March 5, 2021
Anaheim continues to respond to the coronavirus outbreak with vaccines, testing, community assistance and daily updates at and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The newsletter is a weekly summary. This week's issue includes:

  • Anaheim and OC case update
  • Major theme parks, baseball update
  • Vaccines
  • Emergency Rental Assistance Program
  • Fight COVID: at places of worship

We thank everyone in Anaheim for doing your part to stem the spread of coronavirus in our community, and we want you to know that as your city, we're here for you.

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Anaheim Cases: 41,010
We continue to see a downward trend in new COVID-19 cases in Anaheim and Orange County as we overcome the winter surge. 

The rate of spread continues to drop each week, which is encouraging.

And we expect to see additional reopening efforts in the coming weeks, based on our decreasing positivity and case rates in Orange County.

It's important we continue to fight COVID in all we do so we can finally get past this pandemic together.

Anaheim saw an increase of 177 cases in the seven days from Feb. 27-March 5, while Orange County saw 1,389 new cases in that time. 

Anaheim is at a cumulative 41,010 cases, with 5,242 among children. 

Orange County is at a cumulative 247,372 cases, with 25,657 among children.

Sadly, Anaheim has seen 724 people pass from complications of COVID-19, the condition caused by coronavirus. The county has seen a total of 4,075 deaths.

Our hearts go out to the families who have lost someone dear to them.

The county has processed a total of 3,093,542 polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, tests, the standard for diagnosing COVID-19 cases.

Anaheim and Orange County remain in the purple Tier 1, the most restrictive in the state's color-coded reopening framework, though red Tier 2 is in reach.

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The county's current case rate is 7.6 per 100,000 residents.

The county's current positivity rate is 3.9 percent.

To move to red Tier 2, we must meet the metrics for two weeks. That means the case rate must be below 7 per 100,000 and the positivity rate must be below 8 percent.

The health equity metric must also be in line with these criteria.

The county's current positivity rate among our harder-hit, low-income communities is 5 percent.

We continue to dispense vaccines in our city and county at Anaheim's large POD sites and mobile clinics in harder-hit areas.

In our data below we now include the percent of eligible residents who have been vaccinated based on county data. Note that this data is incomplete, as it does not include those vaccinated outside the county system.

See more on vaccines below.

Here's a look at the latest data by ZIP codes in our city.

92804: southwest Anaheim

Knott Avenue to the west to Euclid Street to the east, and from Lincoln Avenue to the north to Ball Road to the south. The ZIP code is the most populous in Anaheim. It is also home to the most skilled nursing facilities along and near Beach Boulevard.

  • Population: 92,854
  • Total Cases: 10,051
  • Nursing facility cases: 663
  • Deaths: 256 with 128 from nursing facilities
  • Seven-day positivity rate: 4.9 percent, down from 6.6 percent the week prior
  • Seven-day case rate: 8.3, down from 14.2 the week prior
  • Seniors (65+) vaccinated: 20.3 percent

92805: central Anaheim

Santa Ana (I-5) Freeway to the west to State College Boulevard, and from the Riverside (91) Freeway to the north to Orangewood Avenue to the south. The ZIP code has the second highest population.

  • Population: 75,069
  • Total Cases: 9,689
  • Nursing facility cases: 104
  • Deaths: 133 with 20 from nursing facilities
  • Seven-day positivity rate: 5 percent, down from 6.9 percent the week prior
  • Seven-day case rate: 9.5, down from 14.5 the week prior
  • Seniors (65+) vaccinated: 25.6 percent

92801: northwest Anaheim

Western Avenue to the west to East Street to the east, Lincoln Avenue to the south to the Riverside (91) Freeway to the north. The ZIP code is home to third highest population.

  • Population: 63,483
  • Total cases: 7,556
  • Nursing facility cases: 146
  • Deaths: 126 with 33 from nursing facilities
  • Seven-day positivity rate: 6.4 percent, down from 7.2 percent the week prior
  • Seven-day case rate: 11.9, down from 17.6 the week prior
  • Seniors (65+) vaccinated: 20.7 percent

92802: central-south Anaheim

Euclid Street to the west to the Santa Ana (I-5) Freeway to the west, and from Lincoln Avenue to the north to Orangewood Avenue to the south. The ZIP code has the fourth largest number of people.

  • Population: 44,456
  • Total cases: 5,253
  • Nursing facility cases: 171
  • Deaths: 102 with 43 from nursing facilities
  • Seven-day positivity rate: 5.9 percent, down from 6.4 percent the week prior
  • Seven-day case rate: 11.2, down from 17 the week prior
  • Seniors (65+) vaccinated: 24.5 percent

92806: central-east Anaheim

State College Boulevard to the west to Tustin Avenue to the east, and from Orangethorpe Avenue to the north to the Santa Ana River to the south. The ZIP code has the fifth largest number of people.

