Welcome to a special edition of Westside Notes. With the release of my recent book, It’s Not About the Sex: Moving from Isolation to Intimacy After Sexual Addiction (Central Recovery Press, 2019), it’s been a super busy time with a brand-new podcast, as well as upcoming webinars, workshops and conferences. The book launch felt like a big, loving, group hug, and I plan to do another reading in January for those who were unable to attend this time around. I’ve decided to focus this newsletter solely on the book—a passion project that’s just finding its legs.

Getting the Word Out

Although my publisher, Central Recovery Press, has been incredibly supportive and embracing of this project, it’s still a grassroots effort to get the word out, and word-of-mouth is one crucial form of marketing. I’ve also learned that Amazon Reviews are essential for visibility and credibility. It you’re so inclined, please write a book review on www.amazon.com. Today, credible reviews on Amazon allow others to see my book more readily. For example, below a book you’re buying on Amazon, you may see the following: customers who viewed this item also viewed . . . When a book has an abundance of reviews, it will show up on other pages in this way, and I truly appreciate any support of this kind you’re comfortable offering.

Book Review: It’s Not About the Sex
by Scott Brassart,
Sex and Relationship Healing Blog

Andrew Susskind is a clinical social worker, certified group psychotherapist, and somatic experiencing and brainspotting practitioner in the Los Angeles area. He specializes in relationships, sexual recovery, addictions, trauma, and mid-life transitions. After working with hundreds of sex addicts in his career, he realized that there was a gap in the clinical literature on sexual recovery. Lots of books and articles have discussed what sexual addiction is and how to overcome it — but very little has been written about how sober sex addicts can move forward into living healthy, happy lives.

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It’s Not About the Sex: The Podcast

I never imagined hosting my own podcast, but I’ve surprised myself quite a bit as I’ve been having fun and ease with the process. My colleague and college friend, Sue Merlino, is my podcast guru who not only offers her technical wizardry but is also in conversation with me as we explore topics related to my book. You can already find episodes featuring my colleagues, Leslie Quinn, LMFT (Troubled Couples) and David Fawcett, PhD (ChemSex), as well as a recent episode where I share about the evolution of the book. The podcast can be found on my website, www.westsidetherapist.com, as well as iTunes or Spotify. Stay tuned for more experts in the field as we continue to explore fresh-new ways to look at long-term recovery from sexual compulsivity.

By the way, I’ve also been a guest on two popular podcasts: Sex, Love and Addiction with Dr. Robert Weiss and Sex Help with Carol the Coach. Both episodes are also available on my website.

Social Media Update

Many of you know that I’m a bit technologically challenged so I’ve partnered with Mike Merlino (yes, Sue’s son) who has been helping me create more presence on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Again, if you’re so inclined, please follow me on any or all of these sites to help create more visibility, one person at a time.

Upcoming Appearances

The Man Rules Podcast
Guest with Dan Griffin, host

July 2019

Sex, Love and Addiction Podcast
Guest with Dr. David Fawcett, host

August 2019

California Society for Clinical Social Work
It’s Not About the Sex:
Moving from Isolation to Intimacy after Sexual Addiction

Los Angeles, CA
September 14, 2019

Group Psychotherapy Association of Los Angeles
Small Group Facilitator
Los Angeles, CA
Friday and Saturday September 20-21, 2019

Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health
It’s Not About the Sex:
Moving from Isolation to Intimacy after Sexual Addiction

St. Louis, MO
Thursday October 3, 2019

Addiction Treatment Symposium
Topic TBD
Los Angeles, CA
Friday October 11, 2019

C4 Webinar
Brainspotting and Sexual Addiction
Wednesday October 16, 2019
9am (pacific time)

Dr. Foojan’s Radio Show
“Inner Voice – Heartfelt Chat”
October 21, 2019, 3:20pm
KMET 1490 AM (ABC news radio)

Center for Healthy Sex Speaker Series
Topic TBD
Friday October 25, 2019

Feel free to come out and see me (or listen to me) at any of these upcoming venues, and I wish all of you a very relaxing and rejuvenating summer.



Summer 2019

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  • Upcoming Appearances

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