June 12, 2020
Tracking coronavirus: Anaheim responds
Anaheim continues to respond to the coronavirus outbreak while we work on a cautious, gradual reopening of our city.

We provide daily updates at Anaheim.net/coronavirus and on our Facebook , Instagram and Twitter accounts.

The newsletter is a summary of where we're at.

We thank everyone in Anaheim for doing your part to stem the spread of coronavirus in our community and we want you to know that as your city, we're here for you.

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Anaheim cases: 1,516

As of June 12, Anaheim has 1,516 reported cases of Covid-19, the condition caused by coronavirus.

Anaheim's 1,516 cases are out of 8,153 for all of Orange County.

As countywide testing continues to expand, Anaheim and other cities are seeing more new cases.

Since May 1, countywide testing more than doubled. The county is at 174,298 tests processed to date.

On May 26, the Orange County Health Care Agency began releasing an estimated number of Covid-19 patients who have recovered countywide.

That number is conservatively estimated at 3,866. 

This estimate is calculated by taking the difference between the prior 28-day cumulative case count and current number of deaths.  

We do not have an estimate or actual count of those who have recovered in Anaheim.

But we know the vast majority of those infected thankfully go on to recover.

And while we don't get city-specific data on deaths, Anaheim is aware of 32 deaths in our city from complications of Covid-19, the condition caused by coronavirus.

Thirty of those deaths have been at skilled nursing facilities in our city and were older patients with advanced medical conditions.

Our hearts go out to the families.

We expect to see data on deaths provided by city next week, which will give us more information about the impact of the virus in our community.

While any loss of life is heartbreaking, we are aware of only two deaths among the general population in our city.

Anaheim follows all of Orange County with a relatively low death rate.

Cumulative cases in Anaheim also represent a small fraction, 0.3 percent, of Anaheim's 360,000 residents.

Among cities, Santa Ana has the most cases at 1,751, followed by Anaheim at 1,516, Garden Grove at 459 and Huntington Beach at 412.

Anaheim is the largest in Orange County by population, so we would expect to have a higher number of cases compared to other cities in the county.

Keep following us at Anaheim.net/coronavirus and on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram .

We are in this together and we'll get through this together.
Orange County cases

As of June 12, the Orange County Health Care Agency, the lead agency for coronavirus in our region, is tracking 8,153 cases.

The county recently began reporting an estimate of people who have recovered from Covid-19 , the condition caused by coronavirus

As of June 12, that is conservatively estimated at 3,866 people.

Orange County has seen 210 deaths -- the first of which was reported March 24 -- from complications of Covid-19.

While any loss of life is tragic, Orange County's death rate is relatively low at 2 percent.

Total tests done countywide now stand at 174,298.

The county's 8,153 running cases represent a 4 percent positive rate of all tests done.

That means 96 percent of tests are coming back negative.

When tracking began in March, the positive rate hovered around 8 percent. 

We and others continue to watch Orange County's positive rate on testing, which is lower than other counties and areas.

As of June 12, those reported in hospitals were 291, down slightly from a day earlier.

Patients in intensive care number 139, down slightly from a day earlier.

A new group of businesses, organizations and activities in Anaheim and across Orange County can reopen or resume as of June 12.

The most relevant for Anaheim are:
  • Movie theaters and family entertainment centers, including bowling, miniature golf, batting cages and arcades
  • Schools
  • Pools
  • Wineries, bars and restaurants (if not open already)
  • Hotels and other lodging for tourism and business travel
  • Gyms and fitness centers
  • RV parks and campgrounds
  • Day camps
  • Sports without fans
  • Film, TV and music production
The group also includes zoos and museums and card rooms and racetracks.

All reopening businesses must do so in accordance with California guidelines and other public health best practices.

See guidance, checklists and other information at Anaheim.net/reopening.

Anaheim and Orange County are now in the early phase of stage 3 of California's four-stage reopening plan.

Other stage 3 businesses are not cleared to reopen yet, but that is expected to change in coming days and weeks.

Nail salons, facial and skin care providers, hair removal services, therapeutic massage and tattoo parlors are expected to see reopening guidelines any time now, and, following those guidelines, will be able to reopen on June 19, with concurrence of the Orange County Health Care Agency.

We expect updates and guidance for youth sports and theme parks in coming days.

Disneyland Resort announced plans on June 10 to reopen Anaheim's theme parks in July. Read the full update on Anaheim's entertainment venues in the "Entertainment, Sports" section below.

To be clear, these businesses cannot open today, but will be able to when we are further into reopening based on direction from the state. 

Banquet gatherings, night clubs, concerts, live theater and similar gatherings are not allowed in stage 3 at this time.

Orange County is among several counties that have received a variance from the state to reopen at a quicker pace.

Orange County received approval by the state for a variance in May. The county issued an updated public health order on May 28 indicating that OC Health plans to allow for reopening of businesses that have guidelines provided by the state.

Anaheim is looking for businesses to reopen at their own determination, at the right time and in accordance with California's four-stage plan.

It is critical businesses that are reopening follow basic health guidelines laid out by the state. 

If we Orange County sees issues with cases, breakouts and hospitalizations, we risk seeing businesses having to close again.

You can find more at Anaheim.net/reopening

Here is a summary: 
  1. Perform a risk assessment of their site and planned operations.
  2. Have a plan in place for cleaning and disinfecting, as well as providing protective gear for employees.
  3. Implement physical distancing among workers, including in break areas. 
  4. Have a specific plan for screening employees and dealing with potential cases among staff.
  5. Train employees to self-screen for Covid-19 symptoms, to stay home if they are sick and to know how to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
You can read more about the state's road map to recovery here.
Entertainment, sports

The city of Anaheim, Disneyland Resort, Anaheim Convention Center, Honda Center, Angels Baseball, City National Grove of Anaheim and others across the city have been temporarily closed or suspended operations since mid-March.

