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This Dutch video on Trump has gone viral because, well, just watch it
The Dutch do it to Trump before he does it to them .
California Hires Eric Holder as Legal Bulwark Against Donald Trump
The NY Times
What does responsible opposition in the Trump era look like? It looks like this.

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Dear Friend,

When keynoters at the Boston Women's March looked out over the crowd, they saw this.  No wonder they spoke with passion. 

Women kept the peace and stayed organized amid huge numbers.  Men in power would be wise to take note.  But Mr. Trump isn't wise, and won't, so our work has just begun.  

What a crowd.  What a day.  What spirit.  What a way to mobilize for the next four years!


Sen. Mike Barrett
Video: "Not all Trump voters are racist, but all racists voted for Trump."
"Dr. King never held elective office.  He was the pre-eminent citizen activist of his age.  No institution commanded him to lead and no process vested him with legal authority.  He would appreciate our disbelief and discouragement ... he'd know all about those ... but then he'd summon us to do something ... whatever works for each of us, given the other demands we deal with in our lives."
Senate Takes the Oath
I recently took the oath of office to begin a new two-year term in the Massachusetts State Senate.  Thanks for letting me serve. Trust me: I'm there, right in the middle.
Jay Kaufman's Open House
Kickin' off the new legislative session in Lexington with the rest of the town's delegation, Rep. Jay Kaufman and Sen. Ken Donnelly.  Photo thanks to Lynn Bishop.