September 2022

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This month's issue includes:

  • COVID-19 case update
  • Beat the Labor Day heatwave
  • OCVibe stands to remake Honda Center
  • Latest from Anaheim Public Utilities

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COVID-19: cases keep moderating

Anaheim and Orange County continue to see moderation in new weekly COVID-19 cases after the spring and summer omicron subvariant wave.

Our city saw 453 new weekly cases for the seven days through Tuesday, down from 599 a week earlier.


That was part of 3,276 new cases across Orange County, which also were down from a week earlier when OC saw 4,026 new cases.

If you follow our weekly case updates on social media, in the weeks ahead we will stop reporting weekly case data.

After nearly three years, the move reflects where we are with the pandemic, with vaccines, treatments and testing allowing us to live with, and, eventually, move past coronavirus.

Should we see a winter surge, we may resume reporting. Data will continue to be available via the Orange County Health Care Agency at

Holiday weekend heat wave

We’re expecting continued heat Friday through the holiday weekend. Here’s what to know.

The forecast has moderated some with Saturday set to be the hottest at 100-plus. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are set to be in the high 90s. That’s down from a prior forecast of several 100-plus days.

Of course, it will still be hot. As always, temperatures will vary across Anaheim, with east Anaheim seeing the highest readings.


  • Drink water throughout the day, starting early
  • Close blinds, curtains and drapes to keep sun heat out
  • Turn on fans early in the day
  • Run air conditioning early to keep your home from getting too hot so your AC doesn’t work as hard later in the day
  • Use bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans to pull out hot air


  • Close blinds, curtains and drapes and darken rooms where possible
  • Use a box fan directed OUT a window to pull hot air out of your home
  • Use two fans with one bringing in cooler outside air and the other circulating it
  • For temporary relief, place a bowl of ice cubes in front of a fan nearby

See for city sites that can serve as cooling centers.


Anaheim Public Utilities has ample power supply. But in times of high heat and high demand, we can see isolated incidents, typically related to equipment issues in the heat.

We are and have been seeing spot equipment outages, with immediate response and restoration as quickly as possible. Teams will be ready over the weekend and on Labor Day.

You can find outage information, updates and a map of any outages at

OCVibe would remake Honda Center

A proposal for 95 acres of new entertainment, shopping and dining, offices, apartments and open space built around Honda Center and the ARTIC transit hub is set for City Council consideration in late September.

Known as OCVibe, the proposal would transform the area with the type of excitement and experiences seen around arenas and stadiums in San Diego, Sacramento and Los Angeles.

Anaheim's Planning Commission approved the proposal on Aug. 29. City Council consideration is expected on Sept. 27 and potentially again in early October.

The proposal calls for a new concert hall, amphitheater, farmers markets, a food hall, craft breweries and rooftop bars. Offices would mix indoor and outdoor workspaces, and apartments would include some 200 affordable apartments, all alongside plazas, paseos and park space.

Estimated at $4 billion, OCVibe is a proposal by Anaheim Real Estate Partners LLC, a company of Anaheim Ducks owners and Honda Center operators Henry and Susan Samueli.

Development would be privately funded with no city revenue, subsidies or rebates. We could work with the OCVibe team on federal and state grant applications for parks and roads that would benefit Anaheim.

OCVibe would be the biggest project in Anaheim since the late-1990s expansion of The Anaheim Resort.

It is part of Anaheim’s planning for the Platinum Triangle, the area around Honda Center and Angel Stadium of Anaheim.

The project is the result of bringing together properties around Honda Center and then master planning them for maximum benefit.

Road improvements and new parking garages with technology to get people in and out easily are part of the OCVibe plan.

The project’s design itself would also ease traffic that comes with any new development.

Ideally, someone could both live and work at OCVibe and not have to get in their vehicle for days. Visitors could utilize ARTIC next door, with a proposed bridge linking the station to the offices and apartments of OCVibe.

For residents across our city, OCVibe would bring new entertainment, shopping, dining and outdoor spaces to enjoy.

It also would bring new revenue that will help us fund public safety and community services.

If approved, we could see construction of parking garages start in 2023 with significant overall project completion by the 2028 Olympic Games, when Honda Center hosts indoor Olympic volleyball.

You can learn more, see full details as well as planning documents at

Keep your utility account current

Anaheim residents and businesses see great benefits from our city’s own water and power utility.


They include affordable utility rates, bill assistance programs for those in need, and, most importantly, safe, reliable and cost-effective water and power service.


When customers pay their utility bills on time, they’re helping to pay their fair share and keep our city utility ― and all its benefits ― going.


When customers don’t pay bills, others have to unfairly bear the cost of providing service to our community.


Beginning January 2023, utility service disconnections will resume in Anaheim, which have been on hold since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.


We don’t take service disconnections lightly, and it is always a last resort. But it’s important to address past due bills before they become unmanageable and bring higher costs for those who are paying their bills.


We understand some may still be experiencing financial hardships. We have options to help our customers reduce their balance and avoid the risk of disconnection.


Payment plans, low-income assistance, free home surveys and weatherization services are all available.


Learn more by calling (714) 765-3300 or visit

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