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Dear Soul Family,

Andean Medicine People Are Coming Back To Greater Washington DC! It been 7 years since Marco Nuñez Zamalloa, Andean Shaman, Founder Frontier Expeditions been in USA blessing us with the Spirit of the Apu's from Peruvian Mountains! He arrives on Friday Aug 2-11th, welcome gathering and conducting a series of Private Healing's, advanced Andean Cosmology Workshops,
SPecial Ceremonies In Nature, and Cacao Leaf Reading in Reston, Rockville and Woodbrige VA.

Don Martin Pinedo Acuña, El Condor an Alto Misayoc, which is one of the highest ranks in Andean Shamanism, a seer will arrive on August 22 to Aug 31 offering a series of Healing's, Cleansing and Private Cacao Readings in Reston VA stay tuned for more details next month.

Please email me to get on the list for 1 hour private healing. ( please note give 1 week for response will be traveling alot over the next month ). More exact details in next newsletter in July!
This year I am working again with the Andean Shamans to create an once in lifetime Sacred Reconnection To Pachamama in Peru Tour. I have added a special for those more adventurous and open to rustic accommodations deep in the Amazon Rainforest, a 4-5 hour boat ride up the Ucayali River to the Shipibo Tribe Village. Please feel free to email if you have any questions and more than happy to answer your questions. Refer your friends get a $50.00 extra to spend in Peru on authentic crafts.

Love & Light,

Beverly L Nickerson, Earthlight Promotions LLC Founder



Organizer Beverly L Nickerson, Founder
Earthlight Promotions
Questions Please Email Or Call
Link to Website Below More Details !

Flights within Peru
4-5 Star Hotels
Private Van Transport
All Entrance Fees Sacred Sites
40 Year Experienced Tour Guide Speaks 5 Languages
Indigenous Medicine People Ceremonies & Group Healing's & Cleansing's
Full Continental Breakfast
Not Included
Airfare from USA to Lima
Lunch & Dinner Approximately $10-$15 Per day

Payment Options:
Deposit $1,111 Secure Space
Payment #2 Due July 15 th
Payment #3 Due Aug 15 th
Pay Entire Amount of $3333 get 5% back $553 Sols to spend in Peru
Pay Entire Amount Extended Tour $3633 get $603 Sols to spend in Peru
Refer A Friend Get $50.00

Beverly L Nickerson
During month of June please give week for response on extensive travel.

El Condor

The Andean Medicine Men Are Coming To Greater Washington DC!!
Friday Aug 2 -11th
Aug 23 -31

Marco Nunez Zamalloa Master Andean Shaman, Founder Frontier Expeditions in Cusco Peru, Private Cacao Leaves Readings, Cleansing's SPecial Andean Ceremonies, Advanced Andean Cosmology Training, Speaks 5 languages Over 40 years experience tour guide

Marco, Andean Master Shaman is coming in town first on Friday August 2 to share his special gifts from many years of training in the Andean Mountains and in the Jungle of Puculpa .
Andean Shaman Marco Nunez Offerings over 9 Days:

Private Cacao Leaf Readings $165
Shamanic Cleansing's & Energy Healing's $165
Special Ceremony Sacred Place Sat August 3 & Sunday 4 th Rockville MD TBA
Special Andean Cosmology Workshop & SP Ceremony Sat Aug 10th Woodbrige VA TBA

Second Trip later that month!

Don Martin Pinedo " El Condor" Alto Misayoc, which is one of the highest ranks in Andean Shamanism. 
August 23-31 !
Location for private healing's readings Beverly Place
Reston VA. Workshops in Rockville & Woodbridge VA



Questions Email Roberta Reeves
Website For More Exact Details Click Below


Sitar & Sound Healing Concert
Dante Baker &
Michael Griska  
Sun, June 16, 2019
2:00 PM – 4:30 PM 
3415 8th Street NE
Washington, DC 20017

Join Dante Baker and Michael Griska in a rare collaboration between two sound healing musicians. Experience Michael’s Sitar and Surbahar with Dante’s Crystal and Himalayan Singing bowls in a sound healing concert. This collaboration is unique because both of these sacred instruments were designed to balance the Nadis and Chakras leading to deep meditation. In particular, the North Indian classical music play specific sounds to create microtones called Shrutis. When these Shrutis were organized, they would form a Raga. The Raga would act as the improvised melody to convey a sentiment. Loosely stated, a raga is a picture painted on the mental canvas of sound using musical colors to evoke a particular emotion. They can be very deeply meditative and healing. They can also be fun and exciting.
Once the sounds bath begins, allow the vibrations from these instruments to clear any blockages within the body and help guide you into the present moment.   
To Register Click Below

Let Go Of The Guard! Journey To Forgiveness

Costa Rica Retreat !

