Congratulations to our 2015-2016
Direct Donation Winners !!
  • Principal's Parking for Special Events:   The Family of Anish & Akhill Kalluri (Mrs. Greve / Mrs. Dunwoody classrooms)
  • Anaheim Hilton stay:   The Family of Marissa Walker (Mrs. Rotsios' class)
  • Panther Picnic Table:   The Family of Madilyn Truong (Mrs. Verdone)
  • Gift Card:    The Family of Lana Salem (Mrs. Shutler's class)

AHES Thanks each of you for your donations!
We raised $24,600 for our students!
The winners are all of our AHES students!

THANK YOU to our families who helped with their donations and Principal Mostafa for allowing use of her Principal's Parking spot and Table for events!
Anaheim Hills Elementary PTA

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