  • Population: 41,980
  • Total cases: 4,475
  • Nursing facility cases: none
  • Deaths: 47
  • Seven-day positivity rate: 2.9 percent, down from 4.7 percent the week prior
  • Seven-day case rate: 8.8, down from 16.7 the week prior
  • Seniors (65+) vaccinated: 23.9 percent

92807: Anaheim Canyon, part of east Anaheim

Tustin Avenue to the west to Fairmont Boulevard to the east, Orangethorpe Avenue to the north to Serrano Avenue to the south. The area has the sixth most people.

  • Population: 37,119
  • Total cases: 2,554
  • Nursing facility cases: none
  • Deaths: 41
  • Seven-day positivity rate: 4.6 percent, up from 4.4 percent the week prior
  • Seven-day case rate: 8.4, down from 12.7 the week prior
  • Seniors (65+) vaccinated: 30.2 percent

92808: east Anaheim

Fairmont Boulevard to the west into the eastern open space, from Riverside (91) Freeway to the north to southern city boundary. The ZIP code includes part of Anaheim's eastern open space with no homes and has the fewest people.

  • Population: 21,603
  • Total cases: 1,197
  • Nursing facility cases: none
  • Deaths: 14
  • Seven-day positivity rate: 5.3 percent, up from 4 percent the week prior
  • Seven-day case rate: 7.9, up from 7.3 the week prior
  • Seniors (65+) vaccinated: 32.7 percent

Among cities, Santa Ana has the most cumulative cases at 44,122, followed by Anaheim at 41,010, Garden Grove at 16,197, Orange at 11,576 and Fullerton at 11,075. 

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Major theme parks, baseball update
Today state officials announced that, effective April 1, theme parks and live outdoor events can open for outdoor operations at limited capacity in red Tier 2.

Orange County is on track to move from purple tier to the less restrictive red tier in coming weeks, if lowering case trends hold.

That means Disneyland and Disney California Adventure could reopen as early as April 1 with 15 percent capacity, in-state attendees only, weekly employee testing and other modifications.

And it means we could be able to have Opening Day at Angel Stadium of Anaheim on April 1 with in-state fans at 20 percent capacity in the stands, along with other modifications.

The new guidelines includes requirements for weekly employee testing and limit attendance to local California residents.

There would be capacity and time limits for anything indoors and concessions at baseball games would likely be limited to in-seat.

Restrictions would be further eased as we move into the orange and yellow tiers of the state's reopening framework.

We look to more concrete details about these reopening guidelines in coming weeks and will share more updates as we get them.

Read full details of the new reopening framework here. Read the state press release here.

With cases going down and more vaccinations coming to our community, this is a welcome sign of brighter days ahead for local working families that need the jobs provided by Anaheim's entertainment venues.

Disneyland and Angels Baseball have been preparing for this day for months, adding in various safety and health precautions to responsibly welcome people back.

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Read more on business reopening at
Vaccines: Anaheim surpasses 210,000 shots given
This week we surpassed 210,000 vaccines given at Anaheim's two large PODs, or points of dispensing, sites at Disneyland and Anaheim Convention Center.

Those who have received vaccines fall into what's known as Phase 1A, which includes those 65 and older, first responders and healthcare workers. The numbers also account for first and second doses of two-shot vaccines Pfizer and Moderna.

According to data released this week by the county of Orange, about 25 percent of eligible Anaheim residents have been vaccinated through the county POD sites.

You can find a detailed map of vaccines given by ZIP code here.

Note: This map is based purely on data from the Othena system and does not include those who have received a vaccine at a pharmacy, hospital, doctor's office or through their employer.

As of March 1, a total of 734,297 vaccine doses have been administered in Orange County at POD sites, local hospitals and pharmacies, according to the California Immunization Registry. About half of those people have received both doses.

Find a weekly dashboard showing the total vaccines given in Orange County here.

Johnson & Johnson vaccine

This past weekend, the Food and Drug Administration, along with the state's vaccine task force, authorized the use of the single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

We are scheduled to begin receiving doses of this new vaccine next week here in Anaheim and Orange County.

There's been a lot of talk about the J&J vaccine. While we understand concerns raised about overall efficacy compared with other vaccines on the market, the J&J vaccine is just as good as those produced by Pfizer and Moderna.

It will help us increase supply of vaccine, stop the spread of the virus in our community and get to herd immunity more quickly by allowing us to vaccinate more residents.

The clinical trials also showed that, like Moderna and Pfizer, J&J is 100 percent effective in preventing hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19.

Plus, a huge advantage of the J&J vaccine is that it only requires one dose, making it much easier for many groups. It's also much easier to store and transport.

