Another War on Gaza, yet another MA Graduate
We applaud the achievements of our students all over the country, especially the students in our beloved, wounded Gaza! But unfortunately, while these days we are celebrating the success of Raghda Al Najjar, an MA graduate, she is living another war in Gaza!

Bedouins, The Desert Dwellers
Bedouins are indigenous people of the desert and have a vast and rich history with unique traditions that are parallel with our great Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob).

Bible Live:
King David's Wells
In this Bible Live video, we remember the importance and the blessing of water, which resembles eternal life. It is available for all yet so hard to get. We pray that all humankind will have access to clean and adequate water!

Summer Camp 2022
"Discover Africa"
Children from Bethlehemwere taught about the continent of Africa, Kenya in particular. There was also art, praying, cooking, and sports stations. At the end of the camp, children donated some of their daily allowances to the people in Kenya. This was a chance to teach them about the importance of giving.
Please keep all the Children of Palestine in your prayers!
Who will be a peacemaker in a world broken by conflict and violence?
Want to join those who are working for peace against all odds? 
Desire to learn from international and Holy Land peacemakers?
In 5 days, the new semester will begin and the College will be lively again with our students! Please pray for each one of the old and new students, staff, and faculty - that they will have a great beginning to the semester. And may the new students find their call through Bethlehem Bible College.

  • Last week we had a medical team from the US who came for 5 days to help with the Shepherd Society ministry in the area. Please pray for God’s blessing upon the Shepherd Society, the medical team, and their ministry, as well as those who are sick and need treatment. Pray for our Gospel witness to expand in our country and beyond through this ministry.

Summer is known to be a hot, dry season, and here in Palestine, we have double the dryness as Israel continues to cut off water from almost all Palestinian villages. Please pray for an end to this occupation and suffering. Check the video to understand more.
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Thank You!