Sat Feb 15 to Feb 22 2020
Lead by
Beverly Empathic Medicine Woman

Violeta , Heart & Soul Journeys

Carlos The Clairvoyant Medium

Great spirit has orchestrated these three gifted souls to come together at this time to co-create an otherworldly, mystical experience in the pristine, pure and primal environment of the Costa Rica.

Imagine waking up to a sunrise serenade from the most diverse species of birds on the planet, being immersed in a lavish green rainforest with sweet mango's falling from the trees as free juicy snacks. Vast ocean waves surging and gently crashing on the shimmering black sand beach made from dark volcano rocks. Water you can fresh water you can drink from the tap with all the minerals you need and knowing all the fruits, vegetables and herbs are wild forested , organic and sustainably harvested, delectable, that tastes good and nutrient dense.

Sample Daily Program:

Sample Daily program:
Wake up with 30 minutes guided meditation followed by 30 minutes yoga/breathing exercises lead by Violeta

Fresh Organic Vegetarian Breakfast

Nature walk: "How to let go of your guard while tuning with Nature Spirits"

Sacred Circle: Daily theme related to the core of the workshop: "Speaking/leaving our Truth while on our journey to Forgiveness"

Shamanic Journey & Cleansing Lead By Beverly 

Free relaxing time / "siesta" - Hydrotherapy/ Spa option / Beach time

Private Messages from loved ones on other side channel by Carlos The Medium

Dinner- Fresh Organic Vegetarian

Sunset with a dancing/music celebration dedicated to Gaia's Peace & Love Energy

*Exact pricing, location more detailed itinerary TBA after I return from Costa Rica Exploration Trip in Mid July.

Presenters Check Out Their Websites:

Carlos The Medium

Violeta Heart & Soul Journeys

Beverly Empathic Medicine Woman

Beverly L Nickerson


For More Details Check Out Website


Carlos The Medium

30 Minute Reading for $100

Carlos is a naturally gifted clairvoyant medium raised and located in the suburbs of Northern Virginia. He has a sensational ability to connect with your loved ones in Spirit and possesses sincere compassion and maturity within his own life lessons. 

In his early 20’s, Carlos had to overcome numerous chronic health issues and experienced a near death experience which ultimately changed his outlook on life. It is from these life lessons and synchronicities that drew him to his calling as a medium.

What makes Carlos special is the genuineness of his character, grounded personality, and kindness he brings to every session with Spirit. These traits coupled with his raw mediumship abilities have allowed him to serve and connect with clients from all walks of life.

During a session, Carlos will be the messenger between you and your loved ones in Spirit. He will attempt to communicate with those dearest to you to impart messages of love, healing, and closure. He also brings to the session his clairvoyance ability, in which very accurate predictions and guidance about your business, love life, relocation and more can spontaneously come through.

Carlos is an ordained minister in Divine Metaphysics and is a
“Certified Medium” with the United Metaphysical Churches, headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia. He is currently a minister serving at Arlington Metaphysical Chapel in Arlington, Virginia. 

30 Minute Reading for $100
Contact Carlos:

" Back in May 2015 Carlos The Medium gave me a message that I would be working in a healing center in Costa Rica even before I had thought of going there or knew anyone I could go with! Now it see it coming true this year 2019! He also brought through a message from my father who passed back in 2001 that allowed me to heal some childhood hurts that have been blocking me from moving forward with having a committed relationship with a divine masculine.
Carlos is truly a gifted medium and clairvoyant who can bring through messages which can be life changing. "
Beverly L Nickerson

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