June 5, 2020
Tracking coronavirus: Anaheim responds
Anaheim continues to respond to the coronavirus outbreak while we work on a cautious, gradual reopening of our city.

We provide daily updates at Anaheim.net/coronavirus and on our Facebook , Instagram and Twitter accounts.

The newsletter is a summary of where we're at.

We thank everyone in Anaheim for doing your part to stem the spread of coronavirus in our community and we want you to know that as your city, we're here for you.

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Anaheim cases: 1,248

As of June 5, Anaheim has 1,248 reported cases of Covid-19, the condition caused by coronavirus.

The figure is a cumulative, running tally since city tracking began in March.

Anaheim's 1,248 cases are out of 7,064 cumulative cases for all of Orange County.

As countywide testing continues to expand, Anaheim and other cities are seeing more new cases.

For all of May, countywide testing more than doubled. The county is at 148,371 tests processed to date.

On May 26, the Orange County Health Care Agency began releasing an estimated number of Covid-19 patients who have recovered countywide. That number is conservatively estimated at 3,021.

This estimate is calculated by taking the difference between the prior 28-day cumulative case count and current number of deaths.  

We do not have an estimate or actual count of those who have recovered in Anaheim.

But we know the vast majority of those infected thankfully go on to recover.

And while we don't get city-specific data on deaths, Anaheim is aware of 31 deaths in our city from complications of Covid-19, the condition caused by coronavirus.

Twenty-nine of those deaths have been at skilled nursing facilities in our city and were older patients with advanced medical conditions. You can read more in the "Skilled Nursing Facilities" section of our web page.

Our hearts go out to the families.

While any loss of life is heartbreaking, we are aware of only two deaths among the general population in our city.

Anaheim follows all of Orange County with a relatively low death rate.

Cumulative cases in Anaheim also represents a small fraction, 0.3 percent, of Anaheim's 360,000 residents.

Among cities, Santa Ana has the most cases at 1,386, followed by Anaheim at 1,248, Garden Grove at 394 and Huntington Beach at 359.

Anaheim is the largest in Orange County by population, so we would expect to have a higher number of cases compared to other cities in the county.

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We are in this together and we'll get through this together.
Orange County cases

As of June 5, the Orange County Health Care Agency, the lead agency for coronavirus in our region, is tracking 7,064 cases.

Today the county reports adding an unusually high 296 new cases. This could be due to a catch-up in data reported this week. The seven-day average is 169.

The county began reporting an estimate of people who have recovered from Covid-19 starting on May 26.

As of June 5, a conservatively estimated 3,021 people have recovered.

Orange County has seen 174 deaths - the first of which was reported March 24 - from complications of Covid-19, the condition caused by coronavirus.

While any loss of life is tragic, Orange County's death rate is relatively low at 2 percent.

Total tests done countywide surpassed 100,000 on May 23, with the total for June 5 at 148,371.

The county's 7,064 running cases represent a 4 percent positive rate of all tests done, a 1 percent drop from the previous week.

That means 96 percent of tests are coming back negative.

When tracking began in March, the positive rate hovered around 8 percent. 

We and others continue to watch Orange County's positive rate on testing, which is lower than other counties and areas.

You can see more on testing in the "Access to Testing" section of our webpage.
Relaxed parking enforcement

As all of Anaheim comes together to address coronavirus, we have been relaxing some enforcement of parking violations, including for street sweeping.

But now we need your help to keep your neighborhood clean! We are asking you to move your car again on your street sweeping day.

We started issuing warnings on June 1 and citations will begin on June 15.

For now, we won't begin enforcing other parking violations such as permit parking. 

But please note: We will continue to enforce violations that pose a risk to public safety and health.

Those include parking in front of fire hydrants, along red curbs, in disabled/handicap stalls without a placard, parking in alleys and in areas with road maintenance.

We ask you to do your part and park responsibly, be courteous to others and be mindful of public safety.
Relief for restaurants

Amid the coronavirus crisis, Anaheim has worked to implement several executive orders to make things easier for already struggling businesses.

This week, we implemented an order that allows restaurants to increase outdoor dining without the normal restrictions.

The action temporarily suspends the special event permit requirement and outdoor dining standards for restaurants to create or expand outdoor dining and use of outdoor space to promote physical distancing.

This will help restaurants reopening for dine-in service increase the number of customers they can safely accommodate and help them get back on their feet after a long closure. 

Restaurants looking for guidance can read more here.

Read more about Anaheim's new policies in the "Relief: Retail, Restaurants" section on our webpage.

We know many are eager to reopen more businesses here in Anaheim and Orange County, and we are working with the county and the state to make that happen safely and responsibly. 

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced today, June 5, that guidelines for additional businesses could become available as early as this afternoon. This could include businesses listed to open under stage 3, our next stage of progression in the state's four-stage reopening plan.

This could include gyms, bars, sports and summer camps.

We await final confirmation on our progress into stage 3 and will provide updates at  Anaheim.net/reopening and our city social media pages.

We thank all of Anaheim for your patience and look forward to safely welcoming more businesses back soon.
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