Gathering in Grace • Growing in Faith • Going Forth to Serve
Visit or on your Smart TV: YouTube Broadcast30, or Facebook @tlcbloomington or Click here at 9:55am Sunday to watch the live-stream
Altar flowers this Sunday were donated by Marilyn Erickson in memory of daughters, Sheila and Susan Erickson.
Rob Reid
Director of Music
Join Us at TLC on Sunday! 

Gather with your TLC Family this Sunday, August 9 at 10:00am as we worship together in the West Parking Lot. Bring a lawn chair and a mask, or just stay in your air-conditioned car and tune to FM 87.9 to listen as you watch the proceedings. This week is also the Blessing of Animals Service, so bring Fido or Whiskers to receive their blessing, too!

The Praise and Worship Team will lead us in several hymns and songs that celebrate the wonders of nature, including Canticle of the Sun, All God's Critters Got A Place in the Choir, As the Deer, and Let All Things Now Living.

Pastor Grace will preach and Pastor Arthur will share God's grace through the Sacrament of Communion.

As always, the Drive-In service will also be Live-Streamed to your home by Brad Nolte and his awesome Tech Team, so we'll "see" you Sunday, in one way or another!

Service will be in the West Parking Lot at
10:00am on Sunday, August 9
~ ~ ~
Come in your car and listen at 87.9 on your FM radio.
Bring your own lawn chair and sit up front
in designated "safe distance" areas.
Individual, sealed communion elements containing a cup, juice and wafer will be available from the ushers at the parking lot entrance.
What you should know:

  • Please arrive early, parking lot "ushers" will guide you to a parking space (vehicles will be facing towards the church west entrance).
  • Enter parking lot thru the Harrison Avenue entrance.
  • Tune your FM radio to: 87.9
  • Ushers at the entrance will be providing sealed, prepackaged communion cups/juice/wafers (gloved hands). If you're uncomfortable with contact, you are encouraged to bring your own juice and bread/crackers.
  • Bulletins will be available as you drive in by gloved and masked ushers. If you don't wish to have contact, please download and print your own bulletin in next week's TLC Weekly or view it on a media device. The bulletins contain entire hymns so you can sing-along.
  • You are asked to remain in your car for the service or you may sit outside next to your car in a chair you bring, or near the front in the chalked circles marking a safe distance zone. Please wear a mask and maintain a safe, six-foot distance from others.
  • If you live close enough to walk, bring a lawn chair and sit at a safe distance from others and wear a mask.
  • IMPORTANT—restrooms will not be available and the office is not open.
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Last Sunday, August 2, 2020
Estimated viewers: 210+
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The "Family" Photo Albums
Submitted to the TLC Weekly
The Reid Family

Lucy pup is a "Toller"--- she loves going to the North Shore to swim in Lake Superior no matter what the Season. She is the BEST hiker and will show you the safest route possible through the woods.
Grigio (which means grey in Italian) LOVES his Lucy! He also loves to play Scrabble in his free time. His extra thumbs are an asset for holding the tiles and also makes him a handy helper with projects around the house.
The Murray Thelander Family

12 year old Siberian Husky
Loves kids and singing duets with a trumpet Murray Thelander Family
The Mullen Family

This is Weezie. She is 10 years old and never stops purring! Her breed is fat house cat and she is very sweet!
The Mercer Family
A Schnoodle (schnauzer/poodle mix).

My parents are James and Beth Mercer and I have three siblings; Kenzie, Jack, and Ryan. Unlike all of the humans in the whole world, I am thoroughly enjoying this global pandemic. All of my people are always home and there’s plenty of snacks to sneak! It is somewhat laborious to keep track of where all five are in the house and what they’re doing at all times, so at the end of a long day I love to bury myself deep in the crack of our giant couch to unwind.
The McInerney Family

Our new puppy is Maya. She is a 5 month old Bernedoodle. Maya keeps Ollie, Maggie, Tina and Tom very busy 😊, but we are having so much fun with her. She has a great sense of humor too!
The Macdonald-Ockwig Family

❤️Please meet Toby! 
He is a 13 year old Jack Russell Terrier/Basset hound mix. He is a loving, curious pup that likes to snuggle! He was a rescue dog from the 2007 hurricane season.
His human parents are Russell Ockwig and Norma R. Macdonald-Ockwig.
We affectionate refer to him as “Bob Barker”, as he barks at every person and animal that passes our home.❤️
The Burla Family

Pet Name: Rocki
Breed: Cat-Domestic Shorthair Mix
Owner Name: Angela Burla
Special fact: Rocki is full grown, but she will never be any bigger than a kitten. She is 8-years-old and only weighs 5 pounds.
The Alworth Family

