to present the truth of God's Word.
The kids who come will discover the Arctic is:
  •  Beyond thrilling!
  •  Exciting to explore!
  •  Breathtakingly beautiful! 
  •  Full of treasure!
It just so happens that these words also describe the focus of our teaching - which is the Bible.  We want to provide these kids with the bedrock of truth which God has given to us in His Word. 
Transforming a very ancient church into Glacier Bay is going to take a lot of snowflakes.  It's not too late to join the excitement.  Contact Larry or Laurel DuBose if you can help.

Vol. 4 No. 8 

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Join us for an evening of fellowship and Bible study
Thursday, April 27, 7:00 pm
Topic:  Showers of Blessings
Fellowship Hall

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March 23, 2017
 "New Life"

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Ancient City Christian Academy News

The VPK (Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten) teacher is Cheryl Metsky.  Cheryl is completing her 3rd year at ACCA. Her degree is in Early Childhood Education and she had 10 years experience before coming here from New Jersey where she taught kindergarten.  Being so familiar with what a child needs to know in kindergarten is helpful as she now prepares her students for that level.  Cheryl is very adept at "teaching across the curriculum." That approach is illustrated best by these examples: While teaching a child the letter "K" for instance, Cheryl doesn't confine the learning opportunity to one concept. The sound that the letter makes is illustrated by saying the word "kite."  The children color a kite and observe that a kite is shaped in such a way as to possess two identical shapes, triangles. Cheryl has a stuffed Koala Bear and a stuffed Kangaroo handy to reinforce the sound the letter "K" makes.  Where do these animals come from? That's right, Australia. And, what else do they have in common. Yes, they both carry their babies in a pouch. No wonder that all the students already know all the sounds of all the letters!  Just like last year and the year before, these students will be more than kindergarten ready when they are evaluated. Thanks, Miss Cheryl, for a job well done!  

Our newest teacher is Caroline Cappucchio. Caroline completed her Bachelor's degree at Flagler College last year with double majors; International Studies and Youth Ministries. She plans to continue her education by attending a graduate school of theology. Caroline's responsibility for now is in the afternoon program.  Last year Caroline visited a mission field overseas.  This summer she will be going to Germany to re-trace the steps of Martin Luther in Germany and Switzerland.  We are so pleased to have Caroline as a faculty member at ACCA!

Caroline Cappucchio with afternoon children

Cheryl Metsky teaching VPK 

Larry DuBose
Ancient City Baptist Church