When you register with Othena for a vaccine appointment, you should be able to see which vaccine you are slated to receive. Once onsite, you likely won't be able to switch.

Remember: If you're coming for your second dose, you must get the same brand as you received the first time. Be sure to ask when you arrive onsite for your appointment which vaccine you will receive and make sure it's the correct one.

More groups eligible soon

Those who are in what's known as Phase 1B, Tier 1 -- teachers, educators, school district employees, emergency responders and food service and grocery workers -- are now eligible to register for a vaccine appointment in Orange County.

You must live or work in Orange County to receive the vaccine here.

Register for an appointment now at Once you register, you'll be entered into a virtual waiting room. In about two to four weeks, you'll receive an email to make an appointment at one of the county POD sites.

Starting March 15, those age 16-64 with underlying health conditions will become eligible to be vaccinated.

Find more on what health conditions qualify here.

While vaccine eligibility is opening up to more groups, keep in mind that the supply of vaccines coming to Orange County remains limited. You will have to wait a few weeks at least to be able to get your appointment.

We hope to expand available appointments as we get more vaccines here, which we expect in coming weeks and months.

The arrival of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine here next week will be a great help in increasing availability of appointments, along with added and more regular shipments of Pfizer and Moderna.

You may have also heard about a new equity initiative announced by the state this week. The initiative will ultimately ask counties to reserve 40 percent of total vaccine supply for those who live in the hardest hit communities.

We await more details on how this will work and will provide more information when we get it.

Anaheim POD at Disneyland

The Disneyland POD site has been closed since Wednesday as we work with the county to convert it to a drive-thru site for those with mobility challenges.

The Anaheim POD at Disneyland will reopen on Monday, March 8 as a fully drive-thru site. When making your appointment through Othena, you will now be able to indicate whether you need an Americans with Disabilities Act, also known as ADA, compliant site to get your vaccine.

Vaccines at other sites

The county PODs are not the only place to get vaccinated in Orange County.

You can sign up to get in line for an appointment through the state system at Ultimately, we'll be combining Othena with this system, but right now the two remain separate.

You can also get vaccines, though supply is limited, at CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens pharmacies.

For information on vaccines through Walgreens, click here.

For information on CVS, click here. You can also call (800) 746-7287.

For information on Rite Aid, click here.

Some providers, including healthcare employers, healthcare groups and individual doctors offices, may also be administering vaccines. Check with your doctor or employer to see if they have vaccine supply.

The county is now offering vaccines to teachers and others working in TK-12 education and childcare at dedicated, smaller PODs. To make an appointment, click here.

If you have trouble with Othena or have additional questions, you can call the county hotline at (714) 834-2000 or email

More on vaccines at
Applications for rental assistance now open
Anaheim renters in need can apply now to get up to 80 percent of their unpaid rent covered through our Emergency Rental Assistance Program.

We have $20 million to help families and landlords struggling with unpaid rent due to the coronavirus crisis.

Renters and landlords impacted by COVID-19 can get help with unpaid rent from the past year. The city will pay 80 percent of rent owed if landlords agree to forgive the remaining 20 percent, in line with the state’s eviction protection program.

If a landlord chooses not to participate in the program, their tenant can still apply to get 25 percent of their rent owed.

There is no cap on how much assistance each household can receive. We will give priority to households making less than 50 percent of area median income and those who are unemployed.

Those who received assistance in the first phase of the program can reapply for additional help.

Applications are due by March 31, 2021. For more information and to apply, visit

Residents who need extra assistance can call the city hotline at (714) 765-4300, ext. 4890.
Fight COVID: at places of worship
We've all missed being with our religious communities at places of worship during the pandemic.

State regulations have eased, allowing for indoor worship and cultural ceremonies to take place indoors at 25 percent capacity.

But even as we get back to some normalcy, it's important to keep COVID safety in mind.

So how do you fight COVID at religious and cultural ceremonies?

Keep it outdoors as much as possible. While indoor worship is now allowed in all tiers of the state's reopening framework, being outside is still the safest option.

Wear a mask and practice social distancing, even if outdoors but especially if indoors.

This is especially important if you're singing or chanting. If you are not wearing a mask, you should maintain at least 12 feet of distance between you and others while singing.

Avoid frequently touched items, hand holding and hugging. While these are often a major part of worship or cultural ceremonies, it's still best to avoid contact with others to stem the spread of the virus.

Think of alternative ways to do a cash collection plate, for example, such as asking for donations online. Embrace "air hugs" and elbow bumps to greet your fellow congregants.

We're almost there! We must keep our guard up to beat this virus.

Thanks for keeping Anaheim safe and fighting COVID in all you do!
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