May 15, 2020
Tracking coronavirus: Anaheim responds
Anaheim continues to respond to the coronavirus outbreak.

We have declared a local emergency to gain access to resources, while every department is taking part in our response to the outbreak.

We provide daily updates at and on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

This email provides an update on where we're at and information we've reported this week.

We thank everyone in Anaheim for doing your part to stem the spread of coronavirus in our community and we want you to know that as your city, we're here for you.

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Anaheim cases: 652

Anaheim saw a few days of large increases in cases this week, marking a new daily high on May 15 with 37 new cases for a total of 652.

Anaheim's cases are out of 4,125 total cases in Orange County.

Many of Anaheim's new cases are believed to be at skilled nursing facilities in our city.

You can read more in the Skilled Nursing Facility section at

The county has processed 66,267 tests as of May 15.

Anaheim and the county are looking to get to 4,000-plus daily tests as part of planning to gradually reopen the economy (see the California Update section for more).

But, as more testing is done, we need to brace for and accept that more cases will be found here in Anaheim and across Orange County.

While we don't want to see any new cases, detection of new patients means they will self-isolate and be treated as necessary, which ultimately helps stem the spread of coronavirus in our city.

Anaheim's 652 cases make up 15 percent of the county's total reported cases.

Fifteen percent is four percentage points above our 11 percent share of Orange County's population.

Among cities, Santa Ana has the most reported cases at 683, followed by Anaheim at 652, Huntington Beach at 285 and Irvine at 149.

Anaheim and the other three cities are the largest in Orange County by population, so we would expect them to have the highest number of cases compared to other cities in the county.

A note on case counts: for Anaheim and all of Orange County, case counts are cumulative --meaning they are a running tally since tracking began.

So Anaheim's count does not reflect active cases, which are smaller. Thankfully, the vast majority of people who tested positive weeks ago in our city have gone on to recover.

Even so, as we gradually reopen more businesses, we all need to keep doing what needs to be done to prevent new cases. 
  • Continue to stay home as much as possible, even as more businesses reopen.
  • Carry hand sanitizer and, if available, cleaning wipes, when you're out.
  • Wear face coverings when out for essential work and outings, and clean your face coverings often.
  • Distance yourself from others at essential stores and when picking up food or purchases at curbside.
  • After essential shopping, curbside pickup or getting food, wipe down items entering your home and leave bags and boxes outside.
  • Enjoy time outside with your immediate family or household. Keep distance from others and do not gather in parks and other outdoor spaces.
  • If you're sick, stay home and be careful not to sicken others in your household.
  • Know the key symptoms of coronavirus and seek medical advice as necessary.
  • As we think about an eventual, gradual recovery, it will look much like essential life does today -- face coverings, physical distancing, washing hands and other best practices. The best practices we consistently do today will serve us well going forward.
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We are in this together and we'll get through this together.
Orange County cases

As of May 15, the Orange County Health Care Agency, the lead agency for coronavirus in our region, is tracking 4,125 cases.

Orange County has seen 84 deaths - the first of which was reported March 24 - from complications of Covid-19, the condition caused by coronavirus.

While any loss of life is tragic, Orange County's death rate is relatively low at 2 percent.

The county is looking to get to 4,000-plus tests daily as part of planning to gradually reopen the economy. 

Orange County is now at 66,267 total tests done.

The 4,125 cases represent a 6 percent positive rate, unchanged from the day before. 

That means 94 percent of tests are coming back negative.

We and others continue to watch Orange County's positive rate on testing, which is lower than other counties and areas.

You can read more about testing in the "Access to Testing" tab at .
California update

Additional businesses in Anaheim and Orange County can reopen with limits and safeguards under new modifications to the state's stay-at-home order announced this week.

Businesses that can now reopen with modifications are:
  • Offices where telecommuting is not possible
  • Childcare services
  • Personal services such as car washes, pet grooming and landscape gardening
  • Outdoor museums, open gallery spaces and other public spaces
These businesses join others that were already operating as essential businesses -- grocery and drug stores and others -- as well as additional retailers that were allowed to reopen on May 8. 

Anaheim retailers that were allowed to open as of May 8 for curbside pickup and delivery service include and are not limited to clothing, book, toy, music, sporting goods stores, florists and other retailers that can meet state guidelines and provide curbside service.

Manufacturers, warehouses and other logistical support for retailers reopening also were allowed to operate as of May 8, if they had not been already.

