July 2, 2020
Tracking coronavirus: Anaheim responds
Anaheim continues to respond to the coronavirus outbreak.

We provide daily updates at Anaheim.net/coronavirus and on our Facebook , Instagram and Twitter accounts.

The newsletter is a summary of where we're at.

We thank everyone in Anaheim for doing your part to stem the spread of coronavirus in our community and we want you to know that as your city, we're here for you.

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Anaheim cases: 2,818

Anaheim is at a cumulative 2,818 past, active and recovered cases since reporting by city began in March, according to the Orange County Health Care Agency.

OC Health's new way of reporting cases, launched on June 26, breaks out more detail for our city and others, including reporting cases and deaths by ZIP code.

But, at least initially, the new reporting also brings inconsistency from prior numbers with significant revisions and changes.

This week, we saw three deaths in Anaheim, two of which were at skilled nursing facilities.

Sadly, Anaheim has seen 86 people pass from complications of COVID-19, the condition caused by coronavirus.

Anaheim's cumulative cases represent 0.7 percent of our city's total population of 359,339.

Here is a look at the latest data by ZIP codes in our city.

92804: southwest Anaheim

Knott Avenue to the west to Euclid Street to the east, and from Lincoln Avenue to the north to Ball Road to the south. The ZIP code is the most populous in Anaheim and has the most cases. It is also home to the most skilled nursing facilities along and near Beach Boulevard.
  • Population: 92,854
  • Total Cases: 753 with 22 recorded in the past day
  • Nursing facility cases: 236
  • Deaths: 30 with 27 from nursing facilities; one nursing facility death recorded in past day
92805: central Anaheim

Santa Ana (I-5) Freeway to the west to State College Boulevard, and from the Riverside (91) Freeway to the north to Orangewood Avenue to the south. The ZIP code has the second highest population and the second highest number of cases.
  • Population: 75,069
  • Total cases: 728 with 32 recorded in past day
  • Nursing facility cases: 64
  • Deaths: 19 with 11 from nursing facilities; none recorded in past day
 92801: northwest Anaheim

Western Avenue to the west to East Street to the east, Lincoln Avenue to the south to the Riverside (91) Freeway to the north.The ZIP code is home to third highest population and has the third most number of cases.
  • Population: 63,483
  • Total cases: 488 with 13 recorded in past day
  • Nursing facility cases: 12
  • Deaths: 10, with three in nursing facilities; none reported in past day
92802: central-south Anaheim

Euclid Street to the west to the Santa Ana (I-5) Freeway to the west, and from Lincoln Avenue to the north to Orangewood Avenue to the south. The ZIP code has the fourth largest number of people and cases.
  • Population: 44,456
  • Total cases: 325 with eight recorded in past day
  • Nursing facility cases: 66
  • Deaths: 18 with 16 from nursing facilities; none recorded in past day
92806: central-east Anaheim

State College Boulevard to the west to Tustin Avenue to the east, and from Orangethorpe Avenue to the north to the Santa Ana River to the south. The ZIP code has the fifth largest number of people and cases.
  • Population: 41,980
  • Total cases: 324 with 14 recorded in past day
  • Nursing facility cases: none
  • Deaths: six, with none recorded in past day
92807: Anaheim Canyon, part of east Anaheim

Tustin Avenue to the west to Fairmont Boulevard to the east, Orangethorpe Avenue to the north to Serrano Avenue to the south. The area has the sixth most people and number of cases.
  • Population: 37,119
  • Total cases: 99 with seven recorded in past day
  • Nursing facility cases: none
  • Deaths: two, with none recorded in past day
92808: east Anaheim

Fairmont Boulevard to the west into the eastern open space, from Riverside (91) Freeway to the north to southern city boundary. The ZIP code includes part of Anaheim's eastern open space with no homes and has the fewest people and cases.
  • Population: 21,603
  • Total cases: 46 with five reported in past day
  • Nursing facility cases: none
  • Deaths: none
Among cities, Santa Ana has the most cases at 3,061, followed by Anaheim at 2,818, Garden Grove at 823 and Huntington Beach at 717.

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Orange County cases

As of July 2, the Orange County Health Care Agency, the lead agency for coronavirus in our region, is tracking 15,065 cases.

With the launch of the new county website last week, daily reporting now reflects cases recorded from several prior days. The seven-day average of new cases is now reported as of June 24 and stands at 445.

The county website now also breaks out cases for those living in homelessness, those in skilled nursing facilities and those in county jails.

