BAM! Just like that and we are welcoming the twentieth class of LMT! We started the year off with our second annual Opening Retreat and Alumni Reception and Dinner. The weather and resulting horrible traffic, did not stop A LOT of alumnus to meet and greet the Class of 2020. The Opening Retreat theme was Humble Leadership led by Dr. Trish Holliday (LMT 2018). Ralph Schulz (LMT 2004), President and CEO of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce was the day one speaker with Rudy Kalis being the keynote speaker during the dinner. The Opening Retreat ended on Friday with eyes and minds focused on the upcoming first session in Montgomery County.

Thank you to the Opening Retreat Planning Committee Chair, Reggie Mudd (LMT 2013) for pulling off a fantastic retreat! THANK YOU, alumnus! You volunteered and supported our participants and they felt it! Cheers to you and the Class of 2020!
Above: Emily Mitchell (Class of 2020), Brenda Payne (LMT 2002), Carrie Brumfield (Class of 2020) and Gina Scott (LMT 2009).
Above: Crazy fun socks is what Kamadi Camp (LMT 2018) and Marc Pearson (Class of 2020) found they have in common!
Above: Carol Clark (LMT 2010), Sherri Ferguson (Class of 2020), Britney Campbell (LMT 2019), Beth Batson (LMT 2019) and Joel Wallace (LMT 2016).
Above: Carol Clark (LMT 2010), Andrea Goble (Class of 2020), Jill Ayers (LMT 2010) Board Chair and Kimberly Wiggins (Class of 2020).
Above: Jimmy D. Dugger (LMT 2009) and Ryan Jackson (Class of 2020).
Above: Doug Turner (LMT 2018), Alana Hibbler (Class of 2020) and Brigitte Tubbs-Jones (Class of 2020).
Above: Amy Sutton (LMT 2018) and Alisha Wix (LMT 2018) volunteer at alumni check-in.
Above: Margaret Brooke (Class of 2020), Jennifer Pagliara (Class of 2020), Dalih Suchet (LMT 2018), Carol Hudler (LMT 2018), Julia Baker (Class of 2020) and Todd Bowman (LMT 2018).
Above: Ed Cope (LMT 2015), Regina Medlen (LMT 2018), Michael Van Dyke (LMT 2015) and Courtney Vick (Class of 2020).
Above: Lee Rucks, President.
Above: Jill Ayers (LMT 2010), Board Chair welcomes alumni.
Above: Angela Jones (LMT 2018) gives a special, Class of 2020, invocation.
Above: Dr. Trish Holliday (LMT 2018) explains the "Humble Leadership" theme for the Class of 2020.
Above: Rudy Kalis, Keynote Speaker.
LMT Dates to Remember:

Montgomery County Session - September 18-19, 2019
Quarterly Executive Committee and Board meeting - October 10, 2019
LMT Alumni Fall F i e s t a - October 20, 2019
Robertson County Session - October 23-24, 2019
Rutherford County Session - November 20-21, 2019
Annual Holiday Party at Maggiano's Little Italy - December 3, 2019


Laurie Riley, (LMT 2019) has graciously offered her farm as a venue for a 2019 Fall Fiesta! All alumni, family and the Class of 2020 are encouraged to attend!

We are actively seeking to have more alumni events! Please be sure to mark your calendars for the Fall Fiesta and the annual Holiday Party at Maggiano's Little Italy on Tuesday, December 3, 2019.
Annual Appeal Kick Off - Starts NOW!

Keep an eye out for our Annual Appeal letter and pledge card to arrive via U. S. Mail the first part of September 2019. You may designate your donation to the Leaders Fund, a county session or the Annual Opening Retreat and Alumni Reception and Dinner. We are excited to keep the momentum going from the Opening Retreat Alumni Reception and Dinner. We ARE Inspiring Regional Leadership ! You may donate online through the link below or complete your pledge card and mail back via the envelope provided.

Leadership Middle Tennessee, Inc.