The May 12 announcement by Gov. Gavin Newsom marks the second phase announced so far in stage 2 of the state's four-stage plan for a gradual reopening.

Still to come later in stage 2 are:
  • Some dining at restaurants
  • Schools
  • Destination retail, including shopping malls and swap meets
Counties that have met strict public health criteria can be approved for what's called a "county variance."

That allows them to move further into stage 2 than other counties under the statewide rules.

Counties can also choose to slow down their movement through stage 2 based on their individual situation with coronavirus.

Only 21 counties as of May 15 have been approved to move further into stage two.

To be clear, Orange County has not received a variance approval. No large, urban counties have been cleared to receive a variance.

Find a list of approved counties here.

In order to be approved for a variance, Orange County would have to meet several strict public health criteria that include testing resources, hospital capacity and contact tracing. 

The criteria also spell out limitations on the number of deaths and cases we can see based on our population in a two-week period.

Read the criteria here.

While Orange County may not be able to meet these guidelines yet, businesses not yet listed can still prepare for reopening. 

We expect to hear more about how the state as a whole will be able to move forward within stage 2 in future updates.

You can read more about the state's road map to recovery here

Read more updates about businesses reopening at
Eviction moratorium, rent help

Anaheim has extended the emergency moratorium on eviction of commercial and residential renters through June 30, 2020.

Anaheim's Eviction Protection Program prohibits landlords from evicting residential renters and business tenants who are unable to pay rent due to loss of work, reduced income or health reasons related to coronavirus.

Tenants can qualify for a delay in rent payments under Anaheim's ordinance if they cannot work because of the state's stay-at-home order or because they are sick or caring for a family member who is sick with coronavirus.

Tenants must notify and provide proof of the impacts of coronavirus to their landlords by seven days after the rent due date.

Those who qualify would be asked to come to an agreement with their landlord on a rent repayment plan. If an agreement can't be reached, tenant will pay back rent in four equal monthly payments starting on July 31, 2020.

Read more here.

In addition, Anaheim's City Council on May 5 approved allocating $3 million in assistance to help struggling renters impacted by coronavirus.

In the coming weeks, we will share more information on how to qualify for this assistance and how to apply online. We expect the program to launch by the end of May.

For those that need immediate help, we're partnering with the Orange County United Way Pandemic Relief Fund to offer $500 gift cards for those who qualify.

If you need help, please reach out to the number designated for the City Council district where you live:
  • Districts 1, 2, 3: (714) 765-4500
  • Districts 5, 6: (714) 765-6490
  • Districts 3, 4, 5: (714) 765-5400

More details to come. 


Citywide tennis courts and pickleball courts opened today, marking a welcome step in Anaheim's recovery during the coronavirus crisis.

Anaheim has tennis courts at Anaheim Tennis Center on State College Boulevard, Pearson Park near downtown and Olive Hills Park in the east. Pickleball courts are at Twila Reid Park in the west.

These are the first park amenities to open since closures began in mid-March. Open spaces at our parks have remained open for recreation use such as walking and running with physical distancing.

For those visiting tennis and pickleball courts, please continue to practice physical distancing and wear face coverings when a six-foot distance from others cannot be maintained. It's also a good idea to bring hand sanitizer or hand wipes with you when visiting public spaces.

Refraining from borrowing rackets, paddles or other sports equipment from others not in your household is also a good health safety practice.

We know many residents are anxious to get back to using all park amenities such as playgrounds, dog parks and picnic shelters and we hope to share updates on those in the near future.

We are working with the state and county on best practices for our open spaces and will only move forward with a plan that is safe, responsible and prioritizes everyone's health.

For now, here's an update on where our other park and open spaces stand:
  • Golf courses: open
  • Hiking trails: open
  • Anaheim Coves: open
  • Tennis courts: open May 15
  • Pickleball courts: open May 15
  • Walnut Canyon Reservoir trail: open late week of May 18
  • Basketball courts, skate parks, dog parks, playgrounds, picnic areas: hopefully in the coming weeks, looking at ways to open them in a manner that encourages social distancing
  • Splash pads: no plans to open near term
We thank everyone for your patience as we work toward safely and thoughtfully reopening our public spaces.
Food resources

We know things are really hard for many people right now who have lost work due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Rest assured, nobody in Anaheim should go hungry because they can't afford to buy food for their family. The city and our nonprofit partners are here to help.

You can find a list of food distribution events throughout our city here.
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