October 2017
Ancient City Baptist Church

27 Sevilla Street  St. Augustine, FL 32084
Pastor Fred O. Pitts
The Pitts Stop

What an initiation to St. Augustine! I have weathered my first storm! I am grateful to have seen the way our members have rallied to help one another and others within our community. Let's continue to pray for each other and look for opportunities to assist and bless each other. Let's pray, too, for God's grace as we face the challenges of the storms and the blessings of the calm. Let's seek God's peace in all circumstances, but let us move forward with courage and endurance.
I have been here almost three months now, and we (Cindy, Vivian, Serafina and I) feel that we are getting settled in. We are learning you and you are hopefully learning a bit more about us. And I am looking forward to us together discovering the "next chapter" of life as Ancient City Baptist Church. In a recent Trustees Meeting, we discussed the overview of a process that will help us discern God's voice as we ask him to speak to us. While the details are being planned, here is what we are hoping to do: around the first of November, we will have a Vision Banquet on a Sunday evening when we gather to dream together. I will share an overview of our mission as a church-a restatement of what we all know. We will then share dreams of what we believe God would have us achieve as we grow as disciples in this church in the midst of our own community. There will be an opportunity for us to brainstorm ideas that come out of our own hearts; each person can share in the group or around tables and also respond through a response sheet. A Vision Team of 8-12 individuals will be asked to work together, prayerfully seeking to discern that "race" that God is laying before us, using the metaphor from Hebrews 12 that I preached on recently. This team will study together and assess the ideas garnered from our Vision Banquet. The team will be asked to bring back to us a Vision Report early in 2018 for us to prayerfully study and affirm.
I ask you to be prayerful about this revisioning process. Ask God to reveal to us the specific ways we can reach out to and minister in our community and beyond in these days. We want to follow the lead of our Lord, and we want to do it with the strength that he provides. I ask especially that you would pray for me.
Pastor Fred
Dr. David Fort
Mission Connection
October 18-22

What task is so great that 46,000 Southern Baptist Churches combine their effort to accomplish it?  It is the evangelizing, discipling  and planting of reproducing churches among all the people of the world in the fulfillment of the Great Commission. To help us to know what our Great Commission dollars are accomplishing and how we can pray more intelligently and participate more fully, our local St. John's River Baptist Association will be hosting a large group of missionaries from all over the world in just a few weeks and we have the opportunity to participate.  

The first meeting will be held on Thursday evening, October 19 at Turning Point at Calvary when all 25 missionaries will be introduced.  On Saturday, October 21 from 10 am until 2 pm at Peniel Baptist Church in Palatka, each missionary will have a booth with items from their respective field of service.  They will be available to talk with interested people about their ministry experiences. Food and fellowship will be a part of this "missions fair."

On Sunday, October 22nd during the morning worship service, 
Dr. David Fort will be our speaker here at Ancient City Baptist Church . This is the same day when we will host the combined choirs. We trust that you will take advantage of these opportunities to learn, to be inspired and spiritually challenged.

Academy News
Recently the Academy students were introduced to chapel in the church sanctuary. Pastor Larry led the children on a tour beginning with how people conduct themselves in a place of worship. The next step was to discover the stained glass windows. Each child was allowed to carefully touch and appreciate the beauty of the stained glass. They learned that the first stained glass windows aided worshipers who could not read and used the pictures to learn the stories of the Bible. The images of the cross and crown, the Bible and the dove were identified and explained. The children were intrigued by the baptistry and concluded their tour by singing in the choir loft. 

On Friday, October 27, from 9 am until 11 am the Academy will celebrate their annual fall festival. As in the past, we will have a huge jump-o-rama, face painting, games and special refreshments. All parents and friends representing our church are encourage to attend. It's a great photo opportunity.

Care Fest
Care Fest is an annual event that is carried out in conjunction with other churches in St. Augustine. The message we wish to communicate is that Christ cares and so do we. It's a corporate witness to the community. Larry Sheaffer leads our work and the group got underway in advance of the official day of service on Saturday, September 30. In addition to helping people in our church, our workers serve in several other needy locations.

Young Lives
Part 2:  Report by Denise Inman

What are Young Lives StA plans for the upcoming year?  
To grow! While we all wish there was not a need for our ministry, the reality is the need is great. God has recently opened doors for our leaders to be in contact with more teen moms. It's not easy getting teen moms interested in coming to hang out with a bunch of women who are old enough to be their mom or grandmother and they don't really know. The girls attend St. Gerard Campus, which is a Christian high school for teen moms.  St. Gerard has always been open to leaders visiting the girls who attend Young Lives StA and will even bring those who are interested to our monthly meetings. This fall the doors are opening wider as three of us will be part time teachers of elective courses offered at St. Gerard, which will allow us an opportunity to build relationships with everyone who attends school there. We hope more teen moms will choose to join us for our club nights at ACBC.
What can the members of ACBC do to help support Young Lives StA?
  1. Pray. Pray for the teen moms and leaders. Pray those of us teaching at St. Gerard will connect with the students. Pray for their ears, minds and hearts to be open, and God's guidance for us as we lead them on this journey.
  2. Dinner. We will be meeting in the fellowship hall on the first Tuesday of every month from September 2017-June 2018. We start off with dinner and it would be FANTASTIC if an individual or group would like to help out by providing a meal for one of our fellowships.
  3. Nursery Workers. To allow the moms time together and a quiet room when the Gospel is shared, we provide nursery services after dinner. We would love to have three teams of 2 people to be able to rotate in child care with those of us who are regularly there.
  4. Donations for camp. It takes money to take moms and their babies to camp. We try to take them to both the January and Summer camps offered. Monetary donations are GREATLY appreciated, as are any opportunities for teen moms to earn money towards camp. 
Who does someone contact if they are interested in helping out? 
Denise Inman at 904-501-1000, (please leave a message if calling during business hours).

Young Lives StA Group

Mark Your Calendar

October 12
7:00 pm
Church-Wide Movie  Night
Invite a  Friend
October 28
5:00 pm

"The Harvest"
Cindy Pitts
November 9
7:00 pm
A fun approach
 to Fellowship
(This event was rescheduled after Hurricane Irma)

December 14
6:00 pm

 Bible trivia

For more information, contact
Rosemary (904.703.7358) or Mavis (904.614.5615)
Nursery Schedule

October 01
Loise Trivette
Linda Crosby
Terri Wampler
Holly Wampler
October 08
Dot Barnes
Betty Lee
Mary Perry
Ruth Mull
October 15
Brad Burnsworth
Sandra Caraway
Polly Burnsworth
Linda Parrish
October 22
Jeanette Booth
Joanie Steele
Cindy Athanaseas
Louise Meade
October 29
Loise Trivette
Linda Crosby
Terri Wampler
Holly Wampler


Pat Forech

B.J. Lee

Eunice Muzzy

October 01
Larry Sheaffer
Nick Athanaseas
October 08
Mark Hall
Brad Steele
October 15
Ken Green
Jimmy Meade
October 22
Joe Blewett
Rod Hampton
October 29 
Mike Doyle
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Pray for and Anticipate

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