  1. Gretchen, age 2 (Representing the whole flock)
  2. Speckled Sussex Chicken
  3. Grace Alworth
  4. Gretchen lays light pink eggs and when she molts, her feathers come back more speckled.
The Alworth Family

  1. Dixie, 8 years old
  2. Brown dog mix
  3. Grace Alworth
  4. Dixie is part Carolina Swamp dog (yes, it’s a real breed) which means she’s is self cleaning! Mud and sand just fall right off of her!
The Alworth Family
MARLOWE & MIMI (not pictured)

  1. Marlowe and Mimi (not pictured)
  2. Cats
  3. Grace Alworth
  4. Marlowe is very social, affectionate, and has thumbs! Mimi, aka Basement Cat, is perpetually disappointed by her domestic servants.
The Alworth Family

  1. Teddy Walter, 7 years old
  2. Lhasa Apso mix
  3. Grace Alworth
  4. While his sister is low maintenance and self cleaning, Teddy Walter has to have his bangs trimmed almost daily and needs regular baths and grooming. His nickname is The Dust Mop.

In the month of July VEAP assisted on average 101 households per day (or over 500 households per week) at the onsite food pantry services.
In addition, a weekly average of 59 families were served via home delivery.
It gives us pause to remember that all of these households are in the TLC community and are our neighbors.

The opportunity for us to make a difference is as close as 9600 Aldrich Avenue South!

Donations from TLC collected at the retirement celebration for Renee Jefferson totaled to 158 pounds and 270 dollars. Thanks, Renee and to you who donated....

Neighbors helping Neighbors
9600 Aldrich Avenue South
Bloomington MN 55420
"Wood Lake"
by Vinny Bakken

Vinny is 5 years old and this is his first time with a camera. He was taking pictures of the lake and he noticed the garbage floating in the lake. We aren't supposed to put garbage in the lake.
Summer always presents TLC with its biggest challenge each year to stay connected with everyone. Now, through our new media website, TLCGo.Live, you can watch "live" (or pre-produced) services each Sunday at 10:00am; browse through the OnDemand section and its playlist of over 600 TLC worship services and events; plus a 24/7 stream page with special appeal to visitors. And there's a click 'n easy "Online Giving" tab providing a secure webpage for your offering or donations.

TLC Stewardship Committee
(2 Corinthians 9:7 - Each of you must give as you have made up your mind, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.)
The Bloomington Bird Lady is off this week.
TLC is closed to all visitors unless by appointment. It's important that we maintain this rule during the pandemic crisis. Spontaneous visitors, regardless of well-meaning intentions, may cause complications in the church environment or compromise the health of church staff or ELC staff and children, and, vice-versa. Any questions or concerns, please contact the TLC office at 952-884-2364 or:
Financial Questions in Uncertain Times?
If you would like have a conversation at no charge about your financial situation, please contact our Thrivent Financial Professional, Durk Peterson.

He can be reached at 612-702-5509 or

Since TLC's worship services have gone exclusively online, many of you have signed-up for online giving.
Besides being a great convenience for you, it supports and regulates the church budget.
If you have moved to online giving and normally receive envelopes, please let the church know so we can stop forwarding envelopes.
-a continuing series-
By Pastor Al Dungan
Half Year
(Part 2)
Captain, May I?
Captain, May I?

Do you remember the game Captain, May I from childhood? It was a simple game but it always included that request before a move was taken. Sometimes it was baby steps; sometimes “scissors” steps; sometimes bunny hops; sometimes giant steps. And if you forgot to utter those words, you’d have to miss a turn.

I talked about easy steps to begin acting out our Christian faith last time.

This time, I’m going to expand on that first, by letting you know that you don’t have to ask God’s permission for doing the right thing other than seeking guidance through serious prayer and meditation. God has already given you that permission through God’s many acts of grace.

This time, I’m going to challenge you to take harder steps. And these steps involve again, “Loving your neighbor”.

Jesus says to each of us who claim him as Lord, “Follow me.”
Now, early on in our lives, this probably meant attending Sunday school, Vacation Church School and, later on, Confirmation Instruction. Those were relatively easy things for us to do.

But, as we grew and matured, Jesus’ “Follow me”, took on greater challenges as we began to realize and acknowledge that there was much more to following him than just church attendance and volunteering for a church committee.

“Follow me” means opening our hearts and minds and eyes and ears to all that is going on around us. It means reaching out in love to the vulnerable in our world. It means finding ways to feed those who are hungry, find safe drinking water for those who are thirsty, provide more clothing for those who have only one set of clothes to wear, visiting those who are sick and shut in and also caring for those who are imprisoned (often unjustly).

“Follow me” is a really big job and it takes the very best we have to give. But God always supplies what we need to provide help for others.

