Andor Spectroscopy Solutions
Andor Spectroscopy Solutions

You may be interested in Andor's selection of spectroscopy products for your research.
Andor iDus 416
Andor Newton 970
Andor iDus 416

Andor Newton 970

Shamrock Spectrographs
Andor's new iDus 416 platform boasts a unique combination of very low dark noise and very high QE, offering unrivalled sensitivity in the near-infrared.

This makes it the ideal detector for NIR Raman and Photoluminescence, reducing greatly acquisition times and removing the need for inconvenient LN2 cooling.

Newton 970 offers supreme EMCCD performance for spectroscopic applications. It utilizes a 1024 x 255 or 2048 x 512 array of 26 �m or 13.5 �m pixels, with thermoelectric cooling down to -100�C, resulting in negligible dark current which provides unrivalled performance.

Now available with Anti-Fringing, back thinned Technology

Andor provides a range of
spectral instruments
suitable for a wide range of spectroscopy applications, from high-resolution UV plasma studies to NIR photoluminescence.

The rugged Czerny-Turner and Echelle spectrographs come pre-aligned and pre-calibrated for ease of operation and are all compatible with the entire range of Andor Spectroscopy detectors - making it the ideal modular approach.

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