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Welcome Back!

Enjoy this lively video of our dear new and old students speaking about how they feel about being back on campus!

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Prayer for Peace

Join us in praying for the peace of the Holy Land.

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Bible Live:

International Peace Day

On September 21st, we celebrate International Peace Day. Particularly on this day, we at Bethlehem Bible College always remember to pray for peace worldwide as there are wars in almost every country in the world. For that, we come to you today, dear Lord, as we pray for the peace of all nations, in Jesus' name. Amen!

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Peace Studies Students Swim Against the Tide

The Bethlehem Institute of Peace and Justice’s fall semester of peace studies is underway. Peacemaking is hard, but our goal is to follow the Prince of Peace in becoming peacemakers.

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Praise the Lord for a new, exciting semester. We have 19 new students from many backgrounds in our Biblical Studies programs. We pray that the Bethlehem Bible College family will shine the light of God to all of the students we have and from them to our community. 


  • Today we are having our last Board of Trustees meeting for the year. Please pray for a renewed vision, for wisdom, and good decisions, all for the expansion and glory of God’s Kingdom.


As September 21 marked the International Day of Peace, and as we are moving from summer to fall, and with all that is happening in Palestine – attacks, killings, confrontations, demolitions, and displacement – let us pray that this new season will bring peace and warmth upon this land and in the hearts of all our people.

  • As the olive-picking season is approaching, let us pray for a fruitful and blessed season. If you are currently living in Palestine, we encourage you to join in this great, warm experience of olive picking with Palestinian families. Check this video to understand better the importance of the olive harvest season in Palestine.
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