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April 2018 Newsletter
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How Andrea can help:

· Sterilization review, design and implementation

· Basic and advanced chairside duties

· Clinical training system and manual

· Indirect bonding

· Clinical coordinator

· Verbal skills to encourage compliance

· Reduction of emergency visits

· Personalized clinical manual

· Inventory control

· Instrument set ups and organization in the operatory

· Implementation of your treatment plans

· Reduction of patients beyond estimated completion date

On the web

The 118th Annual AAO meeting in Washington DC is a great time to take advantage of discounts and rebates on sterilization equipment, cassettes, and instruments that you may need to update your instrument reprocessing system in order to gain compliance with the current CDC Guidelines.   In preparation, I am offering a complimentary webinar to help you evaluate your current system.  This webinar will review the current CDC guidelines for instrument reprocessing. We will look at the layout and flow of your physical space as well as equipment options for you to consider when making purchases.
Planning your sterilization area occurs several times. Please register for the date and time that works best for you:

A well-designed sterilization area improves your clinical efficiency and is a visible reassurance to patients that you practice the highest level of infection prevention for their safety and well-being during orthodontic treatment as well as gaining compliance with the current CDC guidelines.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

I am also scheduling appointments during the AAO to discuss your clinical and sterilization needs.  Please email, call, or text with a good day and time.  At the meeting, you can reach me at 253-332-3376.  

I look forward to seeing you all at the 118th Annual AAO!  

Implementing New Technology

There are many exciting new orthodontic "toys" on the market that will surely catch your eye on the AAO exhibit floor, but be practical as you decide what (if anything) to purchase and implement.  
It often seems that we decide on a solution, and then start looking for an opportunity to use it, or we implement technology or other projects because they seem like a good idea.  The result is often the "tail wagging the dog".
The first question you should ask yourself is "What problems am I trying to solve?  I often see new products and technology purchased, based on what may work for another doctor or from what the sales representative has to offer.  This may not be the best solution for you, or even address the areas you want to improve.
When looking at products and equipment on the exhibit floor ask yourself these questions:
1.  Will it improve my clinical outcome?
2.  Will it help me attract more patients?
3.  Will it provide a positive return on
Once you have found that perfect solution for your office make sure to get the following information:
1.  What is the implementation protocol?
2.  What additional equipment will be needed?  Are there specific
     sterilization instructions that will require additional or different
3.  Make sure to get clear, specific instructions so your team can
     use the product correctly.
4.  Are there any additional expenses?
5.  What training is available?
6.  Anticipated time frame for implementation?
Implementation is the next key and often the missing piece in really getting the most out of your new purchase.  Too many times, I see great tools not fully implemented (or not implemented at all) due to lack of time and training. It's important to involve your team in the implementation of any new products as soon as you can. They have questions and you need their commitment in order to be successful.   Another common complaint from clinicians is that "the doctor went to a meeting and brought home this new (insert product here), but never told me how or when to use it."
To help your team make best use of your new purchase they will need all the information on how and when to use the new product. 
1.  What is the name of the product?
2.  What is the proper use for this product or item?
3.  Who would be the best patient for this?
4.  What are the manufacturer's instructions for care and    
5.  What is the proper disinfection/sterilization protocol per the
     manufacturer's instructions for use?
Following the manufacturer's instructions how to use, clean, disinfect and maintain it will make sure the warranty will not be voided by misuse as well as put you in compliance with the current CDC guidelines.
If you do decide to bring a new item into the practice, I would recommend holding a meeting to train the team on the proper application and protocol.  This will allow the product and the team to be successful.  Sometimes an individual will find what appears to be a better way to accomplish a task, not realizing that shortcuts create other issues that may not be immediately visible. Remember, the product may not produce its intended results if proper protocols are not followed.
New products, equipment and technologies offer innovative options for our offices and patients.   These will require an investment not only in the purchase but also in team training for successful practice integration while continuing to meet all the standards for infection prevention and sterilization .   
With accurate information and thorough implementation many of the new products on the market will help you and your team "develop clinical excellence".

Double Holiday
T his year-for the first time since 1945-Easter Sunday fell on April Fool's Day. That's a two-in-one, folks!  The practical-jokey holiday always falls on the first day of April, but Easter Sunday's date varies from year to year.   And this year a prank or two could have infiltrated Easter Egg hunts.  That's right, when the Easter Bunny dropped off baskets full of chocolate eggs and Peeps, he may have also played a few pranks on you!                                                                
Hoping you all had a wonderful and prank free Easter!

Thank you for your continued support of my clinical newsletter.  I hope you and your team find the information useful.  Please visit my website and feel free to email me with any comments or questions. 

Andrea Cook
Andrea Cook LLC