Ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Costa Rica with Praying Pelican Missions, networking with local churches,  serving in our community,  and connecting mission teams to  life- changing ministry opportunities.
And Then Suddenly...
Imagine running out of food in your home. Imagine having no source to get more food. Imagine crying out to God to provide.  

And then suddenly... imagine a group of youth and young adults from Immanuel Church, partnering with Praying Pelican Missions and an amazing local church arriving at your door.  The students, along with the local pastor give you a large bag of groceries including rice, beans, sugar, flour, tuna, tortillas, oil, carrots, potatoes, onions, and seasonings.  You break down at the sight of it all, knowing that God heard you and sent an answer before you even had the chance to tell another person your need.

That is exactly what I was able to witness this past week as my former youth group from Immanuel Church went door-to-door, showing the love of Jesus Christ.  This is being obedient to Jesus to go on a mission trip when it is easier to stay home.  This is a local pastor that hears from the Lord as he plans which homes to go to.  This is what we Normans are called to do, build a bridge between cultures in Christ's name.
Sudden Need Update
Two weeks ago we found out that we were not able to renew a large grant that we had received one year prior.  We sent out an urgent email to ask for help, here's a little recap of that need:

THE NEED:  Our current need was for $1,000 in Monthly Support.  There is no 
commitment too small.  We currently have people giving gifts that range from $10 a month to $300 a month. Would you pray and ask God what your commitment level could be?  You can make your secure, tax-exempt Monthly Gift  here!

AN INCENTIVE:  Anyone that signs up to give at the $100 a month level receives one free mission trip a year (excluding flight fees) to see first-hand the work that you are sowing into! 

THE UPDATE:  We currently have received 40% of the need in Monthly Support!  We are still in need to help make up the shortfall, so if you feel the Lord leading you, you can start your Monthly Donation here! 
A New Blog Update
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I have always been fascinated with fire.No, I never burned down a house or anything too crazy.  Being in Costa Rica allows me to burn things, like our garbage.  We have two side yards that are not technically  ours, but periodically someone takes a machete to them and lowers the weeds and trees so that [...]...ยป

Adios Uncle Kyle
After nearly a year of having "Uncle Kyle" living with us in Costa Rica, we had  to say "Adios."  Kyle has now returned home to Mississippi after being hired as a teacher at a specialized school for autistic children. 

We will miss his dance moves, building abilities, humor, Spanish skills, skunk killing, homework help, game playing, and most of all, his friendship. He will always be a part of our family, and we are so grateful for the time he was able to be with us here!

We love and miss you already Kyle!

Fruit from Four Years Ago!
Immanuel Church has now been partnering with the same local church, Centro Evangelical Zuriel for four years and have taken three trips to minister alongside of them.  One of the things we love to do when leading mission trips is to give a chance for the local pastor to share his heart, vision, and testimony with the team.  

Pastor Adolfo was doing just that, when he stopped and called for someone to grab the security guard.  The security guard walks in and Pastor tells us that this man is fruit from our ministry from four years ago.  Four years ago our youth team from Immanuel Church visited his home and found him in pretty bad shape.  His leg was causing him major pain and did not allow for him to walk correctly.  So we invited him to church that night.  To our surprise he showed up and we prayed for him.

Fast forward to last week, and the man himself tells us that that night when we prayed for him God healed his leg!  Since that moment he has been committed to the church and now serves as their security guard!

We were blessed to be able to take him a bag of groceries and pray for him once again.  He is such a humble and sweet man that loves the Lord!

This is a genuine partnership with a long-term relationship!  See what else the team was up by reading their Trip Journal.
Darrell's Update
Darrell is back home in Liberia, Costa Rica!  Take a moment and check out Darrell's DTS video that he posted on his blog showing his YWAM experiences.  God has done a huge work in Darrell's life and we are all excited to see what how God has next for him!

Nathan, Laura, Darrell, Reagan, Abigail,  Malachi  & Isaiah Norman