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Vision Team Report UPDATE

What a great crowd we had Sunday night for the report from the Vision Team! And what a great environment and meal! I am grateful to all those who came out on a wet Sunday evening, and I am so appreciative of those who worked for several days to decorate the room and prepare the meal for a special time together. 

The Vision Team shared three recommendations. You can get a copy of these recommendations from the church office. Let me briefly summarize them. 

The first recommendation was that we adopt a new Vision/Mission Statement and that we mobilize our church to achieve this through the establishment of five ministry-focused teams. The adopted statement is: "Pursuing Life in Christ with Passion and Purpose." Each word or phrase is important, and you can see it further explained soon on our website if you missed the report. It will also be highly emphasized in all we do!

The five teams would include all ministry functions that now are organized under our committee structure. Each of these teams would relate to a portion of our DiscipleLIFE process of growth in "head, heart, hands, and feet": 
  • Head: Education Team 
  • Heart (love for God): Worship Team 
  • Heart (love for others): Fellowship Team 
  • Hands: Ministry Team 
  • Feet: Missions and Evangelism Team 

We will also keep some of our existing support committees that deal with the administrative functions of the church: finances, properties, and personnel. The Trustees already do the first two, and the Personnel Committee handles the latter. 


The centerpiece of this mobilization structure, though, is the establishment of a Leadership Team. The leader of each team established above, along with the Chairman of Trustees, Chairman of Deacons, Chairman of Personnel Committee, Church Treasurer, and Pastor would make up the Leadership Team to help us implement and evaluate ministry initiatives and continuously help us re-vision in keeping with our Vision/Mission Statement. Meeting together regularly with this cross section of the congregation allows good discussion, communication, and coordination as we all work together to pursue life in Christ with passion and purpose. 


A final part of this first recommendation is that we officially adopt as our logo the stained glass cross that we have been using for a while now. This first recommendation was unanimously approved from the 72 ballots that were counted. 


The second recommendation highlighted many needs in our properties, and they were prioritized in tiers one, two, and three. These were identified based on safety, function, and aesthetics. The recommendation handout gives the categories, and much detail work remains to be done. The heart of this recommendation was that we conduct a Capital Stewardship Campaign to help raise funds beyond our annual budget to help pay for these needed improvements. Again, the recommendation passed overwhelmingly with a 97% positive vote for entering this campaign, which I would guess will begin in the fall. 


The final recommendation concerned the update of our church documents-the Charter and Bylaws-and the addition of a Policies Manual. Our team discovered that parts of our current documents are outdated and have not always been followed completely in the past. The team decided to offer updated documents. Knowing that there would need to be ample time to read and digest these, they were distributed on Sunday night, and a subsequent Q&A session will be scheduled for feedback before moving forward. You can pick up copies in the church office. Be looking for an announced date for discussion. 


I personally have been very blessed in working with this team, and we will continue to work in conjunction with the Trustees to implement the recommendation related to our properties. Our team consisted of Dorothy Barnes, Ashley Booth, Polly Burnsworth, Leigh Howes, Ken Mull (Deacon chairman), Hugh Peters, Cindy Pitts, David Sneller (Trustee chairman), and Pat Hampton (Secretary); I acted as the facilitator. Most team members shared some of their impressions on Sunday night for the congregation, and it was truly a team effort as we moved into areas that we did not anticipate as we sought to follow God's lead. While this brief overview cannot do justice to our report, we are excited about pursuing life in Christ with passion and purpose. That is why we exist!

Registration has begun for our 2018 DiscipleLIFE Kids Camp! We are offering this camp for children ages 5-12 during the week of June 25-29 from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. each day. While the camp will offer an evangelistic emphasis, our focus will be on helping our children learn more about what LIFE IN CHRIST is all about. Simply put, we will remind them that disciples learn, disciples love (both God and others), disciples serve, and disciples share the good news of Jesus with others. Students will learn through Bible study, hands-on activities, games, fellowship, and take-home pages how a believer in Jesus is to use his or her head, heart, hands, and feet to grow as a follower of Jesus. Each day will be based on one of the areas of growth of a follower of Jesus, and our final day will bring it all together!

We still need  a few dedicated workers for this effort! To learn more about the DisipleLIFE KIds Camp to see if it is a ministry you can assist with this summer, please contact Cindy Pitts or call the church office. Thanks for your prayers and your help in this ministry. 

For more information and for online registration, CLICK HERE!
You may also register in the church office.

Life Services 
Great Banquet and New Plans

Life Services has a new look and is taking a fresh approach--- a team approach to everything! And, they want you to consider being part of their team. Some teams need to be larger and Life Services needs a very large team! TEAM - Together Everybody Accomplishes More! On June 14, from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm they are having a volunteer training for everyone who would like to be a Client Advocate on the ICU Mobile Pregnancy Center reaching girls in need. Please contact their office if you would like to participate ( 429-0159). Training is required in order to be equipped for this ministry. If you would like to volunteer in other areas, the following is a list of some volunteer opportunities:

1. Client Advocates on the mobile unit
2. Baby Boutique manager/team members
3. Mobile RV drivers and individuals to become part of the "Pit Crew" for the ICU Mobile
4. Parenting Classes-teachers and baby sitters for moms with children
5. Fundraisers-people with influence or skill in fundraising to be a part of a committee
6. Intercessors-to be a part of a prayer team which will meet regularly for prayer
7. Sonographers
8. Baby bottle coordinators for every church
Steve and Lennette Deal (429-0159)

Academy News

Students in the VPK class of 2018 have now completed all requirements and have received their graduation diplomas! The children enjoyed acting out the play, "Three Little Pigs" and singing "I Am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made." Many thanks to Cindy Pitts for her work on this. Re-enrollment is well underway for next year but openings are still available.  If you know of anyone who might be interested in a very successful program, please encourage them to contact Peggy at ACCA (904-824-4256). 


    Church Tours

The history of our church has been researched and by
using our beautiful stained glass windows as introductions, those guiding tours will communicate our story in an interesting way. Our goal is to use the tours to share not only our history but our faith. Our plan is to give our first tour on the 4th of July when so many tourists will be in St. Augustine.  A good number of people have already expressed a desire to be a part of this creative outreach. Please speak with Larry DuBose if you have any questions or an interest in taking part.
Nursery Schedule for June

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