Norman Missionary Adventures
Ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Costa Rica by encouraging local churches & pastors, serving in our community, and connecting mission teams to life-changing ministry opportunities  with the local Costa Rican church.

Today is the Day!
This is the day we have been preparing for now for over a year.  We are excited to finally be moving to Costa Rica to reach out by investing in local pastors and churches!

We have sold and moved out of our home.

We sold one van, and by this Friday will have the second van sold.

Our storage unit is filled.

Our 18 bags are packed (not counting carry-ons).  This is the maximum allowed, three per person for the six of us (Darrell is flying June 29th).

We have said our goodbyes.  We have cried.  We have been blessed in this transition time.  We have cried again.

We have worked hard raising prayer and financial support.  Many have given sacrificially to see His Kingdom expand in Costa Rica.  We saw financial miracles happen time and time again.  

And now it is time to take to flight.

We have experienced every emotion possible.  Through it all, God has been faithful to point us back to our purpose and His reach the nations for the glory of His son, Jesus Christ.
Our Schedule the Next Few Days
Monday morning (15th) at 12:30 am:  we get picked up and shuttled to Newark, NJ.

Flight#1 at 6:00 am to Orlando, FL.

Flight #2 at 11:43 am to San Jose, Costa Rica.

1:00 pm (2 hour time change behind Eastern Time Zone): 
Arrive in San Jose, Costa Rica.  Pastor Warner will pick us up and drive us to Liberia, Costa Rica, a 3-4 hour drive.

Stay first night in a hotel as nothing will be set up in our home.

Tuesday, June 16th:  Move in day!

Thursday, June 18th:  Children will visit their new school for the first time.

June 22nd-26th:  Darrell attends his last Hopewell Summer Camp (he will be staying with friends from church the week after we leave up until the start of camp)

June 29th:  Darrell flies to Costa Rica
10 Prayer Points
1.  Strength.  We have been running non-stop.  We need energy!

2.  Joy.  Traveling can be stressful, especially with four kids.  Pray that we can all find joy in the journey.

3.  Luggage.  We have a lot of luggage and really want it all to arrive!  It is also costly to bring that many.

4.  Flights.   Smooth flights.  Fast flights.  And sleepy kids on flights would be awesome.

5.  Grace.  Pray we would have grace for each person in our family.  Change is never easy, but God is faithful to help us.

6.  Fun.  This is a huge family adventure.  Adventures should be fun, right?

7.  Safety.  On the bus.  On the plane.  In the hotel.  In our home.

8.  Smooth Transition.  Pray that Laura and I parent our children well in the this transition.  

9.  Perspective.  Pray that we keep the same perspective that Jesus had.  Souls matter.  Every soul matters.  

10.  Glory.  Pray that in every interaction we have with others, that it would bring glory and honor to Jesus Christ.
Thank You to each person who is sending us.  Your kind words, encouragement, prayers and support are not taken for granted!
Nathan, Laura, Darrell, Reagan, Abigail,
 Malachi & Isaiah Norman

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