Congratulations to Teri Andrea' Pridgen (father and athlete) and Coach "D" Lawshea (coach and athlete) for winning the 2016 Coach O Father's Day Contest. Each will receive a Coach O Gift bag of apparel! Fathers and Coaches play an integral role in the lives of young children and youth athletes. Youth track and field athletes are afforded many opportunities because of the selflessness and devotion shown to them by these important role models.

Teri Andrea' Pridgen - Father & Athlete Winner
T he photo is a blended photo as this little girl's father passed away from a massive hemorrhagic stroke at the age of 42.  It was devastating for Teri who at the time was 6 1/2 years of age. Teri's dad was a track and field stand out in high school and at Clemson University in sprinting and field events.  Terry Pridgen introduced his daughter Teri to track at the age of 5.  He told me that "Teri can be a star".  I hold these words close to my heart as I now have assumed the responsibility of nurturing this amazing gift she has.  After the loss of her father and my beloved husband I have watched Teri do amazing things on the track.  She holds a Bronze medal in the 800m (2014 AAU Junior Olympics) and has three other meet records in the 800m in the state of NC.  She also has the heart of a champion and has won MANY races in the 200m, 400m and 800m.  Teri is also an honor student and is in the academically and intellectually gifted program.  She continues to excel on the track because of the foundation her father, Terry Antonio Pridgen laid.  - Gina Powell Pridgen  
Coach "D" Lawshea - Coach & Athlete Winner

My name is Johanna Lawshea and I would like to nominate my hubby, Darius “Coach D” Lawshea to the Father’s Day contest. Darius or Coach D, as his athletes have affectionately nicknamed him, is the head coach of the Miami Gardens Xpress Track and Field Club (MGX) and our team’s biggest fan and supporter. Many of the athletes see him as a more than a coach but as a father -figure that they can depend on. He volunteers countless hours training and motivating our athletes to be great; to believe in themselves and never give up on their dreams…his motto is #TrainToBeGreat and nothing less. On any given day Coach D can be found shuttling athletes to and from practice, providing them with a hot meal, shoes, clothing, assisting with homework and school assignments and even a roof over their heads without ever expecting or asking for compensation. He does day in and day out, selflessly…out of the kindness of his heart!    

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