It’s kind of like that time when, after Jesus finished preaching to 5000 people, he told his disciples to feed them. Their response was, “We only have 5 loaves and two fish. How can such a small amount feed such a large group?” But Jesus showed them that it could happen and it did. In fact there were 12 baskets filled with scraps when they were done.

God always, ALWAYS, provides what is needed. We need to pray for those things just as Jesus did and they will happen.

Don’t believe me? Just try it with what you have to share with others. You may be surprised at the result.

“Captain, May I? Of course you may.
Bible Study
with Pastor Grace
Wednesday at 7:00pm on Zoom
Join Intern Pastor Grace and other fun folks for an in-depth Bible Study. Bring your bible and your favorite beverage. Feel free to jump in at any point during the series. Email Pastor Grace if you have any questions or want the PowerPoint from Wednesday night.
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 960 1654 7916
Password: 891335

By Pete Erickson
Interim TLC Youth Minister

What: Dinner and Pool Party
When: Tuesday, August 11th
Who: High School Students
Drop off: 5:30
Pick up: 9:00
Where:  Sandy Stooke’s House 2815 Overlook Drive. Thanks Sandy!
Please bring $5 for dinner and drink. We will have Papa Murphy's pizza
Please RSVP ( to let us know if your student can make it.

  • This event will be outside and dinner will also be served outside. 
  • If you are sick, even just mildly sick, please do not come to the party.
  • If you have a known exposure to someone with Covid or Covid symptoms, please do not come to the party. 
  • Bring a mask as a precaution if you have to go indoors

  ~ ~ ~ ~

WHEN: Wednesday, August 19
WHERE: Meet at Dred Scott Fields (10820 Bloomington Ferry Road)
WHO: Middle School and High School

  ~ ~ ~ ~

Prayer of Examen - Thursdays at 5:30PM on Zoom
The Prayer of Examen is a regular practice that has 5 steps: prayers for God to open us up to examine the grace in our day, prayers of thanks as we examine the day, looking back on the day and naming where we saw God, looking back on the day and naming where we fell short in our relationships with the world, our vocation and family, examining the day that is coming - what are our hopes for tomorrow. This will be a 20 minute exercise each week and all you need is a journal or note pad. THE WHOLE CONGREGATION IS INVITED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE PRAYER OF EXAMEN.
Here is a link to join the weekly event (this is recurring, so this link can be used every week). Questions? Connect with Pete Erickson (
Hamburger Hot Dish
By Carol Robbins
  • 1½ lbs ground beef
  • 1 medium onion, minced
  • 1 cup diced celery
  • 1 10oz can cream of mushroom soup
  • 1 10oz can cream of chicken soup
  • 1 pkg frozen peas and carrots
  • 1 pkg chow mein noodles

Brown beef, onion and celery. Combine with remaining ingredients and put in casserole dish. Top with noodles. Bake at 350 for 35-45 minutes.
Please Visit TLC's Memorial Garden
Since 2012, loved ones who had their funeral or memorial service at TLC now have a place and a webpage on our TLC Memorial Garden website. Please visit these saints, honor and remember them; read their obituary, the bulletin and homily, watch the live-stream archive of their service, browse their personal photo album, and, if so inclined, leave a personal message on their page.
Visit soon:
Committees - Ministries - Small Groups
We want to hear from you! Share your stories with the TLC community.

Are you meeting?
How have you adapted your meetings to keep everyone safe?
What projects are you working on?

Send a brief description and some photos to and we will share your news in the TLC Weekly.

FYI, to date nobody has sent a thing. People, you really should promote your groups. Surely somebody has the chutzpah to get 'er done.
Do you ever need an extra prayer for yourself, a loved one, or a dear friend? TLC has a prayer team that prays often for members, their families and friends of the congregation. Send your prayer requests to or on the TLC website here. Your prayer needs are sent on to the Prayer Team and kept confidential – just between you, the pray-ers, and God. If you would like to be a member of the prayer team, please sign up on the yellow Life@TLC bulletin insert.
August 2020
On March 13, we transitioned our weekend food program to adapt to school closures and disruptions caused by COVID-19. Instead of delivering food to 250 Minnesota schools for direct distribution into children’s backpacks, we worked  together with 31 districts in Minnesota and western Wisconsin and other community partners to provide food at designated food distribution points for children and families. In order to meet the skyrocketing needs, we increased food output by 400%, delivering 100,000 meals a week to over 37% of all K-12 children in Minnesota.

Thanks to community support, we are able to continue to provide 100,000 a week to 140+ school and community locations throughout the summer. We have since provided over 1,460,000 meals and are preparing hundreds of thousands of more meals to continue meeting the rising needs.

We will be there for children through the ongoing disruptions caused by COVID-19, and we will be there long after to help stabilize families.

Click and watch right now. There's 24/7 programming representing TLC. Share with friends.
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