Anderman Ceramics bring their expertise
to two key events.
This month we will be at the Investment Casting Institute’s annual conference in the States, as well as Glasstec 2018 in Germany.

Come and find us. Even if you are not attending, you’ll still benefit when you next speak to us. We’ll explain why in a moment. 

First to the events themselves:

Investment casting and superalloys

The Investment Casting Institute’s technical conference takes place between October 21st and 24th in Kansas City. The event includes a number of presentations from keynote speakers. It also gives you the chance to talk to specialists like us. 

At Anderman Industrial Ceramics we have developed extensive expertise in advanced refractories for investment casting. This knowledge comes from our network of high quality manufacturing partners – a network we have built up carefully over the last 70 years. All of them have their own material and processing technologies. This means we can design, develop and produce a wider range of advanced refractories that:

  • resist contamination for longer
  • reduce scrap yields
  • produce better quality end products

We also bring new R&D to abrasives in the investment casting sector, specialising in primary processing. We will help you cut your superalloy waste bill with a bonded abrasive blade that is as durable as comparable blades but thinner.  

That’s a taste of how we use our expertise to improve your efficiency and maintain quality. Let’s continue the conversation in Kansas.

Meet us at Booth 111, Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd October

We joined the ICI as an affiliate member because of one of our customers. They said our expertise in advanced refractories and abrasives would add value to the Institute’s community. Our Managing Director, Dr John Verrier and Sales Director, Gary Hateley, look forward to sharing their knowledge with you on Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd of October. (Expertise is not the only benefit. There is a premium bottle of single malt whisky to be won. Visit Booth 111 and see if it’s your lucky day.) 

Glasstec 2018, Wednesday 24th, Thursday 25th and Friday 26th 

Come and find us on our collaborative stand with our manufacturing partner Carborundum Universal (CUMI). We have been developing and manufacturing advanced refractories for the float and container glass industry for decades. See how our hands-on experience will lengthen the life of your furnaces without compromising on quality.

Not going? You still benefit

When we attend these events, we keep across the latest developments in every sector we work in. Not only investment casting, superalloys and glass, but also cement and steel. Meeting other specialists encourages us to think laterally about the challenges you face – from downtime and scrappage yields to supply chain and product quality. And as we broaden our expertise, we can offer you even more solutions to these problems.

If you are not at these events, that’s even more of a reason to schedule a call with us. When we return we will share what we have learned. This could be the moment when we offer you a new solution to a long-standing problem – one that has been undermining your efficiency for months.  Contact us. Let’s see if we can solve it for good.