There are 1,197 cases reported in skilled nursing facilities, 403 cases among inmates and 108 among the county's homeless population.

The county began reporting an estimate of people who have recovered from COVID-19 starting on May 26. 

As of July 2, a conservatively estimated 7,862 people have recovered. 

Orange County has seen 354 deaths -- the first of which was reported March 24 -- from complications of Covid-19, the condition caused by coronavirus.

While any loss of life is tragic, Orange County's death rate is relatively low at 2.3 percent.

We've seen a large increase in daily tests reported this week.

The county now is at 248,028 tests completed after recently revising total test counts to include only swab current infection confirmation tests and not antibody tests, which only detect prior exposure.

The new website now reports tests by the date they were taken. So these tests are current up until June 30.

The county's new website now reports a positivity rate calculated by the California Department of Public Health.

As of July 2, the county's seven day positivity rate is 12 percent, up from 10.4 percent a day earlier.

The county's running total of 15,065 cases compared with total tests represents a 6 percent positive rate.

The positivity rate is a carefully tracked indicator by the county and state health officials, and is part of the determination of how the county is faring in the face of the outbreak.

Read more about state data monitoring here.

Another carefully tracked indicator, hospitalizations, were up on July 2.

An important note: the launch of the county's new way of reporting includes all 33 Orange County hospitals, up from 26.

Patients in hospitals: 556, up from 542 a day earlier.

Patients in intensive care: 193, up from 192 a day earlier.

Percentage of ICU beds available: 36.1 percent, down from 38.2 percent a day earlier.

Percentage of ventilators available: 63.5 percent, down from 64.6 percent a day before.
California, Orange County update 

Orange County and the state of California are out with new restrictions for restaurants, bars and other businesses here in Anaheim and across the county and state.

Most involve shutting down indoor service while allowing service outdoors, where the risk of coronavirus spread is lower. The exception is for businesses that solely serve alcohol, which must completely close for in-person services.

Orange County

Bars, breweries, pubs and winebars that do not offer dine-in food service from an onsite kitchen are required to close as of July 2 and until further notice.

That includes all such businesses here in Anaheim.

For restaurants with alcohol service, drinks can only be served with meals.

Breweries and others that have been offering to-go service can continue to do so.

Separately, Orange County now again requires the wearing of face coverings in public in accordance with California's guidelines.

As of June 30, Anaheim also requires wearing a face covering in public in accordance with California guidelines.

County-run beaches and parking lots will be closed July 4-5, and many city-run beaches in Orange County are also closed for the holiday weekend.


California is out with several new restrictions.

They took effect July 1 and continue at least through July 22, pending an update from the state.
  • All bars and other businesses focused solely on selling alcohol must close other than to-go service.
  • Restaurants must cease indoor dining and only offer outdoor service, takeout and delivery.
  • Indoor movie theaters must close down again; drive-in theaters and outdoor movie showings would still be allowed.
  • Family entertainment centers, such as miniature golf, batting cages, bowling and arcades must close indoor operations and only offer outdoor activities where possible.
  • While all museums were previously allowed to open, now only those with outdoor spaces can open; indoor museums must close.
Also ordered to close, though not relevant to Anaheim, are zoos and card rooms.

California beaches in Orange County will also close to deter large beach gatherings.
Fourth of July 

We wish everyone a happy Fourth of July.

Just as with birthdays, graduations and other holidays, the Fourth of July will be different this year.

Because of rising coronavirus cases and California's stay-at-home order, we cannot gather beyond our immediate family or household this year.

That means no big barbecues, public fireworks displays or other large get-togethers.

And we can't have large gatherings in Anaheim's parks.

You're welcome to enjoy the open spaces of our parks for walks, tossing a ball or small gatherings with your immediate family or household.

But our playgrounds and picnic areas remain closed per California's stay-at-home order.

Starting Thursday, you'll find park parking lots closed. That is to discourage large gatherings.

Our park rangers will be on hand to share with everyone why we can't have large gatherings in parks.

We encourage everyone to celebrate in their own special, if not smaller way, this year.

We know nothing about this is easy or fun. But we thank you for doing your part to help stem the spread of cases here in Anaheim.

And please, as with every Fourth of July, be considerate of your neighbors and do not use illegal fireworks.

Only safe and sane fireworks are allowed in Anaheim and they can only be used on July 4 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

No fireworks of any kind are allowed east of the Costa Mesa (55) Freeway and south of the Riverside (91) Freeway.

To report illegal fireworks use, please visit Anaheim.net/ReportFireworks or call (714) 765-1900.
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