As California proceeds through a gradual reopening, we're looking to Anaheim's entertainment venues to come back with a phased approach that prioritizes safety and follows state guidelines and public health best practices.

Disney announced on June 10 plans to reopen Disneyland and Disney California Adventure parks on July 17, which is 65 years to the day that Walt's original theme park opened to visitors for the first time. 

Downtown Disney shopping and dining district is slated to reopen July 9, and Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa and Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel are expected to reopen on July 23.

Last week the state cleared the way for sports without fans to open as early as June 12. We now await a plan and agreement between management and players and staff to move forward with the return of Angels Baseball.

The National Hockey League has shared plans to move forward with a modified playoffs to finish the season. Unfortunately, the Anaheim Ducks did not make the playoffs this year. We look forward to welcoming hockey back in some capacity in the fall.

The state has not yet released guidelines or cleared concert venues to reopen at this point. Honda Center and City National Grove of Anaheim await further guidance before moving forward with reopening.

Anaheim Packing House reopened for limited dine-in service, in line with state guidelines, in late May.

Our thoughts go out to all the working families and everyone who has been touched by this hiatus. We know this is not without impact for many.

Our hope is for a return to Anaheim as usual, as soon as possible. On the other side of this, there are major investments planned for Anaheim that will help drive our economy forward.
Swimming pools

With summer heat upon us, we know many are eager to see pools reopen in Anaheim.

The Orange County Health Care Agency June 11 cleared public and private pools to reopen with modifications after a several-month closure due to coronavirus. 

Private pools in apartment complexes or neighborhood communities will reopen at the discretion and direction of the homeowner's association or property manager.

Anaheim will look to reopen Pearson Park Pool with a thorough plan that follows state guidelines, OC Health guidelines and public health best practices.

We'll provide updates on a reopening date soon.

See guidance from OC Health on pools reopening here
Anaheim City Hall

Anaheim's City Hall has been temporarily closed to the public since March 18, as we focused on addressing the coronavirus crisis and stemming the spread in our community. 

During this time we've continued to offer as many services as possible in the safest manner.

City services, particularly public safety response from Anaheim Police and Anaheim Fire & Rescue and electric and water service from Anaheim Public Utilities, have continued as usual without disruption.

We plan to begin a gradual, phased reopening of City Hall on June 15. 

In this initial phase, we'll be opening in-person services on the first and second floor of the building, which includes Planning and Building, the Public Works counter and City Clerk's office, other than passport services, which are opening later.

In line with state guidelines and public health best practices, you'll see some changes when you come to City Hall. The safety of our employees and those visiting city facilities is our top priority as we look to reopen.

We'll require a face covering to enter the building and ask all visitors to practice social distancing.

As was the case before the closure, you'll be asked to go through a security screening before you enter.

In addition, we've added parking for the public at the lot on the corner of Mito Way and Broadway just south of City Hall, near the Chrysalis building. We'll ask all members of the public to use the front entrance to access City Hall.

We expect to see additional openings in the coming weeks, including offices at Anaheim West Tower.

In-person City Council meetings will also come later, with modifications.

We'll continue to provide updates as we progress through this phased reopening.

We are still offering many services online and by phone as we proceed with gradually reopening other in-person options.

We thank everyone for your patience, understanding and cooperation during these unique times. We look forward to seeing you back soon.
Masks, face coverings

All Orange County workers and residents are strongly recommended to wear a cloth face covering or mask when out in public and when unable to keep six feet of physical distance between themselves and others who are not in their immediate household.

Experts say the wearing of face coverings, in addition to social distancing, helps protect others from someone who may be sick or a carrier of coronavirus and stem the spread in the community.

The Orange County Health Care Agency reduced the order from a mandatory requirement previously in place with a revised public health order released June 11.

Essential workers such as those in grocery stores are still required to wear a mask based on an order issued April 24. 

Many businesses are requiring masks for entry.

This requirement is in line with recommendations from California and the federal Centers for Disease Control.

Anaheim has been urging everyone to wear masks and face coverings and to understand the role they can play in stopping the spread of coronavirus.

Those at essential jobs should wear masks and face coverings when in common areas and when around others.

Those at restaurants, food stores and other businesses handling food should wear gloves along with masks and face coverings as much as possible.

Residents should wear masks or face coverings when going to the grocery store, pharmacy, doctors, picking up food or other outings. 

They can be worn or carried on recreational walks and used as needed if you come into contact with others.

Masks and face covers are just one part of our larger effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus and are even more important now that we are seeing more reopening of businesses.

Keep doing what you're doing:
  • Stay home whenever you can
  • Keep six feet from others outside your immediate household
  • Wash and sanitize hands often
  • Sanitize frequently touched surfaces such as light switches, doorknobs and car steering wheels.
  • Don't touch eyes, noses, mouths and other parts of your face
  • Avoid being around anyone who is sick and stay home if you feel sick
Street sweeping enforcement

As all of Anaheim comes together to address coronavirus, we have been relaxing some enforcement of parking violations, including for street sweeping.

But now we need your help to keep your neighborhood clean! We are asking you to move your car again on your street sweeping day.

We will resume issuing citations on Monday, June 15.

For now, we won't begin enforcing other parking violations such as permit parking. 

But please note: We will continue to enforce violations that pose a risk to public safety and health.

Those include parking in front of fire hydrants, along red curbs, in disabled/handicap stalls without a placard, parking in alleys and in areas with road maintenance.

We ask you to do your part and park responsibly, be courteous to others and be mindful of public safety.
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